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Nov 2016 · 1.2k
Risk It All
Jade Nov 2016
It's transcendental on another level,
You're my lucky star,
Want to walk on your wavelength,
and be there when you vibrate,
For you I'll risk it all
Jun 2016 · 399
Jade Jun 2016
You walked pass me
In every brilliant corner
In every beautiful manner

Every step is diamond,
Pouring compassion,
To the skinny hearted humans,

Treasure is the thing,
The new kindness that you bring,
Hope is in every morning,
To be as good as you, charming
Jun 2016 · 885
A Theatre
Jade Jun 2016
Such a beautiful dance,
Make it through my windows,
Windows to hearts and flowers,
Until I realised,
It's just a theatre
Aug 2015 · 1.9k
Jade Aug 2015
If making you understand is the only way out,
I'd rather just blast off my head with a rubber balloon bazooka,
I  wonder  if  it's  ever  existed
It will be a never ending story.
I wonder if this even a poem :p
Aug 2015 · 763
Tracing Paper
Jade Aug 2015
I use a tracing paper on your face,
I trace it with my heart,
I portray it with my eyes,
I looked upon every angle,
With glittering patience,
Those intense inclination,

Just to make sure,
My tiny brain wouldn't ever,
Ever forget you.
May 2014 · 2.6k
Jade May 2014
stops at the isle of gold lane and haze
holding her head up whine and gaze
that haughty look wander in space

on a bench across the street
intense perplexity
under her clouds
in a dark city

pouring arrogance
egocentric maiden
fear her own imperfection

"She's in manufacturing business"

"What does she manufacture?"

May 2014 · 789
Jade May 2014
get to hold onto this
Lit up the summer
till the glory in winter
woke up
on the same bed
teeth was dry
music was my guy
heart and klef treble floats
moods and rhythm
unite in throat
vague to obvious
words and biases
heart potion
Embrace me
quell the flare
harmony in the air
bliss in my day
Apr 2014 · 602
Fear (10w)
Jade Apr 2014
A fire that burns
even the coldest ice
in the heart
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Sorcerer's Stone
Jade Apr 2014
I want the Sorcerer's Stone
I'll break it into two
Just for me and you
We'll be young forever
In town singing blues
worry-less cause nothing to lose
Time machine would be no use
Inhaling freedom on sailing cruise
It's like a dream come true
Apr 2014 · 4.0k
Jade Apr 2014
Stuck in the land of perplexity
Untying labyrinthine cherry  knot on
Thorny mountains and alleys
I've got a war in my mind
Throwing dice flipping coins
Apr 2014 · 738
Bitternism (10w)
Jade Apr 2014
I love you
with every beat of my
*******  *heart
Apr 2014 · 825
Your Love
Jade Apr 2014
Glowing honey replacing blood
Render sweetness splatter on me
Starlet your love is my starlight
I hope it's worth a fight
Apr 2014 · 6.9k
Jade Apr 2014
Heart crunches million veins
Kicking pressure to its highest level
Grinning from ear to ear
Gladly to meet you here

After the dark clouds heavy water
Over the rainbow liquid of joy splatter
When I'm with you, nobody's after
After a day of grief and monster
Finally it's bliss and  laughter
Apr 2014 · 864
Jade Apr 2014
The heart is wondering if there's a place
for the soul on earth
Could heal those blisters
Could whiten the tar black soul
Could render heart paradise
The heart is wondering
Where have you been?
I'm a chess player loses it's King
I'm a bird without it's wing
Like the odyssey on shelf
Invisible cloak I cover
Kingdom of Isolation
Apr 2014 · 659
Jade Apr 2014
lying down on the sea bed
While soul is away
heart is hard
Infinity in depth
Staring at the mirror

Lift me up
Pour me,
Love potions
Read to me,
Revival mantra

To get me through the day
Apr 2014 · 513
Cold Alone
Jade Apr 2014
Coldness came knocking not in december,
It's no winter but brings shiver
No red just blue like sapphire,
Biting off my skin, cramping veins,
Stay there, stay off my reign

Ice in my heart, Ice in my soul,
Ice that ******, hard as jewels,

I see white, colourless covering the ground,
Frozen fractals all around,
Blizzard blowing below,  gravely I rise
Don't touch me I'm an ice

A life that I owned,
Tell it's better to be alone,
Just  leave  me  *alone
Apr 2014 · 631
Lessons Learned
Jade Apr 2014
Thank God for any mistakes and unfortunate moments
those bruises are like gift
Apr 2014 · 2.4k
I'm Coming For Blood
Jade Apr 2014
Step by wicked step I'm coming for blood,
**** those laughing moments,
**** those social chameleons,
Take a shot even if they were your best friend,
   Launch your own sweet revenge,
"They don't see what I've seen"

I've been drinking like the world is gonna end,
The world let the battle choose us,
The world even let us fight with ourselves,
The victory is contagious
Nobody offers you to be your saviour . Even if they do..well, people change
Be your own saviour then :)
Mar 2014 · 670
You're My One True Love
Jade Mar 2014
Give me love,
Give me your 24 carat gold smile,
Your happiness is my luxury,
Your love is my diamond

The way you play with me like a child,
Dancing in our own imagination,
Something that the world never understand

I can't forget the way you hold my hands,
You hold me, you grab me,
It's amazing, how a touch could mean so much,
I see heaven, I see love,
I feel happy, I feel loved

"You just made my day",
The things I said everyday,
Everyday... Everyday

Your pretty little liars means nothing,
I'll cover it up, cause I need your everything

I need you,
I breathe you,
I'd never leave you,
I'd die without you

God, He's a thief.. but I trust him,
Let me stay and pray with him till the end,
Cause I love him forever not maybe,
My one true love
Feeling all this beautiful things before it slowly fades away with time
Mar 2014 · 6.6k
Jade Mar 2014
I'm worried,
Like a humble man seeking for the god,
Like a mighty king looking for the queen,
Like a flower waiting for the sun,
  I need you like you need me
Mar 2014 · 1.4k
Jade Mar 2014
The sea felt so empty, without the wind it waves slowly,
Like a walking shadow without its body,
Just like you and me

Goodbye..may set things free,
But the heart suddenly feels so heavy,
Those wishful memories keep begging please,
Calling us back together like how we used to be
We are train wreck waiting to happen
Mar 2014 · 6.1k
Anger In Angels
Jade Mar 2014
The lust to rebel,
The lust to express,
Can't hold it back anymore,
No! This thing needs to expel

Patience,  betraying the aching soul,
Raging, Exploding, Rebelling, started to roll,
Running out of reasons to stay inside,
Destroying calmer, warmer, heavenly side
Mar 2014 · 2.2k
Jade Mar 2014
People screaming, can't see it coming,
People  questioning, Theories explaining,
Tears streaming, hearts breaking,
Memories are singing, dancing,
Hopes sinking, Prayers shining

The Indian Ocean let them in,
Drowning the souls, into a depth that the world couldn't imagine,
To a whole new life they begin,
This is something that the world had never seen
#RIPMH370 my condolences to the family of passengers on board Flight MH370
Mar 2014 · 19.0k
Jade Mar 2014
The thorn of the blue roses seems so red,
Bloated carcasses finding their way out,
The scars..can't you see it? it's still red

Happy, sometimes is one in a million,
Billion people, gazillion emotions
Pain could be an angel, Pain could be a python

— The End —