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Oct 23 · 106
Higher Love
A chaste & lovely maiden
Loved a roughhewn sort of man
It was a strange attraction
The folk could never understand
But she lived in a great tower
In a foreign land.

The lad traversed the valleys
The tangled briars low
Great and craggy mountains
Replete with ice and snow
He knew that he must find her
But did not know where to go.

He questioned people far & wide
Of how to find the lass
Finally an old woman
Told him true at last
But guardians of gargoyles
Would let no one pass!

They would ask a riddle
That he would have to tell
What was found in plenty
At the bottom of a well
If he couldn't answer
They'd take him straight to hell!

The rough young man, he pondered
Yes, he was perplexed
He had no ready answer
Didn't know what to do next
He did not know the answer
And he was so sore vexed!

But a gentle voice he told him
Just like a tender kiss
What resides within a well
Is always a great wish.

So the lad, he faced his foe
So bold in his youth
His answer confounded them
Because it was the TRUTH.

He found the modest maiden
Straight away they wed
They had been kept apart
But had higher love instead!

The moral of this fable
Is the greatest wish in you


Catherine Jarvis
October 23, 2020
The fable is one of my favorites!
Oct 20 · 62
Garden Gate
There's a lovely garden
A precious golden road
Where you can loosen burdens
You can lay aside your load.

There are blooming cherry trees
Mountains violet blue
Pure white picket garden gate
Flowers every hue.

It is just like Eden
As far as eyes can see
But it's NOT our current world
Not reality
There was another garden
Called Gethsemane.

There were gnarled olive trees
And stones along the road
Where the Lord cried out to God
And shed His precious blood.

Then there is a spirit place
Where there is decision
Take a strait and narrow path
Or a broad road to extinction.

If you choose the latter
You'll regret it to your core
But if you choose the former
Heaven is in store
That gate's our Lord, the very Christ,
With whom you've made war
That gate is the Gospel
Which you have heard before...

Pass through the gate of Jesus
For life forevermore!

Catherine Jarvis
October 20, 2020
Oct 9 · 39
A heart resplendent
With hands raised
A heart that's joyfully
Singing praise!

A heart that's burdened
By all the pain
Yet still knows Jehovah reigns.

The first is happy, then will sigh.
The sorrowful will reach
And touch the sky!
Both will know that by & by
That in the end all in graves lie.

Those in sorrow
Need hands raised!
They've knelt in prayer
Now need to praise!

Those who are happy
In their way
Should bow a knee...
Begin to pray.

Life ain't easy. It ain't fair.
We all need...

An attitude of prayer.

Catherine Jarvis
Oct 6 · 128
Falling Leaves
The wind sighs through
the gnarled boughs
of trees with golden leaves

Though you cannot see it
it's because the eye deceives.

The leaves fall into water
a river wild and free

The gurgling torrent takes them
From the forest to the sea.

Though you cannot see the breeze
it is there nonetheless

It is like faith the leaves are stirred
by our God's caress.

It is by faith the offering falls
into the roaring waves

It is by faith the tree lets go
of gold into the grave.

To the sea go sailing ships
so beautiful & bold!

To the sea go golden boats
their cargo is the soul.

Some, they do not make it.
They crash along the shore.

But many sail and do not fail

To life forevermore.

Catherine Jarvis
aka SoulSurvivor
Sep 19 · 179
Voices (Black on Blue)
One voice is red & deafening
One voice is black on blue.
One voice is silent reckoning
One voice is snarling news.
One voice is from the radio
One voice is never true
One voice is just canned laughter
One voice is from the pews
One voice is a ventriloquist
One voice is me & you.

Together they're an angry mob
Together they talk back
Together they're a force to rob
Together they attack...

Together they're a living sob
Together BLUE on BLACK.

Catherine Jarvis
We live in a velvet world
Soft. With comfort. Free.
We've seen only kindness here
Love and liberty
Each person here lives without fear
In health and dignity
There are those less fortunate
Who lived in war's debris
They weep and cry... they may die
Why can't we all see?

They are children bound in prison
Captives from their birth
Bound in chains, there lives restrained
By poverty's black curse
They are poor, and they need more!
They also have worth!
Can't you see? They must be FREE


There are those out begging
Those who have no food
Those who have not medicine
Long ago approved
Those who drink of water
From muddy lakes & streams
Also used as toilets
Can you not hear their screams?


I don't want to hurt you
Or put you in shame
You're not the ones who did this
Not personally to blame
Just remember that you have the power
To END this wretched game
All children should play in peace


Imagine there's a world
Where kids can laugh & play
In the warm, soft meadows
With flowers bright & gay
I will fight for their rights


Fundamental WORTH!
We'll find a way
To help TODAY


Sep 15 · 160
The Roaring of the Lamb
There's a place we all could go
Be captives there for hours
A place that in perception shows
Us giant moths & flowers...

We'd smell the finest perfume
From Mary's flowing locks
For Jesus's  anointing
From her alabaster box...

We'd hear the singing of the buds
About to burst in bloom
Feel the wind that listeth
Into our tiny rooms...

For here we are in prison.
Here we are in chains.
But Christ has arisen!
His blood flows through our veins!
So no matter what is done to us
This fact still remains
We perceive the sound of heaven

Your voice is deafening
But it's still.
Touch my heart of hearts
With Your mighty will!

Lord of lords
Great I AM
You show Your awesome power

Sep 11 · 169
Soul Flowers
Flowers of the soul are kind
They are our greatest treasure.
They bring about
such peace of mind
Beatitude and pleasure.
In love you will surely find
Beauty beyond measure!

The light through
stained glass windows
Makes love that's unalloyed.
The heart soaks up the colors.
Somehow they fill a void.

There's vibrancy of spirit.
There's unity to share.
There's peaceful loving pardon
There's music in the air!
You can find rest from worries
There is no doubt or fear.
Only sweet redemption
Yes! All those things are here!

If your being has a yearning
For joys which can't be told
Come and smell the blossoms

The flowers of the SOUL.

Catherine Jarvis
I thought I would bring a little beauty into a day which is so tragic. We must focus our minds on that which is lovely. Noble. Of good report. Those are the places to find peace. In the arms of our Lord and savior. Jesus Christ. I have a Facebook account and will try to send a link where you can see a painting this poem is based on. I painted it last year about this time. Blessings to all!

Soul Flowers. I invite you to look at this painting for a while. Know the detail. Then look at one part of the painting only for a few seconds. You will see the other parts of the painting move! This painting is alive! For sale. Write my inbox if you're interested.

Sep 9 · 78







(C) 2/17/2016
Sep 7 · 123
everyone has a voice here
every note will flow
some of us are nightingales
some of us are crows
some of us are magpies
collecting shiny things
some of us canaries
which in the coalmine sing
some of us are larks
singing in the copse
some of us are ravens
gathered 'round a corpse
some are Laughing *******
who scream to beat the band
some of us are ostrich
with our heads in sand
some of us can "Twitter"
how we love our "tweets"!
some of us are silly coots
with funny orange feet!
some of us are toucan
with beaks that are outgrown
some of us are parrots
with a beak that's not our own
some of us are robins
hopping on the lawn
some of us are lovely
angelic, graceful swans
some of us are mockingbirds
yes, you could fit that bill
some are birds with feathers
which make a lovely quill
some of us are peacocks
great beauties, but a bore
some of us are hawks
which o'r deep canyons soar

some of us are eagles
symbols of our call
I welcome you to
where we are poets


(C) 2/4/2016
All except for the parrots.
They need to be plucked!

What kind of bird are YOU?

Catherine Jarvis
Sep 7 · 125
Tinsel Rose

Rose of faded tinsel
Its luster lost at last
Haughty harlot in high heels
She has a ****** past

She wears a
liquid liner smile
Her dress is sequined tulle
She has no taste, it's such a waste
Breaks every fashion rule

She sits there on the bar stool
She's already ******
Turn the card, her eyes are hard
Enough to break a bone

Oh my, what those eyes have seen
Those eyes give no grace
They're like poached eggs within
A wrinkled, haggard face

Do you judge her harshly?
Be careful if you do
The tinsel Rose, the Saying goes

But for God is


Catherine Jarvis
September 7, 2020



Sep 6 · 184
The Devil's Place

Put Satan in his place
or he'll find a place


Sep 6 · 268
Common Clay

God can mould clay
but a stone must be broken


It's dangerous to have a heart of stone...
Aug 8 · 62
Colored Glass Prisons
In colored glass the prisons
In windows on the wall
Saints look uo to heaven
Jesus looks so tall
Piercing eyes look into hearts
Convicting, calling... all.
Weeping through the window
Shifting up the wall
The sun approaches painted hills
Sun setting leaves a pall.

All the congregation
Modern in the light
They follow "the Savior"
Thinking they're "upright"

Position, proposition,
Privilege in their pores
Matriarchs & patriarchs
Always wanting more.

The Saviour dies a pauper
Assigned to pour red gusts
Put in a rich man's private tomb
To turn to maroon dust

Now, O, hail the Pastor!
His preaching & his price!
He gathers up the windblown tithes
To practice every vice....
He's the one they come to
To give His Glorious advice?

The Mesusa in Their membranes
Giving Themselves airs
They turn us all to colored glass
Snakes writhe in Their hair
But batten down the Bible

The Saints look up so pious
Jesus scans the pews
He sees ALL the "Pastors"
He sees me & you
He's looks down so sadly

As the light weeps through.

Aug 6 · 157
black & blue BEAUTIFUL
we're all heros
      groveling in the dirt

   for masterpieces of

          barbed wire
                           lead and red glass
             comin' out

                     lookin' like a rose

          black & blue BEAUTIFUL.
Inspired by South by Southwest's poem "blossoms".  It's a must read!
Aug 6 · 247
Color Me a Blackbird

Color me be a cymbal
Let me be a gong
Color me Coyote brown
Let me limp along
Color up my faltering voice
Let it come out wrong
Color me a blackbird
A deep & moody song.

Color me a minstrel
Let me be a knave
Color me a sinner
Who is yet unsaved
Color me a'weeping
Let tears come in waves
Color me a raven
Perched above a grave.

Color me a cloudy day
Color me the rain
Color me a carousel
That ol' circle game
Let me be a priest of straw
Let me see bloodstains
On songwritten pages
On my Christian name.

Color me a kite in flight!
Color up the strings!
Color me an angel
A rusty golden thing!
Color me a blackbird
Cuz, man, those birds can SING!!
Yes, even a blackbird has
Red & yellow on its wings...


by Catherine Jarvis
Dedicated to Joni Mitchell.
As anyone who has followed my work knows, Joni Mitchell is one of my muses. This poem is about me attempting to emulate her. That must make God laugh!
Aug 1 · 306
<@ <@ <@

whispering shells
announce God's presence
more clearly than
any trumpet

Catherine Jarvis
Aug 1 · 400

rose opens slowly
petals released from
the grip of

Jul 26 · 668
orchids langish
in the
steam bath
of the

Catherine Jarvis
Jul 26 · 512
heart of stone
the wind.through
a weathered stone
cries then whispers


Catherine Jarvis
Jul 26 · 381
The argument ends
He "won"
I'm martyred
In silence

Catherine Jarvis
Sometimes It's better to allow someone to win an argument even though they're in the wrong. Peace is more important.
Jul 26 · 176
Tear-stained Glass
Saints look down
On the
Modern congregation

Color weeps through

Catherine Jarvis
I love this 10 word art form. It was first started by J Donovan Carrasco. Great poet and photographer.
Jul 26 · 166
blue grey clouds
of crushed


Catherine Jarvis
Jul 26 · 207
tiny bird
tiny Bird
perches restless
on the
highest branch

flits away

Catherine Jarvis
Dedicated to J Donovan Corrasco.
Jul 23 · 219
If millions of angels can dance
on the head of a pin
How many devils are impaled
on its tip??
Jul 22 · 621
Little Things
Appreciate the little things and you can make a start
Stop and smell the roses
You'll have flowers in your heart!
Jul 11 · 379
~~< Window >~~

God sometimes closes curtains
but He'll always open the

I was looking at another ten word poem in my archives and came up with this one. I like this a lot better!
Jul 8 · 102
Beyond the glaze of headlights
On rain-slick onyx streets
Beyond skyscraper canyons
Where auburn smog's discrete
As it blends with the raindrops
The dirt & clouds there meet
Beyond the filthy City
There is a place so sweet.

Beyond rose scented Gardens
Filled with honey'd dew
Beyond the Cypress Colonnades
Where the Italians woo
Beyond the sugar beachpaths
Where the Sawgrass grew
look up where the Moon is
You will know it's true.

Beyond the small town quaintness
Mornings in the Sun
Where people still get to know you
You can greet everyone
Beyond delicious Bakery smells
Of bread and hot cross buns

Beyond the crime filled crucible
Where it's understood
You only live to 25
IF your luck is good
Beyond the rat **** jungle
Where evil is afoot
Beyond the teeming tenements
The place that's called The 'Hood

Beyond the farms and wheatfields
The ranches to the West
Beyond the Red Rock gullies
Where are you can, your soul, divest
Beyond the Eagles Echo cries
Beyond the doves white breast
There is a place for you to go
As time will attest

A place above the billows
Above the speckled sky
Shivering with sequins
A place so very high
Where space and time lose meaning
And matter is a sigh
Won't you travel with me?
Must you always question why?
A place where you are lost & found
Beyond the nebulae

Here on Earth we stumble
This weighted world to plod
It seems we've leaden sandals
As we go roughshod
We look to our leaders
And others to applaud
I find it very humorous
Yes, so very odd
That we should look up always

At everything but God.

Catherine Jarvis
Jul 6 · 343

Angels will not Tread
Where the fool puts her feet
She holds so so close
To every man she meets
Things seem so right
Beneath the linen sheets
But in the end
There is only defeat.

How can she know
The right man for her
When her whole love life
Is just what occurs
Her heart has a wall
She always defers
A love that will last
It's all a black blur.

Will she be a Maiden
All dressed in white?
Will she throw in the towel
Or fight the good fight?
Will he stay for an hour
Or stay all the night?
Will he take her to breakfast
Enjoy butterscotch light?

Will he woo her and win her?
Will they be friends?
Will he beat her or greet her?
Will he hurt her again?
Will he fight for her honor
And stay to the end?

She looks through her window
The horizon there lies
She sees the clouds open
A golden sunrise
Then she knows of the One
He has no guise
He is gentle and loving
Merciful. Wise.

So she goes toward him wondering
How she got star cossed
She opens her heart
And she counts the cost
He takes her with him
He says, "You were lost
But now you are with Me
Now you are blessed!"

She put on her white dress
And her sandals of peace
She carries her sword
Loves the greatest... and least
She sees the Son rise
There in the east

Then she knows Love
As He cups her face
She weeps for Joy

For at last she knows grace.

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 7/4/2020
I have been struggling with the fact that I never got married. I was asked, but declined every offer. I knew they were not right for me. And I'm glad I never married any of them. My life would have been quite different. I probably would have been a divorcee. But now that I have found Jesus I realize that he is enough. More than enough. If you are a female who is looking for love in all the wrong places, consider talking to God. Jesus, he is really the answer believe it or not. I was very resistant at first, too. But now I am extremely glad I made the decision to follow him. Don't look for love in men oh, and wear your heart out on your sleeve. The only one you can expose your heart to is God. He will never hurt it! Take it from one who knows. This message is for someone. I hope you've read this far. Thanks for your time. Help is on the way.
Jun 29 · 89
Sea of the Damned
I was lost upon the sea
Floundering in the waves
No one there to rescue me
Filthy and depraved
So deaf and blind I could not see
The black heart of a knave
Bowed under iniquity
I was, to it, a slave
Waves splashed over on the lea
To port only the grave.

There's only blackness in the sky
No moon. No clouds. No stars.
Like the pupil of an eye
A firmerment of tar
The water's where the dead fish lie
To horizons far
You hold your head & cry
Then a figure walks to mar
I squinted to see, tried
His hands & feet are scarred.

I was not sure that I perceived
The silhouette out there
To drowning men a straw received
Seems a saving hand so fair!
Though my boat was clogged with weeds
I found a paddle I could bare
I moved my boat, it weaved
Toward the man I stared!

There he was, an apparition
Brighter than the sun
I paddled on as on a mission
Dank air filled my lungs
But my disease was in remission
My journey had begun

And so I walked upon the water
You may find this odd
I heard The Words. I am His daughter


Catherine Jarvis
(C) 6/27/2020
Jun 29 · 74
Here come da judge
Look out folks
Here come da judge
10 feet tall 'n' has a grudge
He won't waffle
He don't fudge
Bangs his gavel
Like a sledge
He'll look at you
Like you are sludge

He don't hesitate
He don't play
You won't even have a say
You don't walk the
Christian way?
He'll put you in
His jail today!

He's not funny
He is mean!
He will judge you
Sight unseen
He'll just hear
Your cheese is green
And he will
Look down
With a lean.

He makes decisions
Bangs his gavel
Makes judgments with
His Christian babble
He will say that
You can't travel
If you transgress
Your unraveled
He thinks poor folks are
The rabble.

Yep. He's a "Christian"
And judgmental
But he's just angry
'Coz he's mental

Yep. He's mental
It is true.
So don't let him
Make you blue
His only tongue
Is in his shoe

The opinion that matters
Is God and YOU.

Catherine Jarvis
(C) June 2020
Jun 28 · 44
Fragile Wing
Time is like a fragile wing
The Cadence which canaries sing.

Time is like a steel door
Once it's closed it cracks no more.

Time is like a wooden screen
Through its lattice love is seen.

Time is like a rotting wind
Its stench will catch
Your breath and rend.

Time is like the Posey Fair
It scent will catch Black Death air.

Time's the root. It is the tree
Time is still a mystery
For we've Rewritten history.

From its boughs we see the Hills
In its bowels we're dead & still.

Time's like an infant's crowning head
Then like a game. A child's dread
In full flower we are wed
We have the happy child instead
In our season we are dead.

So hold time like a fragile lace
Water in a Dresden vase.
Cup it like a Lover's face
Watch it dance with ballet grace.
It's there... then gone without a trace.

The clock is backward, sweeping right
It starts it's journey in the night
It won't give up without a fight
The hands are sweeping
Small and slight
It will end within the light...

It moves now with blinding speed
Through this poverty and need
Where the few are rich by greed
They are then more ****** indeed
As they plant their golden seed
It crops up a vile ****.

In the west the rising.sun
And with this the day"s begun
On its axis Earth is spun
In the east the day is done
Then noontime comes,
It's course is run

The time now is 12:01...
I know the last stanza is a bit confusing. Everything is so backward now though. I thought of the clock going backward. Instead of the time of the end of the world as 11:59, I'm thinking of it is 12:01. It's almost high noon folks.
Jun 27 · 285
Sometimes I am water
Sometimes I am ice
Sometimes I'm a vapor
Condensation on your face.

Sometimes I've the air truth
Sometimes I'm a liar
Sometimes I am of the earth
Sometimes of the fire

I am always fickle
An untruthful fact
I am a deluge trickle
I have a gauche man's tact

I have hideous beauty
You'll have no argument
To abandon me's a duty
I'm hell's firmament

You will always love me
A simply complex game
Becoming bound you will be free

Lucifer's my name.
I've been thinking I should be on HP more often. I just spend so much time on other social media, it's difficult. Please bear with me.
Jun 2 · 150
To Lora Lee

A friend who is from
The far-away climes
A friend  who is with you
In troubling times
A friend who's behind you
No matter the cost
A friend the heart finds
Can never be lost!

Happy Birthday, Lora Lee!! <3
We've been HP & FB friends f or many years. All the love, light, laughter! 🌹🌵🌻💖
May 31 · 132
The Rain Is So Dark

The time of dad's passing
I've been restrained
All the day long
I've looked at the rain.

There isn't a smouldering
Hint of a spark
I can't see for nothin'
The rain is so dark.

The stormclouds are following
One on another
They tred on the heels
They're so close together.

The date of a death
Is when pain was born
There seem to be many
One endless storm.

The first major hurricane
2020 has seen
Was the health & work crisis

Then the stress on good friendships
Because of the news
People fussing & fighting
For differing views.

THEN Minneapolis
Had a white killer cop
And others stood by
As a black man's heart stopped!

Now, these are DEATHS!
Deaths of our innocence
We no longer believe
In man's basic goodness
No way it's retrieved
We must accept now
And we have to GRIEVE.

My father survived WWII
Lived 93 years in this mortal stew.
But now he's left... years ago? TWO.

When I was a child
Oh, SO long ago
I used to LOVE thunderstorms...

... what did I know?

R.I.P. Clinton Eugene Jarvis

Cathy Jarvis
(C) 5/30/2020
Mar 14 · 1.1k
Going Viral
Stores cleared out
Shelves are barren
If you cough
There's people staring

People staying all alone
Because they're hiding
In their homes

The news is stuck
It don't inspire us
All they speak?

Yes. It's BAD.
A viral lout
If they're at risk
Folks can't go out!

This is what
I need to say
Don't worry about it!
Kneel & pray!

We're going to know
We're going to see
Trouble economically.

Is this IT!?
It could be, friend.
The straight beginning
Of the end

But there's one thing
That is clear
We cannot be ruled by fear!!

The best thing anyone can do
Is find the Lord....

...let It be YOU!
Jan 30 · 337
Mona Lisa
Perfect oval face
Of subtle olive hue
Hands folded 'neath her cleavage
Amply embued
Why she's sweetly smiling
Nobody has a clue...

She sits out in the open
Under a sun so bright
With Italian architecture
Within the viewers sight
What does Mona Lisa do
Undercover of the night

That smile so enigmatic
Was she humming soft & low?
Eyes looking at us levely
A woman head to toe...
Or was "she" a MAN?
Sly Le-an-ar-do!
Now it's still a secret
Only God could know.

Only a brilliant consciousness
Could paint such a piece!
Yes! Only De Vince
With such subtleness!
The finest of all artists
He painted with finesse

The lovely curve of body
The beautiful brown tresses
That enigmatic smile

One can only guess....

Catherine Jarvis
One of my favorite paintings. There's speculation about the gender of the subject, but no doubt about the skill of the painter. It's  truly a masterpiece!
Jan 28 · 294
For You Sing Over Me
Let my music rise
Fragrance to Your heart
Let the notes take shape
As wondrous worship art
Let my voice have colors
Every lovely hue
Let it be a tapestry
I dedicate to You.

Oh, Amen, mighty Yahweh!
Oh, yes, let it be!
Yeshuah, Holy Spirit!
Let my voice be free!
YES! I'll sing YOU PRAISE...


People think I'm foolish
Singing all the time,
But I don't care at ALL! You see
Singin's not a crime!
People think I'm crazy
For singin' to myself
But I'm singin' to the Great I AM!
This I just can't help!

Jan 24 · 731
Birthday Blues
The cake burned in the oven
The fridge broke down as well
The plumbing broke
& soaked the floor
This was the day from hell.

So much for cake & ice cream
So much for mopping up
I'm telling you, I have the flu
This day has been a flop!

Not gonna call a plumber
You know how $$$ goes
This happened on a Sunday
That's spendy doncha know!

I've HAIR that hurts, my buddy
I've such and aching head!
Is it a sin to just turn in?

I'll spend the day in bed!.

Catherine Jarvis
My birthday wasn't quite that bad, but I wasn't feeling well. Yucky poo!!
Surfeit with darkness
Clouds are sponges
Soaking up the

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 1/17/2020
Cloudy nights are beautiful!
Jan 15 · 382
A baby's face, in bows & lace
The blush of widened eye
The muzzle of a unicorn
The rainbows in a sigh.
The shining pearl within a conch
The place where virgins lie.

The bubbles blown by teenagers
The hearts on sleeves of same
The subtle hue of lipstick
With which they spell your name
Shirley's locks & lollipops
To them love's all a game!

Fluff & play! Valentine's Day!
Roses in her cheeks
The colour of amoré
If she lets you take a peek!

Chocolate covered cherries
In a golden foil box
The colour of a diary
Closed & sealed with locks.
The colour of a fantasy
Gold & pearl clocks.

What a warmth this hue elicits!
More charming than you'd think
Innocent... explicit

The exquisite color... PINK!
Just in time for Valentine's Day! Ok, it's a month away, but who cares!
Jan 9 · 373
Red White & BLUR
Star Strangled Banner

O, Hussain can you see
Through your lies & your blight
While so proudly you sail
Through your elitist scheming
Your broad swipes & slight scars
You think you've the right
You with madness so etched
In your brain which is bleeding.
In your den, yes, your lair
Black birds nest in your hair
'Neath that roof of low height
Such duplicity there.
O, Hussain can you see
All the bones there, the graves?
In the land of Pe-lo-si...

... and the home of her SLAVES.
Some people of Arabic origin are lying to us.
But many are actually FOR US! I abhor the liars. This take on the time-honored song is not written in a effort to insult the PEOPLE of the Middle East. But the ELITES and their LIES!! Please read this entire commentary:

Iran and many of these countries like Syria have been used and abused by the elite. I'm not saying I'm any expert on the Middle East, nor am I saying my opinion matters.... But let me just say, these countries have been abused, they've been rapped of their resources, they've been forced to live in a war torn region. Many of your normal people that live in those countries, like America, they like President Trump. You are dealing with elite strongholds. These terrorist groups, who have run some of these countries, were specifically created through block op/clandestine operations to destabilize these countries, cause war and fighting and to create elite/cabal strongholds. You have age old principalities at play. You have a physical as well as a spiritual battle going on. You have two interlocking realms that are being dealt with, both in the physical and spiritual world. The elite placed their pawns in power, to take over the oil in those countries and what were they using that oil for? Human trafficking/terrorism and to fund their operations...... Trump isn't stealing their oil, he's confiscating it in order to remove the financial flow for the cabal/intelligence agencies. It will be given back when the regimes are cleaned out and the right people are brought into leadership. President Trump is giving the people of Iran the ability to take back their country, to live in peace and freedom. WW3 was the cabal's plan, but it isn't Trump's plan. WW3 was the Pentagon/DOD plan, but it isn't Trump's plan. And frankly it's not God's plan. The wars have been orchastated by the elite, that's how they operate. Trump's not playing that *******. Trump is taking down the elite/Intelligence operations in these countries.... The pawns of the very elite.

Earthquakes near nuclear facilities are blowing up underground bases and systems. The Nuclear industry is NOT innocent in this.... They had their hands in child trafficking and worse. You have interlocking realms above us and blow us, that connect to our physical realm.... These things are being delt with.

Anything the media tells you is either a lie, or propaganda. The people of Iran are celebrating. They're baking cakes and cookies and passing themout to people on the streets. They like Trump! The people yelling death to America are paid. They're also the ones killing peaceful protesters. They aren't the Iranian people.

And I'll tell you something, the people in the Middle East fighting for their freedom, from the elite have *****. They have fire.... Compared to the #snowflakes in the US.

Trump is taking down the elite system in the Middle East. Don't you get it?
Jan 3 · 364
"HP" New Year!
I know this pome's a little late
I've NOT had time a'plenty
I guess I could have writ a blurb
But hindsight's 2020...

Time speeds up when you get old
So look out everyone
The next time you turn around
It's 2021!!
Seriously, I've been like a beheaded hen since Christmas!
Dec 2019 · 277
Unloved & Unlovable
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
I've had a life of sorrow,
I've lived a life of pain.
Wednesday's child. Full of woe,
I've lived a life of shame.

I won't elicit sympathy,
I won't be bright & witty
I'll simply be true to self
I surely don't want pity.

Whenever IT happened
Really matters not
But I had tragedy when young
Was by a devil caught.

IT set about a cycle
Which, like a gerbil wheel,
Made me shunned,
Made me run,
To a trap of tungsten steel.

I was trapped by drugs & vice
Alcohol & more
Accepted *** instead of love
Practically a *****.

I felt unloved. Unlovable.
Ever since a child.
So I died on the inside
Became rebellious... WILD!

I was a cheat. I was a thief.
I ripped off stores for *****.
So I was in the trap of guilt,
Could not help but lose!

I should have died SO many times!
Dragged by a speeding car
By a drug crazed jon of mine
You think THAT left a scar??

But God had SUCH mercy!
He gave me such GRACE!
Heart of stone, and yet...
No, I was NOT a WASTE!

I have no doubt I'll always have
Doubts the devil brings
But now I'm LOVED and LOVABLE!


Catherine Jarvis
My past is dead. I'm dead along with it. But I've been reborn into Christ's Kingdom. Here I've found the thing I've missed the most... LOVE.
Dec 2019 · 140
When you feel the flow...
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
... birthing the words, there can
be no description for the intoxication!

breathing in the fragrance of
the ink, the wind of the
muse on your shoulders
propelling you on to choosing
words which come from the
zephyrs aroused as by
angel feathers...

there's a point where effort ends
and a clarity supernatural starts...
a point when intellect is of no use,
knowledge has no meaning...
all you ever experienced is lost
and a new reality brings on
the pangs of prismatic ******
too exquisite to be borne...

... and so the pen becomes exhausted from it's dance, and the paper becomes a magic carpet, taking the poet beyond comprehension into...

... a nebula beyond reason...

... the special place...

... no words...

... only expression.

C. Jarvis
I'm not worried if i get read or not. I write for the sheer joy of writing!
Dec 2019 · 170
What Was It Like?
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
What was it like oh God so great
To be an infant small?
Did You Weep, or did you sleep
And never cry at all?

What was it like sweet Mary
To ride the night so black?
Did you smile, heavy with child
Upon a donkey's back?

What was it like dear Joseph
To know your wife would bear
God's own son, but he'd be shunned
A man of many cares?

What was it like oh wise men
To see that light appear?
To go so far to find that star
Knowing God was near?

What was it like you shepherds?
To hear the angels sing?
Were you scared when they declared
The birth of Israel's King?

What was it like you angels
To see your mighty Lord
Lying there in a Manger bare
With no mantle? Sword?

Yet that night was joyful!
In ecstasy all sang!
Or instead they bowed their heads
While praise in heaven rang!

For now the great Messiah
Was born to Trumpets blast!
What was it like that special night

Our Savior's born at last!

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 12/25/2019 (rewritten)
Dec 2019 · 501
death by flying
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
arcing toward
a dark heaven
a futile ******
earth still

death by flying too
close to Mars
warrior that
he is

he sent his arrows
which lanced my
♡ with such
longing it
could not
be controlled
than a

and, so, the tears in
night's fabric
are sewn

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 12/24/2019
Though i usually write in rhyme, I felt lead to write this piece. I wrote the title first & the rest sort of evolved.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
This song, it won't berate you
It won't, the Bible, beat
It's only a reminder
It's not meant to defeat.

It won't put you down at all
Once I was where you sit
It won't proselytize at all
(Well, maybe just a bit).

We enjoy the holidays, right?
With friends & family round!
We await the "Jolly Elf"
And happiness abounds!


Deck the halls and celebrate!
Put on festive togs!
Put the roast beast in the oven
Burn those yuletide logs!

Christmas or Winter Solstice?
Does it matter, folks?
We're having FUN this time of year...
Laughing! Telling jokes!


That's true of many people
But do ALL withstand the test?
There are those who have no family
Not all of us so blessed.

Those of us who have our friends
May not understand
But when you have nobody
Holidays ain't so grand.


Those of us despondent
At this time of year
When everything seems gloomy
A light CAN, in us, appear!

No. Holidays aren't for everyone
No Christmas cards to send
But when you know a Savior


So let's light a candle
Once you accept Jesus Christ
You'll always have a friend!

Catherine Jarvis
(C) 12/23/2019
I love you all! I wish I could be around to read more. I have so much going on in my life right now, it's just difficult. But after the holidays I will make a point to go on my home site. Blessings for the holidays and the new year!!
Dec 2019 · 187
A Poet's Letters
SøułSurvivør Dec 2019
Whether s/he be
In chains & fetters
Lazy or a
Real go-getter
Using pen
Or tech typesetters
Staid & proper
Or upsetter
A Poet remains
A wo/man of letters.

Ugly or quite
Fair of face
Gone without a trace
In polyester
Or fine lace
Sure of pen
Prone to erase
Poets ALL
We bestow grace.

Well read or
Quite ignorant
Cogent or
Lacking in sense
Wealthy or
Don't have one cent
Nostalgia or
The present tense
Poets have their

Wo/man! We the
Letters make!
It is all a
Give & take!
Get going
For goodness sake!
Whether you are
Real or fake
Heck! We ALL
make our mistakes!
Whether we are
Gent or rake
We leave MENSAs
In our wake!

So on it goes
We laugh or sigh
We celebrate
Or weep & cry
We struggle on
We try the rye
We are awake
Or bleary eyed
Life can't stop
It will pass by
It will pass


Catherine Jarvis
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