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Hall of fame
For the poets whom have left and came again, to those who
Write by the wire.
Cell phone
Tablet, computer
Laptop hot shop aquire.
For you who sleep and write
For those that write and fight
For you who are ordinary marksman like me
Hall of fame-your all in it you see.,
And the most incredible thing.
Is how incredible and awesome you all are
Poetry's greats! 2016s rockstars.
Tucked within the mountain of Promise, just past the forest of Truth. Runs a stream that glistens of dreams, and grants eternal youth.

Fairy's dance among the flowers, and sing a song of grace. Always adding into fable, another fortunate travelers face.

The stream glistens in the sun, and it's allure will steal your breath. One drop that passes through your lips, will save your soul from death.

Some will spend forever looking, desperate to stop youth from fading. Endlessly searching for this fountain, they waste life away crusading.

Be careful what you wish for, it's the warning the wind will softly tell. I'm forever blessed in beauty, but ****** for eternity between heaven and hell.
 Mar 2016 LJ Chaplin
Jami Samson
The clouds are heavier
than my mascara;
my lashes are the weighing scales,
they're pressing them down, down,
now I'm feeling down, down.
My eyes were the drunkest
until they met with this waterfall
that makes the cars dance
outside my bus window.
Be this north, south,
east, or west;
all I know is forward,
it gets better there.
And what do you know,
I told you so;
the clouds are getting thinner here,
now that we're finally here.
The cone trees align
like constellations,
the air is eucalyptus
in my lungs,
and the sky spread
like one giant cloud
that swallowed up the sun
so it's still bright
even if it's already about to be night.
I guess the four long rides
are worth the sight
of these foreign horses
and this patch of a pineapple field.
Above me, the sea;
below me, the city.
The foam and fog
made everything gray-blue
and the landscape is a moving painting
where the santan flowers are magnified
and the mountains are blurred.
We went up and down,
hill by hill;
left and right,
tree to tree
to be somewhere
and nowhere
at the same time.
This hanging bridge
would be more thrilling
if I were to fall
and start a landslide.
It's getting darker
and the flickering of the city
is no longer in silhouette
but in full incandescence
like that of twinkling stars
or Christmas lights 'round the park,
and suddenly breathing
is an amusement.
Now there's a cricket and bird duet
featuring the frogs
and we're walking in the dark,
finding our way
through this maze
of ilang-ilangs and moss,
with the new moon as our north star,
tracing our steps back
while I lose vision of
the lines on my paper.
A little firefly leads us out,
then we're back at the same
yellowbell stairs from the way in.
Coldness has never been
this memorable
and I'd always remember
how the Tagaytay wind
swept me off my feet
and took me back
to this tricycle ride,
back to this bus ride,
and then home
to one of our many homes.
#30, July 14, 2013
 Feb 2016 LJ Chaplin
You are a star and yet lead a double life,
Concealed in the day and then arriving abruptly at night,
The brightness you illuminate, compels those sombre tones,
To form into a perfect twilight,
Even under the vast veil of ebony,
With its cosmic significance,
We open our eyes just for you,
And yet you disperse before we have the time to bid adieu,
Does being under the gaze of seven billion faces cause you to feel unease?  
Perhaps like the consummate performer, you know when to drop,
At the right moment to get the crowd out their seats.
Life's not a cakewalk. There are trial's, tribulations.
Downtimes, agitations. Sweet lovin or imitations.
Life's not a cakewalk, life's a seed so let it grow.
Life is a plea of something bigger than us
Let life's seed flourish and grow.
 Jan 2016 LJ Chaplin
Laken Cooper
A beautiful creature which God has made.
Also, a great feeling that you gave.
Point of Retreat : )
 Jan 2016 LJ Chaplin
She opens a window
and hopes for the sky
to fall in from outside
and it's tailwind bring

her the moon and the clouds
lined with silver, a crowd
of the finest of stars
and a spare pair of wings..
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