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Apr 2016 · 824
Aditya Shankar Apr 2016
And like dandelions
Dispersed in a warm, summer breeze
I'll be gone, far beyond
To where these feet
have never been.
Disappear without a trace
You won't recognise this face
Walking by your side
Down the street.
And all I will be
Is a passing memory,
A fleeting shadow
On your mind's tapestry,
As we move away
Separated by time and space.

If only I could say the same about me
If only I could say...
Feb 2016 · 1.3k
For the love of sunshine
Aditya Shankar Feb 2016
A glowing warmth
lights up the front yard
and slivers
of sunshine
touch gently upon
your brown eyes.

A butterfly blazes yellow
and in the breeze,
tall, old trees sway
together, ever so gently.

A sultry kiss
blown across a lazy heaven
brushes tenderly against
your blushing cheek,
and a summer sun
burns through the mundane
as the murmurs of the universe
reverbate far within your brain.

That's when you surmise
maybe its not just plants
that photosynthesize.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Aditya Shankar Feb 2016
Somewhere far from now
we will bask under a glorious sun
your legs stretched out
beside my shapeless form,
your skin submerged in waves of light
beads of sweat evaporating
off your open palms
and the stories you describe, alive
with brilliant amber sunshine in your eyes.
Somewhere far from now, we will be
clouds, lazing amidst mountainous trees
floating, floating above our rocky extremes
past shores of white sand, where we meet
Till then, I wait, aching patiently
I, the silent hill and you
the deep blue sea.
Dec 2015 · 993
Is this love?
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
Her hair shifts lightly, breathing in the wind
A million insecurities hiding behind my gaze
A slender hand closes loosely over mine
Even as my eyes push her gently away.
And we float - two islands separated by a vigilant sea
That kisses our shores to keep us at bay
Lest we collide into despondent calamity
Lest we crumble like sandcastles beneath the waves.
A bottle and two glasses stand tall on the table
Against the backdrop of unfulfilled fairytales
Despite myself, a warm affection spreads through my chest
Past all the defences my heart carefully puts in place.

And as I listen to her laughter behind my fortressed walls
I wonder if I'm falling for her
Or if it's just the alcohol.
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
He watches a life burn down to dusty ash
From a tiny, yellow gas flame
That lights the cigarette in his hand
That churns out words from his troubled brain.

A writer's violence hides, not in his eyes,
But in angry, quivering palms that trace
A venomous, untidy, familiar scrawl
Reducing her complexity to scribbles on a page.

Though he mourns the memories of happier days
He feeds it all to his carnage.
Because our hands often betray
What doesn't reach our face, that which we'd rather not say.
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
By Accident
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
When two black wheels crashed into four
Two legs stretched out behind a silver door
He lay, pinned down on the dusty road
Clawing at her face in vain, he choked.

My conscience asks, "What troubles you more?"
"The mask of anger that she wore?
The circle of people watching the show?
palindrome poem #5
once read, go from bottom to top
Dec 2015 · 1.3k
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
The universe behind your eyes bursts at the seams
And inside you hide in unnamed galaxies
You wish to speak of the wisdom of trees
You want to talk about the calm of seas
A momentary distraction is all you need
To turn the voices down, to live a silent dream
It fills up your mindscape with high-def imagery
A 42-inch flatscreen TV.
Palindrome poem #4
Once read, go from bottom to top
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
Forgotten, in the need to have something to say
The cool whiff of silence is just a foolish child's dream
If you begin to see my eyes slowly glaze
The pause you ignore is where you'll find me.

As conversation pools into a stagnant puddle
Restless fingers flit across glowing white screens
It's the beginning of the end to all our troubles
And the sky burns purple behind clouds of cream.
once read, go from bottom to top
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
A Slip of Pride
Aditya Shankar Dec 2015
Roots* will protect your head from the ground

As it falls through light, space and sound

From far up high, from where the thunder rolls

Behind clouds pink-orange, white and gold.
(now read bottom-to-top)
Nov 2015 · 1.7k
Real Magic Has Subtlety
Aditya Shankar Nov 2015
Where there are no words that connect.
With all the colours that you feel,
To watch letters paint freely into each other
The magic of life,
It is indeed.
First attempt at a palindrome poem (once read, read from bottom to top)
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
Aditya Shankar Nov 2015
My paradise has no mirrors.
So that I can brush my teeth everyday
Without gazing into the face
Of He Who Must Mend His Ways.

My paradise has no mirrors.
So that I can simmer in my lonely blues
Unafraid to lie, not scared if I lose
To He Who Makes No Excuse.

My paradise has no mirrors.
So that I may embrace all my colours in peace
Hidden away from the vision so keen
Of He Who May Never Be.

My paradise has no mirrors
My paradise doesn't instill the need
For betterment. But despite that (or that's precisely why, maybe)
My paradise doesn't have me.
Oct 2015 · 933
Aditya Shankar Oct 2015
"I need space" she said
And took away, in her eyes,
My whole universe.
haikus after a hiatus
Oct 2015 · 1.1k
Aditya Shankar Oct 2015
“Is this place taken?”
She asks, a finger pointed
At my empty heart.
haikus after a hiatus
May 2015 · 4.5k
Aditya Shankar May 2015
If I'm the last white cloud at sunset
You're the morning hue of the sky (orange-red).
If I'm the concentrated chaos in my eyes
You're the mirthful flash of your pearly whites.
If you're the cool blue pool in summertime
I'm the orange orange (which doesn't even rhyme).
We're poles apart, you and I
But once in a while we see eye to eye
And the space in which our gaze meets
Is as close as I'll be to infinity.
Apr 2015 · 7.5k
Imagine a trapped fly
Aditya Shankar Apr 2015
Imagine being a trapped fly
Resigning to a trapped life.
Your limbs flail about in despair
Your wings buzz in a futile escape attempt.
Indignation at first, that rapidly fades
Into confusion, anxiety, fear clutching your insides
Till you lose all hope, silently wait to die
And you realise
It's the same scared light you see in man's eyes.
Imagine...being a trapped fly
Resigning to a trapped life.
Mar 2015 · 785
To Lie Suspended
Aditya Shankar Mar 2015
Barely floating 'neath
The weeping sky; no reason to live
No reason to die

Suspended high above
Dim flickering lights; no reason to live
No reason to die

Ashes hide behind
Comatose eyes; no reason to live
No reason to die.
Inspired by Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape:  A collection of Rare and Early soundtracks
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Aditya Shankar Jan 2015
"I shall write a poem today", says my mind
Though I know, ultimately no verse will be designed
And many a day has gone astray
In wait of a single, inspired rhyme.

"I shall write a story today", claims my brain
Even as I watch my thoughts miss their train
And a screen stark white mocks my plight
While the cursor blinks expectantly in vain.

"Maybe I should take a walk", I surmise
And far above me, in the skies
A troubled bird drops a ****
And inspiration splats between my eyes.
hope this makes you smile :P
Nov 2014 · 2.1k
Aditya Shankar Nov 2014
The people I meet
Seem like forgotten voices
In an old, long dream.
The sunlight on my skin
Seems like the faraway light
Of a ship disappearing at sea.

But the clouds, the clouds float by
Suspended chaos amidst the trees.
'Neath my torn feet, swirling grey and white
The mist has no form; shapeless, like me
If only, if only...
Sep 2014 · 5.5k
Aditya Shankar Sep 2014
Light fades away slow
And your feet move backwards
Underwater, underwater now
Shh shh shh, bubbles of time
Float by your eyes, glimmering
Black; in the dark every thing drowns
Back back back, you go now
Flow back, rewind to the start
Shh shh shh, it begins now
All interpretations are welcome :)
Jul 2014 · 15.5k
Kiss the Child Goodnight
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
Kiss the child goodnight, tuck her in safe
Lest she should dream of escape
To a world where rainbows circle the skies
And you are not who you have striven to be.

Kiss the child goodnight, make sure you turn off the light
Lest she should be unafraid and bold
In the face of the infectious fear
That flits through your eyes in a dark, alien alleyway.

Kiss the child goodnight, hold her close and tight
Lest she reaches out to the same sun
That burned your naive fingertips
And shattered your lofty castle in the clouds.

Kiss the child goodnight, don't let her open those eyes
Until she is finally lulled to deep slumber
Wrapped within warm blankets
And the beginnings of complacency.

Kiss the child goodnight, watch her sleep in silence.
Inspired by a conversation with a friend.
All interpretations are welcome.
Jul 2014 · 914
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
What it would be like
To meet yourself; a stranger
Mirrored in your eyes.
Musings while wondering how to answer the question 'who are you, really?'
Jul 2014 · 1.8k
The Malicious Ah Choo
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
It begins innocently, just a twitching
Behind the tip of my nose
I absently rub it away
Still present in our conversation.

The sensation grows into a relentless itching
Unleashed upon the roof of my mouth.
I chastise the insolent itch with my tongue
And return to our earlier discussion.

A sudden complete blank, I can only anticipate in futility
Waiting at the edge of my breath, i wonder
'Is this it?', as I wait for it to take over
But it subsides just as quick, leaving me gasping for air.

Tears come to my eyes, I feel it return again
And the unholy violence held in that second
Makes me heave and convulse momentarily
As my body betrays me to a more primal instinct.

Its over, I look up to see
A grimace and my sneeze plastered across your face
"Excuse me", I mumble shamefully
"Bless you", you mutter behind your tissue.
After a particularly unproductive day, largely spent sneezing, I just had to write a piece on it :P
Jul 2014 · 1.5k
Between Raindrops
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
Dense, dreary clouds roll
Drenched under the grey, I watch
Gloom bring forth new life.
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
From a Wooden Perspective
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
Sighing in the wind;
Million voices, yet silent
Lonely, like us all.
Inspired by the majestic big banyan tree I pass by every day
Jul 2014 · 5.0k
First Date Nervousness
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
Surreptitious glance,
Half formed words die away; and
Awkward silence wins.
Jun 2014 · 1.9k
As a Headphone
Aditya Shankar Jun 2014
I pulsate
On the nodding beat
Thats taking over your mind.
I feel you hanging on
To the last note that fades
Away from my grip.

I create
The vibrant scene behind your closed eyes
The million goosebumps
Riding up your arms
The silent shiver
Down your spine.

I emanate
The singing of strings
As your hesitant voice joins
In a burst of exuberance.

And now you pull me down hurriedly
Glancing back at the weird looks around you.
From my vantage point around your neck
I chuckle internally
And welcome the peaceful silence.
Based on a writing prompt given by a friend, "Life as a headphone"
Jun 2014 · 8.7k
Sunday Morning
Aditya Shankar Jun 2014
Little birds chirp soft
Lazy sun awakens world
To my sleepy eyes.
Jun 2014 · 905
Aditya Shankar Jun 2014
When your eyes fall asleep
When your mind goes down a winding street
When you feel yourself falling free
When you're stuck somewhere in between
When you collapse onto an open field
When the ground pulls away from beneath your feet
When its time to accept defeat
When you're shivering scared between the sheets
When your paranoia hides behind grinning teeth
When the sweat drips down your neck in beads
When you realize time has begun to freeze
You whisper a silent prayer
When you reach line 13.
Some experimental stuff.
Jun 2014 · 1.5k
Caming Bak
Aditya Shankar Jun 2014
Raven black hair; Bright,
Sparkling smile and demeanour.
The calm and the storm.
Jun 2014 · 1.6k
Aditya Shankar Jun 2014
Silent leaves rustle
A million tiny dots of light;
I am the absent new moon
Jun 2014 · 3.6k
Aditya Shankar Jun 2014
Sunlight filters through
Your own colourful viewpoint
Your green is not mine
First attempt at haiku ^__^
May 2014 · 1.2k
Aditya Shankar May 2014
I am the tenderness in your eyes
When I hold your hands in mine.
I am the shiver down my spine
When your soft lips touch my skin.
I am the blush that colours your cheeks
When you smile at me in your special way.
I am the air of mysterious charm you carry
When you play with your enticing, enchanting tresses.
I am the hesitation in your voice
When you voice your deepest desires.
And I am your impulsive smile
When our eyes meet when its least expected.

I am all you are, I am all you feel
And yet, I'm nothing without you.
Feb 2014 · 447
Aditya Shankar Feb 2014
The silence of the hour grows around

As i stare into the nocturnal firmament

A longing creeps across my being

As the night goes on, beckoning dawn closer.

The cold night pulls me into its throes

As i lay awaiting the sun watching them,

The dark outline of clouds running across a velvet sky.

The echo of a whisper caresses my soul

As I recollect the gentle presence, a dull anguish

Takes over my dreary being

As i gaze out of the window,  reminiscing.

The melancholic ache grows in my heart,

The reticent world providing no solace.

The cold night pulls me into its throes

As i lay awaiting the sun, watching the world in its slumber.

And in my loneliness, i lay drenched and

I remember, you wept and whispered

‘ Till we meet again…’
Feb 2014 · 663
Aditya Shankar Feb 2014
The dust billows around my torso, a pool of blood

‘Neath my head. My ragged breath gasps in the cold winter air

As i heave convulsively on the soil.

A roar tears out of my being, my eyes wide, bloodshot and hungry

And a violent sweat breaks across my brow.

The pathetic, weak form of my mortal self returns

Once again im forced to submit to the puny, worthless,

Wretched will of the Other Man, He who chooses to reside in the light

He who chooses to live a half-life in the rays of the sun

While i grant his most sacred, his most intimate desires

Billowed in the darkness, hidden from the world.

The ghost of a little girl’s screams shrieks through the morning mist

And I feel the goosebumps of pleasure break across my body, even as

He recoils in fear and disgust. I try to coax him, to gently drive him to the edge

From where He shall drop back into the anonymous, mundane filth He had risen from

And i will finally have the entire claim over this vessel we share.

He resists me, denying me the control and power i desire, a shade

Of the morally sound, just man he had once been.

Nothing remains now that we share,

I am His secret disease, His grotesque pride, His stellar achievement

As He is my shame, my disgust, the entity i wish to destroy with my bare hands.

How i long to feel the blood of Jekyll flow between my fingers, how i long

To take over this body we share, to extend my dark, contagious blood lust over the remnant

Of his once innocently pure mind.

And all of a sudden i feel His will crumble

I feel his sturdy control deteriorate, and the last traces of His being

Whisper to me pathetically, begging me not to unleash

The wild, furious joy coursing through my veins.

His final words ring in my head, fading away as i feel my strength return and the adrenaline rush take over

All His morals, all His guilt, all His sorrow

Nothing can hold me in check now.

I am the one who arose from the deepest pits of Man’s darkest desires

I am the embodiment of all that evil, all that is powerful in Man

And I am the one who shall prevail now and forever.
a flipside of Jekyll, from the infamous tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Feb 2014 · 1.7k
Aditya Shankar Feb 2014
A growing sickness

Flowing through my veins

Burning away inside, eating me away

As the darkness takes over from within.

Lapses in sanity, I find myself lying

In cold sweat, falling through the chasm

And I know its only a matter of time

Before the demon inside has arisen.

A manic bloodlust takes over my being

I ache for the violence to be set free.

In their dead eyes, I see reflections of mine

A murderous gleam shining within

As my face stretches into a smile that isn’t mine.

Every fibre of my being, repulsed by myself

Petrified by the beast I have become

I cry out in pain and anguish

As I feel Him taking over again.

Under the light of the gibbous moon

I revel in my madness, as her

Screams goad me on and take me

To the precipice. I stand grinning at

Her broken,****** form in the earth

As she whimpers a pathetic plea for mercy.

No one knows of my disease; He only

Claims my body for himself in the dark

Leaving me behind to feel the horror and disgust

In the cold, grey sunlight.

Every night I struggle inside

I fight against my inner devil, pleading

For reason and humanity to return

To the twisted ******* I have become.

He stretches my face into a wide smirk

Reminding me of that exquisite, repulsive

Scent of flowing gore; He coaxes me,

He cajoles, He beckons me to join Him

As my will weakens and my body surrenders.

And so ends my tale, I have lost myself

To the contorted insanity I bred inside.

Horrified, repulsed, revolted with my being

My death only entices me now

Promising relief from my unholy illness.

But I know that small comfort is lost on me

Eventually, He’ll possess me entirely

And in the remorse of this truth I lie

And I feel Him return inside, eagerly awaiting my demise

No more can I hold out against Him.

No more can I wear the mask of Jekyll.
Feb 2014 · 724
The quest for life unending
Aditya Shankar Feb 2014
They set out on their final journey

The silent, sleeping woods around them, their path untrodden before.

A solitary blackbird wails in the sky

As the pack of mortals silently tread upon dead leaves

The will to flee overpowering their instinct.

Numerous days go by, numerous nights in the dark of the forest

Their warm daylight path slowly transmutes to

Reflect the cold darkness of the Firmament’s Robe.

And under the stars they make their way

To escape the fate that they invited upon themselves.

And in the night, there was a presence

A certain being, watching, waiting in silence

Ever watchful upon the unlikely crew of mortals

That ventured to set foot in his swamp

And awaken him.

They struggle with the brambles, they rest upon the fallen leaves.

And as the Sun declared His arrival one morning,

The weary wanderers arrived upon the The Lagoon

Its cool turquoise waters shining above the morning haze

And the young, orange Sun lit up the Heavens

As they stood, mesmerized by the Blue.

The Being watched them, as they stumbled upon the Lagoon

His wonder mounting readily while He watched

As they set their tools to work upon the jagged rocks

That lined the shore, ever seeking some prize.

The Sun left the sky, the Moon took his place

And in her serene light, the Water was set alight

As the pale moonlight reflected off the Blue

And the weary travellers were soaked in the dazzle.

They searched, they scrounged

For seven weeks, but it was not found

The Item of their Quest, the Object that they required

Eluded them again, as it had done before

But they continued to search

Under the Watchful Eye of the Being.

He knew not what they looked for, little did he care for

What kept puny mortal fools alive

For was He not the Master of the Lake?

He laughed; a cackling, resounding phenomenon

That filled the air, the cold forest breeze adding to the

Chill that ran down the spines of His Unwelcome Guests

As they felt the clutches of fear at their hearts.

Yet, they did not stop, and once again stubborn will won over intuition

Who would not like to live on forever when all it entailed was breaking open a Jewel?

Who would not like to bask in the soothing calm of the Blue?

While their foolish brothers fought meaningless wars over silly pursuits

Theirs was a higher calling to be answered, so they believed.

And as the Moon rode across the Heavens one night

A green glint was seen on the far bank

Embedded in the soil, it lay

The Jewel of Infinity, silently waiting to be claimed by

Those who were destined to possess it.

A young lad was the first to see it shine,

He hastened to wake his father, their search was finally complete.

And as they ran down the shore, the Being watched , not willing to interrupt.

They feasted their eyes upon its unworldly light,

The elders were then called to decide,

How the Fruit of Immortality was to be shared.

It was then that they realised

Not all of them could partake from the Fruit

Only he who broke the jewel would be rewarded with Endless Life.

They stood in confusion, as the Being chuckled at their plight

It was time to extend His influence on them and claim the Jewel for His own

And He smiled in glee and revelled in His witchcraft

As He planted in them, the Beginnings of Greed.

And it took them over, a malevolent longing to possess the Stone

Raged throught the hearts of them mortals

While a furious wrath was awakened in each man to claim the Jewel.

And the Being watched silently as His work was complete

The mortals lay dead upon the shore, each killed by the other’s hand

Their longing for Immortality lay shattered

Like the blades and tools of their dark undertaking.

And now He finally arose, shedding His disguise

An old, old man bent over with age, He hobbled noiselessly

Amidst the bodies. He walked silently to the young lad’s corpse

And the Jewel that lay clutched in his dead grasp, finally found a new master

As the Old Man stood in the Lagoon and shattered the Jewel upon his palm

And so began His endless existence…
Aditya Shankar Feb 2014
The Ever first creature to walk his land

Single greatest being of His empire

And his mighty subjects bring tidings to him

Tidings of valiant rebellion against his dark brutality.

The General of His Forces, sent forth to sought out the traitor

Upon winged beast he rides through the barren wasteland

Ever watchful eye on the hunt for the rebel

And the sorry being was found, cowering ‘neath the rocks.

The Dark Master himself attended to

The sacrifice of the rebel-lord, and the corpse of his being

Left out in the open for the carrion-birds

The elegant remains of grisly justice.

And so it begins, the mysterious cycle

Of hatred and vengeance upon the kingdom.

The Dark One gracefully eliminating them,

They who try to question his terrible Power.

In the darkest hour, He attains the zenith of his ferocity

And in that hour, one arises against him, one he cannot destroy

One who defies everything He stands for, one who brings hope

That vile promise of a better world, now rampant in his rule.

He seeks to destroy this mortal, a weak and puny smite under his rule

But for reasons arcane and beyond His control

Try as He may, the ****** mortal lies beyond his savage grasp.

And so, He calls upon the Dark Gods of His sacrifice

To bestow upon Him the Might of the Feral.

His invocation rings repercussion through the desert

As they descend upon Him, honouring His ****** sacrifice

He lies broken upon the Altar of the Elders

His flesh torn from his being, in mockery of his offering.

They descend upon him, feeding off his Lifeforce

As they reduce their Mighty Disciple to skin and bone

He finally rests upon wet sands, His savagely torn torso

The terrible remains of the Last Boon of  His Gods.

The irony hangs heavy in the air as

The One that brought about the end of the Mighty Emperor

Throws his Offering upon the Altar

Pledging eternal allegiance and servitude to the Dark Gods…

And so it begins again, the old arcane circle

Of  jealousy, rebellion, ****** and power

And so it has been, and always shall be

As the Masters of Chaos decide our fate

And they laugh…
Aditya Shankar Feb 2014
I sit down in front of this piece of paper, pen in hand, the wind through my hair and a single dim light’s reflection in my glasses. I close my eyes, tired of repeatedly trying and failing to write an article. I wearily rub my eyelids and sit still for a while.
And that’s when I see him.

He stands against the backdrop of a waterfall, the green grass gently caressing his bare feet as he walks slowly towards the calm, turquoise lake. A sudden whiff of tulips assails my sense of smell as he walks into the water, his composed steps mirroring the complacence of the cool blue he walks into. He wades in till he is waist deep; birds chirp in the distance, trees sway in the wind and everything the sunlight touches melts into a golden brilliance.

As he walks in, ripples branch out from his torso, tattooing themselves upon the surface of the water. They move forward with him, each with a colour that merges into a thousand new hues as two of them meet. I stand there watching in stupefaction; he does not acknowledge my presence as he continues to walk forward, his eyes fixed upon the blue-gold sky over us.

All of a sudden, he climbs out of the lake and begins to hurriedly hunt around, muttering to himself
‘It has to be here somewhere.’ He darts off between the trees, with the raw agility of a young impala. As he continues to fly over the many shrubs and roots in his way, I chase behind him panting and puffing as the entire forest falls behind in a blur of green and brown. And then we hear it, the scream tears through the woods and the sky explodes into a whirlpool of colour; he turns back and looks at me, his eyes wide with horror and disbelief. I skid to a halt before him and I realize that we had reached the outcrop of a cliff. I turn to him, my back to the massive drop from the bluff, a quizzical look in my eyes as I find myself unable to articulate the words in my mind. He puts his hands on my shoulders, the fear etched deep in his wide eyes. And he pushes me off the cliff.

The air whistles past my ears as I fall to the ground; it seems like an eternity has passed before I finally rest my head on the hard ground beneath me. Every bone in my body feels like I have walked headfirst into a moving train, I gingerly raise myself off the cold floor to see him standing over me. He raises a finger to his lips, signalling me to follow him. We walk forward cautiously, the fear of an unknown disturbance still hanging heavy over us. We walk through an open field of wild grass, the pale silver stalks dancing in the breeze as the moonlight lit up our path. He doesn’t say anything to me; I walk alongside his shadow as his shadow. We come to a clearing with a single tree standing proud in the middle of a vast expanse of nothing. He gestures to the tree, we make our way there with haste. I walk into the cool shade of a massive oak and collapse under its mighty protection. He walks around the tree and returns with a figure in his arms. Next to my tired form he lays her down, a look of gentle calm upon his hard features. The moonlight dances upon her face and her shallow breath rattles through the night. Her stormy grey eyes lie wide open as she continues to struggle against an unknown force so as to keep breathing. He stands at a distance, silently watching the two of us on the ground; one battling for her life and the other silent and still like the great oak tree above us. Her lips part slightly, a single droplet of light rises upwards into his palm and she falls into a silent stupor. He gazes at the pinpoint of white in his hand, bringing it slowly to his mouth. I watch on as he proceeds to swallow it, confused about the events transpiring before my eyes. He throws his head back and looks up to the pitch black sky and a million tiny lights wink back at him in response. His eyes open wide, his jaw falls low and a burst of brilliant white light breaks through his tall, proud form. I see the mouth move, I hear him speak a few moments later. The voice rings loud in my ears, resonating from everywhere and nowhere and he says to me, “The path you seek is straight ahead. Do not deviate from the road and you should be fine.”

My head falls back against the firm bark of the oak as I witness my guide disappear into thin air with no evidence of him ever having existed. My eyes close of their own will and I embrace the comforting darkness of slumber enveloping my mind.

My eyes fly awake as a sharp ray of light dispels my drowsiness. I wake up to find myself looking towards a convoluted, winding path leading into the woods. Against my will, I find myself rising and walking down the dusty road. I try to hum to myself, no sound greets me. I try to dart into the woods, but something brings me back to the same path no matter which direction I turn. The sun beats down hard upon my head, and in the distance I hear the faraway call of an eagle. Resigned to my current fate, I walk forward taking in all that I see around me. The sunlight dances between the shadows of the twisted trees, the brown floor beneath my feet gradually begins to evolve into a lush green lawn and the air I take deep, calm breaths of is painted with the scent of rain. I brush aside a shrub and stop in my tracks as I take in the view before me.

I stand before an ocean. The sand twinkles against my eyes, giving me a psychedelic glimpse of a million pinpoints of colour every time I blink. The tide rolls against the shore lazily as the sunlight bounces off the surface of the water. The sky lies mirrored before my feet and my toes play with the fine grains as I walk onto the beach. I sit against the onslaught of the slow tide and feel the refreshing spray of water upon my tired form. The sun begins to drop gently from the sky, retiring to his home beneath the vast expanse of water. I watch the sunset, I watch as the sky is painted by the whims and fancies of the final rays of sunlight as they herald the appearance of a single crescent sliver of silver hanging delicately in the sky, casting a dim white light on me. An ethereal breeze gushes past me, and I find myself obsessed by an urge to enter the water. I stand up, the waves breaking around my ankles as I walk into the water with an oddly familiar slow, composed gait. I walk forward calmly, the waves breaking against my torso as I begin to feel the ground sink below me. I let the ocean cradle me; I surrender myself to the mercy of the sea as she carries me in her lap. All emotion begins to wash away from me; I do not feel the familiar wave of fear as wave after wave crashes over my head, pushing me down beneath the surface of the water. I feel no panic as I take in the water in deep gulps, I feel nothing but a calm of certainty as I feel the ocean filling up my lungs. I smile and close my eyes as I begin to plummet down under depths. I embrace the vast nothingness that spreads out before me and fall unconscious.

A blinding pain flashes behind my eyes, as I gasp and sputter to find myself on a jet black rock, sprawled out like an empty carcass. I look around, unable to find my bearings, and my eyes fall upon a massive, emerald green pillar. It stands on the shore, firm and unmoving even as the ocean tries desperately to push it off its pedestal. I lift myself off the rock with difficulty and force my sore feet to stumble towards the pillar. I fall at its base, every bone in my body feeling like a deadweight. I rest my head against my arm, panting and coughing when I feel a hand upon my shoulder. I look up to see a small boy smiling down at me with an odd benevolence, the light of ages of wisdom alive in his eyes. He puts his hand to the pillar, and I watch in awe as it begins to crumble to a vibrant green ash. I look at him in plain bewilderment, and though he chuckles silently, I hear his deep, rumbling voice in my head. “You have nothing to fear from me, I am merely here to deliver to you what you have been looking for all this time.” I hear his voice tell me. He walks over to the shimmering green pile of dust and pulls out a piece of paper. He places his hand on my head, clasps the paper in my hand and smiles. I see his small head throw my face into shadow as he blocks the sunlight falling on my face, and I sit still, relishing the cool shade.

I open my eyes in front of this piece of paper, pen in hand, the wind through my hair and a single dim light’s reflection in my glasses. And on the paper, I see this article.
Well, this is my first post here. And I know that its "Hello POETRY" and this is not a poem, but whatever floats my boat, right? :P

— The End —