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Corbin Holbert May 2015
You say you came back for me,
Yet here I am completely alone.
The day you came back to me,
It almost felt like I was at home.

I don't even know what to think -
Your silence has alarms sounding.
So I guess I'll have another drink -
I can't swim and I am drowning.

To you, I'm just not important;
You put everything above me.
I grab for something imported;
My whiskey always loves me.

So another line I start pouring,
As my feelings are faded -
It's six fifty five in the morning,
And I am ******* wasted.

Last line finished at 6:55A.M. with 8 or 9 shots of four roses double barrel whiskey in me. Cheers.
Corbin Holbert Dec 2014
Save me from this darkness;
This black and endless night.
Every day since you departed,
At any moment, there's no light.

I walk into the downpour,
Let the rain cleanse my soul;
Warmed by solipsism outdoors,
Impervious to the winter's cold. 

These raindrops freeze to my skin,
Encasing my body; I've ceased. 
These chains hold my heart within;
I've no desire to be released. 

The elements never stood a chance,
When we first touched to embrace.
No tremulous as I ask for this dance,
These feelings cannot be erased.

I'm armed with something stronger-
Than you've ever in your life known.
So please don't wait any longer..
Open your eyes, and come back home.

Corbin Holbert Oct 2014
Twisted, demented;
Sacred but rotten.
Sitting in the corners;
Memories forgotten.

Holes in the walls
Are filled with eyes.
They watch you walk;
They see your cries.

Twisted laughter echoes far;
Bloodied knives upon the bar.
Take your steps on creaking floorboards-
Tallies kept on the scoreboard.

Of those who came,
But never left.
Screams of pain;
No one's exempt.

There is no power;
The lights still flicker.
An empty chair rocks,
It's made of wicker. 

You feel a touch,
But no one's there.
You think too much;
You shouldn't dare. 

Take your steps,
And take them slow.
You'll feel regret,
Before the final blow.

Blood runs down the windowsills
From all the souls this house has killed.
Trails of scratches tattoo the walls,
Of those before who resisted and clawed. 

They tried so hard to escape,
But in the end, they sealed their fate
For once you enter, it is the end-
In this horror shop, forever you'll spend. 

Corbin Holbert Oct 2014
Looking down..
And walking through.
All around;
The crowds don't know you.

Not a sound..
Your eyes are glued-
to social media,
and internet news. 

Feeling proud..
Of a thousand friends,
who never talk.
You are abound;
"Hey you, watch where you walk!"

It's all so fake,
Your life's at stake.
These are the dangers..
Of becoming-

Another Troubled Screenager. 

Corbin Holbert Oct 2014
Scattered thoughts;
Disjointed dreams.
Shattered and lost;
Torn at the seams.

You should have seen, my dear.

A pain deep inside;
Feeling the distance.
What I cannot hide;
Concealing my resistance.

You should have seen, my dear.

A love so pure;
Nothing can defeat it.
Of this I'm sure;
It'll not be repeated.

You should have seen, my dear.

Weakly I crumble;
Falling to pieces.
Everything I fumble;
I cannot believe this.

You should have seen, my dear.

Open your eyes;
Belief and hope.
Hear my cries;
Believe what I wrote.

You should have seen...

A single tear will fall,
As I crash to the floor.
Everything I believed..
Will be seen.. none more.

Corbin Holbert Oct 2014
Freezing waves of volcanic fire,
Rolling in, higher and higher.
Amidst the shores I stand and wait,
To see you once more; seal my fate.

My feet cemented in these sands
As you test my love and dreams.
See how much my heart withstands
As I drown in my want and needs.

The waves come crashing down;
I look for solace in this lonely place.
The waves come crashing down,
As a single tear, runs down my face.

Corbin Holbert Oct 2014
I feel the reaper coming,
Coming to take my soul.
Feel the time is running-
Out, as each breath is old.

I feel the moments passing
As my heart turns to stone.
Feel the dreams aren't lasting,
As my mind burns cold.

When I am awake, I'm dreaming,
Dreaming of being awake.
I feel the cold hands creeping;
Reaching for my soul to take. 

See you standing there-
And.. and I cannot stay.
Heavy is this life of care-
And, as is my heart this day. 

Specters and echoes,
Looking to take my soul.
Lectures to let go-
Of when my story's told.

I feel you coming closer,
I will not. back. down.
The noose is dropping lower;
I will be finished, now. 

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