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 May 2020 Chris
Erica Girone
She dreams of a world
With cotton candy swirls
For skies
Bubble gum beaches
And hellos
Without the goodbyes
 May 2020 Chris

the beat the rhythm the cadence the time
the voice the sound the statement the rhyme

the pen the pad the ink and words
the now the then the sync deferred

the verse the tale the dream the style
to win to fail the scheme compiled

to speak to say to write and draft
from night to day to cry and laugh

from blood to ink and bone to pen
to love to think and grow again.

Selling books

A friend of mine who used to be my editor,
until I discovered she was bewildered by commas,
has gone all mercantile, if you buy one of her
sweetly decorated books with flowers, you also
get a doll presumably made of plastic.
The child had no memories yet, only that he loved
his mother, father, grandfather and aunts.
The Israelis will say he was paid by the “Hamas.”
to go play in the sand.
If you buy one of my small books at Kindles, I will
send you a picture of a dead Palestinian child.
Truth is a costly gift, but in general, a doll is more
popular and cosy.
gotta remind myself
that it's okay to be different
but i can't help but wish
that i was one of them
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