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Ronin Mar 19
you only learn to
appreciate your life
when you’re in a hospital bed
vomiting your guts out
praying to god
(you’re not even religious)
to please let you live,
just one more chance.
i’ll take care of myself from now on.
Ronin Mar 15
they throw
their expectations at
me, as if
they were
a ball.

i've never been good at catching.
Ronin Mar 15
you told me
the roses in my garden
weren't red enough,
so i changed them.

you told me
the roses in my garden
weren't big enough,
so i changed them.

you told me
no matter what i did
my roses would never be pretty
enough for you,
so i cried.

i let you trample up all
my roses
and i took the thorns and the petals
and i chewed them up,
and spit them in your face.

but one thorn
got swallowed
and it
remains stuck in my
throat to this
very day.

for every lie i get told
i swallow a thorn
how many boys would it take,
to get my rose garden back?

& i never even promised you a rose garden.
based on the book titled "i never promised you a rose garden"
Ronin Mar 15
niets dan
de dood,
met zwaargewonden
tot gevolg

(voor eeuwig.)
dutch poem.
Ronin Mar 15
your words
spin out of control
like the car she was in,

and your words
crash into me
like i'm the garage;
and your words
the car she was in,

and your words
leave scars on my body
like the aftermath
of their words
"that crash,
it was the car she was in."
i love you, kiet.
Ronin Mar 15
they say
is a certainty.

they're right.

i'm not
i'm waiting,

full of fear,
i'm waiting
for the next call.

who will be next?
Ronin Dec 2020
i love you

i’m so scared.
don’t hurt me.
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