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Rae Anne Aug 2016
My soul is awashed
Not by the light of the moon
*But by the darkness
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Tease the powder against my lips
Leave the taste behind
Torment me with tranquility
In your sedated state of mind
Glitter hopes before my eyes
Carve the poison to my skin
Kiss me once and kiss me twice
Tempt me further in
Tie the noose around my neck
Encrusted with crimson glass
Drown me in your emptiness
For scars ****** and last
Rae Anne Jul 2016
You think you know me*
*Your assumption's are dire

Just in your world.
Rae Anne Jul 2016
He was so intense
His brow, forever cast down,
*Was always furrowed.
Rae Anne Jul 2016
There's nothing I hate more
Than insecurities
Just when I'm feeling confident enough,
Smart enough
Beautiful enough,
To make it through the day
It falls over me
In sheets of black
From which I cannot escape.
Rae Anne Jul 2016
Your faded costume
Is wearing thin
Were you not comfortable,
In your own skin?
You were so much better
Inside your ugly living lies
Tell yourself that,
Next time you cry.
Rae Anne Jul 2016
I can't be so sure
about you
when you play on my insecurities
wielding them like weapons
I've discovered
that your laughter and smiles
are a happy facade
for something much darker
dare I delve inside?
I don't know what I might find
perhaps the truth about myself
*or maybe just a web of lies
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