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 Jun 2019
The night flies
As we exchange phrases
That exuded colorful emotions
Dousing ourselves in laughter
Entwining ourselves in laces
Tomorrow does not matter.

Just this moment in frozen bubble.
No one falters, no one stumbles.
Those late nights of deep conversation.
 Jun 2019
Goodbye to what we had
And what we'll never be
A token for our sanity
is small part of you for a small part of me.
Saying goodbye is the hardest.
 Sep 2017
Just because I'm a princess does not mean I need a knight
For in the depths of my being, I am already one.
To not be lost, I have no need for the moon and sun's light
For my heart shines brightly, all doubts crushed and gone.
Fairy tales often tell us there is a prince charming just waiting to swept us off our feet; a knight to fight our battles for us; a fairy god mother to grant us every wish. For so long, I believed this to be true. Only in the latter part that I've realized, that this belief is twisted. It sways us from the real fact that the strength to battle any hardships comes from within. We may get support from outside, but In the end, all left is ourselves to protect ourselves.
As we were born alone, we must learn to fight alone too, occasionally.
 Sep 2017
Poetic T
I saw a man on the street he was
Of a sorrowed face,
Glum on what walked on by.
I spoke,
"Why do you sit there in your suit"

"He spoke"

"Got any spare faith"
"Spare some prayer"

I'm down on my luck, my suit once
White, now tarnished by the many
Names I have.

"A word is powerful"

"Religion was my gift"
"Now its my curse"

I must admit no offense, but I am of those
Of no religious consequence, I believe
In the seen not of what......

"This is my pain"
"This is why I ask for some spirit"

As he drinks back from a brown paper bag,

"Its not what you think"
"Holy water to keep my spirit up"

"That's what they call it these days"

Look I know your lost, not finding your place
In this world, you had a good run, but we
Have graduated moved on.

"My words are used wrongly"
"Its not their spirit breaking"
"Mine is faltering as well"

"Look I know the doubt you have"
"But were not children anymore"

I point to the heavens, look up there, we're
No longer in the crib, we grew and were
Moving further out, those that believe,
You still have. But as time moves forward
Ourselves we will have faith in not
A past tense book that split us up.

"Peace be with you old man on the street"
"I haven't got a prayer"
"But a few coins for food of thought"

And I left him, looking back as him
I saw him palms joined together,
Hearing these words spoken out.

"Got any spare faith"
**"Spare some prayer"
 Feb 2017
Poetic T
Every breath that expires from our being,
kisses the checks of our loved ones forever.

Though we are just a finite moment it is one
that lasts longer on then any of use think.

Do not fear my fading for I'm part of you as
you are me. Even though you do not hear my
voice yours is always with me.

If you miss me, if you feel a yearning for my
touch, walk outside and feel the flurry of the wind.
This is me still with you, my breath on the breeze.

"Mourning me even though I live in you,
                               *"I will never fade even though gone,
 Aug 2016
Haydn Swan
In her closet next to a shirt
hangs a concertina pleated skirt
she slips it on with grace and ease
the tiny pleats are there to please
like a million shimmering crystal shards
all tightly pressed like a pack of cards
as she moves they sway and dance
upon her legs they tickle and prance
the feeling makes her smile and shiver
which makes the pleats start to quiver
they skim and flatter her  hips and ***
like the majestic rays of a rising sun
such carnal delights found in a skirt
as she hangs it back next to the shirt.
A silent observation as I watched my ex girlfriend getting dressed once
 May 2016
Poetic T
He had a blackened beard he was
Out of his face,
On his sledge adorned with the
Flayed  skin of those on the
List, those deemed unworthy for
The gifts to bring this night,
Those houses with no
Mince pies,
To line his stomach, from the offerings
Of 40% alcohol that fuelled his laughter,
Vomiting induced from heights, over
Killed from frozen missiles of *****
From above high,
He would sneak upon those
Deemed unworthy,
"In the eyes of children"
He would never harm an
With love, but the naughty list
"Wasn't of children"
It was parents unjust,
"Against those unable to defend themselves"
He was the protector
Of the innocent ones
The elves would hold the parents down
As Serial Santa
Shouted out the charges, so each was heard
Ears bleed as his voice pierced sound,
He would be the
"For their time was coming to an end"
Some begged,
Spat in his face,
He would go in his black bag
And from nowhere,
"A sound proof room for justice"
Was to be served as children
"Where not to be disturbed"
As parents screamed out,
He had finished flayed bodies
Disappeared within his black sack
"The odd finger picked up"
Used as a toothpick to get
Flesh stuck between teeth out,
"But what about the children you say"
"They were fine"
"Never woke, slept in peace"
"I don't ****** parents for fun"
"I get a little satisfaction"
"From them coming to their deserved end"
"Thousands in these hundreds of years"
"Dispatched in to the bag, still not full"
"After so many kills through the years"
"Cloning is the way forward"
"Been pioneers in this for hundreds of years"
New parents for a new day the best present
A serial Santa could give,
H A P P Y   C H R I S T M A S   P A R E N T S
Prey that your nice, for I **** for the
Children, they deserve *better in life,
 Feb 2016
Musfiq us shaleheen
She rolls down the western edge
The bucolic Spiral path
Coincides with the horizon
Gray foot print
Slowly mingles with dark
As the Bats of evening find back to home

Gentle Breeze to dangle
Purple haze of Four O'clock
The Crossroads, Wait behind
Where to start, or what end is!
Poetry continuing as the falls of pain

Afternoon's Lyrics said good bye
Today's bright Star does not rise
What they chase during the run out!
Why come back again
Along with the known way!

Moonlit falls on the ways of Standing hill
Beyond the horizon
Dark fading, while
Lost love fusions with her colors
Across the Monsoon, Autumn, Winter
Finally the Spring is on the way
@Musfiq us shaleheen
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