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  Sep 2020 saffronne
They say your past lovers
shape your future tastes,
and I'd be fraught with a dilemma
if it were true,
because I cannot afford to love
another man like the last two.
oh boy
I'm not even wrong
  Sep 2020 saffronne
Mitch Prax
wake up each morning
and find a new reason to
love yourself again

3:52 PM
  Jun 2019 saffronne
Mitch Prax
loving you did hurt,
but I didn't know it would
cost me my own heart

11:06 PM
  May 2019 saffronne
I can’t help but remember the night where everything ended.

The make up running down your face.
The clocking stating that it’s 2 AM.

The door of my cheap apartment room closing as I watched you left.

It’s 2 years later and I’m still in the same apartment room.
Instead of me remembering,
I drink and I forget.

But I slowly begin to realize.
That everything...
S t a r t s

To go




And I can’t seem to put the pieces back together.
I wake up and it’s all bleak.
It hits me like shattered glass.
It comes in fragments.

But I’m okay with this.

Because I remember the night it all ended.

Your makeup running down your face.
The clock stating that it’s 2 AM.

You leaving my cheap apartment.
And me staying there.
Just to stay.
And think.
And believe.
And hope.
That someday.
You would finally come home.
  May 2019 saffronne
if water was mood
anxiety's a quake that
causes tsunami
  May 2019 saffronne
there's a thin white line
between "glad because of it"
and "sad without it"
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