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Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
Forgotten, in the need to have something to say
The cool whiff of silence is just a foolish child's dream
If you begin to see my eyes slowly glaze
The pause you ignore is where you'll find me.

As conversation pools into a stagnant puddle
Restless fingers flit across glowing white screens
It's the beginning of the end to all our troubles
And the sky burns purple behind clouds of cream.
once read, go from bottom to top
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
Roots* will protect your head from the ground

As it falls through light, space and sound

From far up high, from where the thunder rolls

Behind clouds pink-orange, white and gold.
(now read bottom-to-top)
Aditya Shankar Nov 2015
Where there are no words that connect.
With all the colours that you feel,
To watch letters paint freely into each other
The magic of life,
It is indeed.
First attempt at a palindrome poem (once read, read from bottom to top)
Aditya Shankar Nov 2015
My paradise has no mirrors.
So that I can brush my teeth everyday
Without gazing into the face
Of He Who Must Mend His Ways.

My paradise has no mirrors.
So that I can simmer in my lonely blues
Unafraid to lie, not scared if I lose
To He Who Makes No Excuse.

My paradise has no mirrors.
So that I may embrace all my colours in peace
Hidden away from the vision so keen
Of He Who May Never Be.

My paradise has no mirrors
My paradise doesn't instill the need
For betterment. But despite that (or that's precisely why, maybe)
My paradise doesn't have me.
Aditya Shankar Oct 2015
"I need space" she said
And took away, in her eyes,
My whole universe.
haikus after a hiatus
Aditya Shankar Oct 2015
“Is this place taken?”
She asks, a finger pointed
At my empty heart.
haikus after a hiatus
Aditya Shankar May 2015
If I'm the last white cloud at sunset
You're the morning hue of the sky (orange-red).
If I'm the concentrated chaos in my eyes
You're the mirthful flash of your pearly whites.
If you're the cool blue pool in summertime
I'm the orange orange (which doesn't even rhyme).
We're poles apart, you and I
But once in a while we see eye to eye
And the space in which our gaze meets
Is as close as I'll be to infinity.
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