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raphæl Apr 2023
...with an alluring smile
a beautiful gaze of danger
That put me at home
with a familiar stranger

...with tired old feet
back from a dim pathing
That took my own pair to walk
without the fear of not knowing

...with present ears
assuring, as if they know
That I yearn to speak my heart
though not a word ever flows

...with a bold voice
words of calmness and strife
That conclude the question
'will this be an empty life?'

...with stiff trembling shoulders
sweating to take me all in
To a delicate world
where desire is not sin

...with succulent lips
that whisper like morning rain
I know they'll teach me love
for I know the pain

...with eyes closed
in a second of eternity
As I saw her
she saw me
raphæl Jan 2020
As you sit down the porch
you feel the waking warmth
of the vessel on your palms

Your eyes are still blurry
barely drawing vaporized spirits
An aroma pierces
through your sense of smell
to the brain;
like the sun's rays
slowly melting the clouds
painting a promising sky

Then comes the first taste;
your body heats up
heart roaring faster
like a machine
getting ready for action,

and at the last gulp
you slowly hang your feet
to another seat
as you begin to depart
from your dream state
to a bittersweet reality.

"This is what I'm going to do today."

The greeting of
a morning coffee.
raphæl Jan 2020
mum's in the big bed
da's on the living room couch
i'm the hall between
raphæl May 2019
there's a thin white line
between "glad because of it"
and "sad without it"
raphæl May 2019
as a child it took me
a while to know
I was not living
in a tale where you tend a
toothless dragon
and fly;
where you accompany
a hobbit with a ring
through a war;
you just come to that age
where your powers
are stripped
you then start your life
sometimes the weight
of the world is just gravity
you can't "Hasta La Vista" away
sometimes the antagonist is
your anxiety
the prison break
is in your room
the holy war is your
struggle to get up
from bed
and sometimes the
glimmering meadows
on the way home
from the journey
are not followed
by credits rolling
but like a stone you do
never falling into place
like a lost jigsaw
if the puzzle was planned
it would be against you
all brutal and ******
but all up to entropy
there's no boy who lived
nor a chosen one
we are stardust put together
in such a way
whether or not it means anything
is up to you because
there is not plot
but your dreams
the force may not always
be with you
you have to be the force
raphæl May 2019
i lack that courage
to watch a drop of liquid
fall into my eye
raphæl May 2019
where drunken souls use
the line "I wanna *******."
as a compliment
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