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 Jan 2020 River
Erian Rose
You're not gone
You'll be back
When will you return?
I love you so
Will you be here when I awake?
 Jan 2020 River
Erian Rose
Our love is different
Random and weird
But every moment spent
Makes me love you more

I'll spend forever with you
To be in your arms
While you kiss me
In the future we make
 Jan 2020 River
Erian Rose
We'd stay up till midnight
Chasing the words in our hearts
As we long for the kiss
To never tear us apart
Over and over again
 Nov 2019 River
They'll check your wrists,
But not your thighs.

They'll hear your laughs,
But not your cries.

Smile much, laugh loud, make jokes and lies,
And they won't see the depression in your eyes.

Just keep calm and starve yourself,
You need to be pretty, forget about your health.

Go look in the mirror on the wall,
We need to be skinny, thin, and tall.

Another cut upon your thigh,
One step closer to goodbye.
Is it bad that i tell and i do these things to myself literally every day?........... :(
 Sep 2019 River
oUt Of sYNc
 Sep 2019 River
oUt Of sYNc
I told you its nothing,
I'm fine and there's nothing wrong.
But how I wish I could tell you
I've been lying for so long.
 Sep 2019 River
 Sep 2019 River
listen, look around for a second

for you too

are a slave to society

Your phone keeps you distracted from the world

Are you there?


Your more enveloped by a screen than relationships

wake up please before it takes us completely

we might be the most connected

but not with emotions we're all alone  

disconnected from ourselves

why do you think you feel so lost?

Its because you are

stuck in a virtual world

imagine a world
Real connections
wifi to relationships
 Sep 2019 River
Melissa S
I am the other woman
the one that never gets the man
I am all his lustful thoughts dreamed up
I am her nightmare in a can

You see she will never give him all he needs
and he will never leave her a fact I now believe
She has his family and his past
and I am the woman who keeps coming in last

I am the other woman...
I know I am not everyone's biggest fan
but I loved him the way he really wants
and the way that she never truly can
 Sep 2019 River
(the truth)
 Sep 2019 River
I’m happy
(I’m depressed)

I love myself
(I hate myself)

I can’t wait to live my life
(I can’t wait to die)

I am lucky to have my friends
(why do they even like me?)

I have a family who loves me
(and I continue to disappoint them)

I am an excellent student
(I can’t focus in school)

I want to travel the world
(will I even live to do that?)

I’m fine
(I’m not fine)

I’m perfectly okay
(please help me)
If my blood could illustrate,
A picture to the world,
It will tell you the exact state,
How my heart pumps its hurt.

Each ventricle pumps emotions,
Pain, anger, hope,
Up to my brain,
And down to my toes.

Slithering through each artery and vein,
Blood carves my hearts pain,
In my head,
In my head.

Working through each capillary,
It forges anger and rage,
In my bones,
My aching bones.

After its done its work,
It fights back through each valve,
And pours back into the atriums,
Devoid of fury and pain.

It was used up,
Just like my tears,
My wasted energy for nothing,
It brought me no good.
Just more hurt.

And just slowly,
As the pain and anger dissipates from my system,
And fresh blood is packaged and sent,
From my bone marrows,
It brings along a slimmer of hope,
That this new cycle of blood would carry no more pain.
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