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Hoping, dreaming,
Wishing, praying,
Fasting, petitioning,
Crying, weeping.

A hundred days,

Hoping we could once more see your face,
As impossible as it sounds,
Dreaming, that someone, somewhere, some place,
Finally finds you, and that you're at last home bound.

A hundred days,
Of excruciating pain.

Wishing against the logic of the world,
That you're still fine, and you'll fall into my arms once again,
Praying to God, gods, goddesses, deities of the world,
That even if you're not lost forever, you're still okay, not in pain.

A hundred days,
Of sleeplessness.

Fasting, maybe not because we believe it'll help,
But food does not replenish anymore,
Petitioning to the saints above,
To ask the angels to hold you, forevermore.

A hundred days,
Of yearning.

Crying for that solace only closure brings,
That somehow its not a conspiracy and that the truth is revealed.
Weeping for every single person, every heartbroken family,
Who's dreams and aspirations lay now buried, concealed.

A hundred days,
Of timeless sadness.

They say time heals,
The say it will get better,
But nothing can better what we feel,
Not even time.

A hundred days,
Without conclusion.
A tribute to the passengers and families of the passengers of the missing plane, MH370. The 15th of June marks the 100th day when the plane was lost from radar, painfully coinciding with Father's Day. To all children who have lost their fathers, and fathers who have lost their children, our deepest condolences. Nothing could ever take away the pain, but reassurance that the plane is finally found, crashed or landed. Something. anything, just news that could bring closure.
Jade Mar 2014
People screaming, can't see it coming,
People  questioning, Theories explaining,
Tears streaming, hearts breaking,
Memories are singing, dancing,
Hopes sinking, Prayers shining

The Indian Ocean let them in,
Drowning the souls, into a depth that the world couldn't imagine,
To a whole new life they begin,
This is something that the world had never seen
#RIPMH370 my condolences to the family of passengers on board Flight MH370
Ottar Mar 2014
the frenzy of emotions
wash like waves, the ocean,
of tears, saying see you soon as
every day,
people say,
they are travelling,
some journeys go as planned,
some journeys go awry,
or new journeys begin,
before you can say goodbye

it can happen like that,
it has happened like that,
many times before sometimes
for one, sometimes for many more,
not to diminsh your grief,
not to say get over your sorrow,

you loved them
and they now know

you miss them
and you let it show

you have let us
know, they cannot be replaced,

we see it so clearly in your teary eyes,
and worn out faces, no chance to say that goodbye.

To one another.

Pieces on the ocean
may as well
be your heart,
no time to get ready
to be apart.
Nazihah Bustari Mar 2014
God is probably weeping
This rain
It never ends
Oh, what a year it has been
Internal commotions and a crashing plane

Be strong, you
We are not the playing fools
God knows best
leave him the rest
A brighter day is coming to set upon us

Souls of loved ones are mostly lost
Searching the ocean at all cost
**** the people who ****** you
Be strong, you
Malaysia is deeply affected with the lost of MH370. Our prayers have always been with those people on board. God knows best and He has planned this for all of us. I would like to stop all those people who have condemned our nation's government for not doing their job or blaming them for the unfortunate tragedy of MH370. I have also heard how outsiders are blaming the two muslim pilots--condemning them and speculated about them over the media saying they were terrorists. As a fellow Malaysian and a muslim myself, I would like you guys to stop this ruse. Last but not least, my prayers go to the families and friends of the passengers and crews on board. Be strong.
N R Whyte Mar 2014
This is the morning
No this
this is the morning
Where etherized upon a table I will finally sit up and be seen.
No, this is the morning.

Together milling loudly across park(ing lot)s
This! This is the morning!
Perhaps you've seen me undressed, perhaps you've seen me *******.
This is Morse Code these are hieroglyphs these are fingerprints on a frozen window pane. Meaning(fully equipped with the right place for a time) nothing to lose without first finding X.

This is the morning where to stay at home to garden and crow, hooked on the missing airplane lost in spices and exotic tea.
Raphael Uzor Mar 2014
Big Bird, a rare, fine brand
Taking off to air from land
Flapping her wings in midair
She soared, into despair.

We waited in your nest
But you vanished from the rest
Drowning hearts amid tears
Birthing panic, pain and fears.

What happened to you Big Bird?
Your voyage got so weird!
We awaited your return,
But our hopes, time has burned!

Two hundred and thirty-nine
Burning candles ceased to shine
Times like this I ask, "God WHY?"
As hearts and souls, melt and cry!*

© Raphael Uzor
May their souls Rest In Peace!!!

— The End —