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2.8k · Feb 2019
Chasing Helios
Athena Feb 2019
I drown
and glimpse Poseidon's kingdom
I fall
and I am lifted by the winds of Anemoi
My heart looks into
medusa eyes
And I run freely about the lair of Eris
I clutch the moon
in the wake of Hecate
as the war is waged against
Selene's solar bounty
Lethe guides my hand into ignorance
Ponos holds my head high
in the face of my deepest fear
Theia bares Eos to me
and I offer the reddest rose
for she is the light
that lets Helios reign
1.3k · Dec 2021
Athena Dec 2021
They call it the color of sorrow
and use it to depict
deepest sadness and mournful
The color of tears
The color of the stormy sea
The color of veins in ice cold skin
I say that Blue is not the color of sorrow
It is the color of the dress
she wore to her first date
It is the color of her eyes;
and don't they look like the sea?
And the sea isn't sad - it's beautiful
and full of life, like her smile
when she sees her favorite flower;
1.1k · Jan 2018
My kind of Poison
Athena Jan 2018
I drink it down, and I feel happy
I sway on my feet, and the music makes me dance
My mouth tastes of fire and ice, the air around me of sweat and heat
I stumble over words and slur when I introduce myself
But, God, I feel so good
I sip away my anger, my sadness
And it makes me feel so much better than I did before
Some say that you can pick your poison
I have to disagree
My poison picked me
It picked me up and threw me around
Made me feel emotions on an entirely different level
Muted me and made me loud all at the same time
And oh, how I loved that sweet abuse
My poison made me feel special
Made me think about how I couldn't hear my thoughts
Made them loud and quiet at the same time
Made me realize that you actually can't change the volume of your thoughts
I smiled, and people looked at me like a gem, because I was taking off my shirt
And dancing on a table
And when I tripped over my own feet, my poison made me escape the shame
I laughed along with everyone else, because my poison told me it was fine
My kind of Poison made me wake up early and puke all my good feelings into a porcelain bowl
My kind of Poison gave me headaches that you could hear for miles
My kind of Poison left me smelling like sweat and stomach acid
But, God, did it feel good
Athena Mar 2022
We soften our No's
with Thank You's and apologies
We have to tell you we're important
to people like Mother and Father
before you see us as valuable
It's like being Someone's daughter
is more important than just being
But we're privileged, of course
We can have jobs like you
and isn't Free the Nip a thing, too?
'Feminism is outdated'
you say to all the women you claim
you never hated
You tell her to cover up
(she's just feeding her baby)
but you never think to look away
You use the bible as your excuse
but never want to pluck out your eye
or pay for your version of the truth
What's wrong with her?
Why is she so rude?
That's a funny question to ask
Let's not ask it twice
when so many women have bled
(and died, or worse)
for the simple act of being nice.
919 · Feb 2019
Athena Feb 2019
I want to drown myself
in ecstasy tablets
I want to fill a room with
marijuana smoke
so thick you can't see past your fingers
and fall back onto the bed
I want to eat mushrooms
and lose myself
in a whole new world
and sit on the front steps of freedom
as the sun
sends cotton candy clouds
into an explosion of falling birds
I want to drink chemicals
straight from the vat
so that I can watch myself **** blood
and wonder what happened
last night
as I lay puking my insides out
all over the bathroom floor
I want you to blow smoke in my ears
and bake brownies
to fill the hole
in my stomach
and I want you to sit down with me
and watch everything
Life is a drug, so party
749 · Feb 2019
Willow Tree Winter
Athena Feb 2019
Everything fell apart
as ravaging hunger
and yowling cries
mild nurture
and womanly sighs
the night ground out
splendor in a shaded cove
beneath the willow tree
she lay
sheltered from the chill
and snow
long awaiting the warmth of day
she wrapped around her
the leaf of an oak
and wore natures love
as her winter cloak
steadily she slept
the treeline as her pillow
and in a few sweet hours
she would die
beneath the willow
428 · Jan 2022
It's Almost Midnight
Athena Jan 2022
Grass grew through concrete edges
of the parking lot
like the hard edges forming around my heart -
calcium deposits of emotional damage
that build up over time -
Corrosive and self-destructive.
405 · Feb 2019
Parting Ways
Athena Feb 2019
We are all united
as a single soul
bent on making claim
to our individual recognition
constantly fighting
to be separate and apart
but always jointed
as we fall dead
on the field of blood
that we made
381 · May 2022
The Olive Tree
Athena May 2022
There is a place where the flowers sing
-the trees sing
-the stones sing
but the olive tree does not sing
In the may we walk, by the well, then the spring
Drinking the water last April did bring
We walk down the path of the
Olive tree
and condemn ourselves to
There is a place where the flowers cry
-the trees cry
-the stones cry
but the olive tree does not cry
In the June we walk, by sun, then the sky
We walk down the path of the
Olive tree
and condemn ourselves to
363 · Dec 2018
Athena Dec 2018
Convergient boundaries
force rock and long forgotten heat
to the surface
just as babes are forced from
the idle disarray of thoughts
of which form the womb
and into the
alert, calculated and controlled thoughts
of which form their lives
Daily we tread on what we love and hold dear
All of what keeps us whole and healthy and alive
stomped out and replaced with plastic
and bad news
We mold ourselves into disfigured amalgamates
to conform to an image that we did not make
We are unnatural
324 · Feb 2019
Blood In The Water
Athena Feb 2019
My legs send ripples
through the water
It's nice down here on the floor
***** on the rocks
broken glass cuts my arms
I hope the blood
touches the surface
I hope that they all see
Athena Jul 2022
Take up a pen
Decide now to check the contents of the kitchen cabinets
Struggle to remember what food you like
Pick something you tried once four months ago
Go to the store
Forget the list, only remember the one thing
Impulsively buy a weeks worth of that one thing
Realize after making it and eating it why you only tried it once
You now have six more days of food you don't like
But you forget to eat one of those days
Realize you don't care about saving money as much as you care about pizza
Buy a lot of pizza
Get acne from eating pizza for two weeks
Cry about it
(Also, food you didn't like sits in the freezer for months before you finally let go of the guilt associated with throwing not expired food away because your parents guilt-tripped you for not eating stuff you didn't like as a kid)
I'm calling myself out too so don't feel too attacked if you relate
240 · Aug 2019
Athena Aug 2019
Dolefully at first;
fled to fairest oak
Morose disposition wearied, uninhabitable
The exposition of a dissertation
Where could the lock be found?
Tactless inhibitions;
awake, awake and break the sound
The Kings and Queens and Wanderers
the Pirates and Peasants and Squanderers
Awake, awake
We wear all the same crown
237 · Feb 2019
Athena Feb 2019
I'm convinced that this is purgatory
and we are all captive
inside of ourselves
236 · Feb 2019
The Brilliance of Selves
Athena Feb 2019
Your eyes
are a million colors
Your skin
is a thousand temperatures
Your mind
goes a billion miles
You think so quickly and so often
sometimes you don't even finish a thought
before you've begun
You are brilliant
and it shows in every inch of you
and every crevice
oozes with potential
So why do you waste it
on people who can't even see it?
232 · Jan 2018
Athena Jan 2018
my                                                 heart?                           mind

                               P L E A S E                                           never

                                                 please                               D O N ' T
        am                                                                 lost

where                                                                       G O


gone                          gone
                                                      P L E A S E

                   find                                                                me

I                                                          can't

                 see                                                                    it

dark                                                    D O N ' T        

help                                           help                                     help

                       my                                         thoughts

are                                                      too
                    G O

              scattered                                                      to


I'm                                                                 t i r e d



                              go                                               go  

don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't


P L E A S E D O N ' T G O P L E A S E D O N ' T G O P L E A S E D O N ' T G O P L E A S E D O N ' T G O P L E A S E D O N ' T G O P L E A S E  D O N ' T GO P L E A S E D O N ' T G O P L E A S E D O N 'T GO P L E A S E D O N 'T G O P L E A S E D O N ' T G O
229 · Nov 2018
Dragons Heart
Athena Nov 2018
Amber eyes
Warm caverns and mountaintop kingdoms
filled to the brim with the treasures of man
and the roaring of beasts
Wings stir the air and bend petrified trees
Grand plumes of fire
reflect in opaline scales
The dragon soars into the heart of the sun
221 · Nov 2021
No One Knows More
Athena Nov 2021
No One knows
who More is
but none will ask WHY
WHY is a Thing in a tree
in a lake
And only No One knows why
WHY is this way
But More is not in a tree in a lake
or a question
or an amount
More is a Gate set in Stone,
No One could tell you,
by a Grave unmarked and UNknown
217 · Feb 2019
Power Play
Athena Feb 2019
I don't want revenge
It isn't an eye for an eye
Of course it isn't
What I want is probably
more complex
or maybe it's more simple
I want to destroy people
because they didn't finish the job
when they tried to destroy
#revenge #****** #**** #anger #destroy #destruction #complexity
207 · Jan 2018
Who am I today?
Athena Jan 2018
Today, I am invincible
No one and nothing can harm me
I am looked upon in awe and desire
Why? Why is today my invincibility?
Because today, I am naked, in the sense
that every scrap on my body
reveals just a little more than the last

Today, I am sensual
Everyone sees me
Everyone wants me
Why? Why is today my sensuality?
Because today, I am naked, in the sense
that every inch of my body
sways in a way that turns you on

Today, I am touchable
Everyone reaches for me
grabbing for anyplace left uncovered
Why? Why is today the day I am touchable?
Because today, I am naked, in the sense
that every part of my body
leaves imagination a thing of the past

Today, I am invisible
Nobody sees me
Nobody reaches for my skin
Nobody longs to touch my body
Nobody grabs and gropes or yells demeaning things
Why? Why is today my invisibility?
Because today, I am naked, in the sense
that I am not naked at all
I am raw in who I am
I've given away the other me, who is groped and touched and told how absolutely sensual she is
Today, I am me.
203 · Jan 2022
Athena Jan 2022
I tell you that I love you
A thousand times a day
Because you're a really special lady
and I'm really really gay
I found this in my drafts from 2018 and I believe this is gold.
194 · Sep 2021
The Rule of Lies
Athena Sep 2021
This is a dream
wrapped up in an idyllic ribbon of serenity
Our spoken fallacies
are thusly graven into stones
that grow and break
beneath the turntable of time
and are seen forevermore
as the truth
I braid this ribbon
into the hair of tomorrow
and create a golden crown
that we may use to rule
our lies
This content may not be used without my written permission.
187 · Nov 2021
SomeOne Was Left Behind
Athena Nov 2021
The graveyard has been Closed
The dirt replaced with Soot
The gate Locked up - Shut Tight
the Things
that were not here before
have Gone without a fight
They Left some night
some time ago
SomeOne was left Behind.
166 · Dec 2021
Athena Dec 2021
We seek inspiration
from the inspired
forming a dance in our heads
to the music sung of passion
we do not possess
Some gift given - sweet as dust
dangerous as rust
to blood
as your artist twists,
a hand reaching - fingers pointed
The music dips
and the lights go out.
164 · Jun 2019
Faerie Dance
Athena Jun 2019
Hidden 'mongst a canopy of green;
her eyes were lush and bright
The faerie maiden was lithe and lean;
her wit shone light as light
Decay dared not to harm her tree
and life remained all right
This lady, fair
with moonlight hair;
danced swiftly through the night
160 · Jan 2018
Athena Jan 2018
Every day I fall
and flail
I stumble and stutter
and slur my words together
I do so well some days
Those days I am proud
but on those awful
I fall even further than the last
You lure me in like
the perfect predator
as I am the perfect prey
topping off my glass
the moment that it empties
You, who tell me I need not ever use a cup
that I might touch my mouth
to the top of you
and it would be fine
so long as I drunk you all
to myself
and when your poison is in my veins
and I am thoroughly gone
you teach me how to walk
and how to talk
and how to scream aloud my every thought
in ways I would never imagine without
your harmful presence
but I need you
it is as though the very thought of you
makes me yearn for your bitter taste
160 · Nov 2018
Athena Nov 2018
I raise the glass of my eyes
and upon this action I drink swiftly your expectations
until I am full of you
Your heartbeat is my own
Your love is my love
Your darkness my deepest sorrow
Sleep Peacefully
153 · Nov 2019
Athena Nov 2019
She rose in bouts of waking; wearied of this tender aching
Into the night, a riot shaking;
no one could cease the worlds final breaking
And so she bled, and thusly fed
the darkness at her door
She slipped into the mask
and wore it as a second skin once more
149 · Feb 2019
Pipe Dreams
Athena Feb 2019
Before I've even had my breakfast
I smoke a bowl of ****
and I hold it for a week
until my lungs begin to speak
They say garbled words
that I don't understand
and the doubt is a seed
growing into a plant
Am I doomed
here on earth
or is there really a plan
because right now it's too much
I've dealt my last hand
I'm tired of hearing the same things
it's starting to grow old
I'm aging too quickly
and my mind is blooming mold
Before I've even had my breakfast
I'll light up a bowl
and turn my skin to bone
This pipe is my savior alone
I'm sorry
I promise that I am
but I can't keep going on
bury me in the sand
I can't wait for you to get home
I don't know how
could live on their own
I see smoke
I think the world's on fire
Oh ****, nevermind
that's just the high of my desire
It's peaking
the way I slowly walk
I think I'm sinking
so I start up the hot box
Before I've even had my breakfast
I hit the pipe
and these words I recite
as I finally say goodnight
142 · Jan 2018
Ash and Whiskey
Athena Jan 2018
Liquid burns
as does smoke
and both share the same portal
both the same host
this liquid that burns
does not wash away the ash
that also burns
their host, how she croaks
and liquid burns as much
going down
as she does
coming back up
but not ash, who sticks
soundly to her host
loyal only to the tender pink flesh
of both lungs
and whiskey, she coats her masters
as a freshly painted wall
And sometimes they converse
a friendship of
cotton-tasting tobacco,
and bittersweet alcohol
the best kind of pain
self inflicted
but oh, how these twice-given agonies
go together so well
with their host, their slave
who is also their master
but never completely
for control between these three
must be separated by four
ash, whiskey, the host, and the choice
138 · Jun 2022
America is Broken
Athena Jun 2022
Hands off
Bans off
Privacy invaded
This system that we broke
can't go a day without
being sedated
World views - outdated
We've come back to a time
when we have less autonomy
than a corpse
and all the men who said
they'd fight for their sisters
are silent
as the rights are stripped away
from the women they insist they never
138 · Aug 2019
This Is How I Died
Athena Aug 2019
I walked where I knew no direction
In the wood chips of a garden I fell
My eyes and mind had their limitations
I was sure I was in some Earthy Hell
I stood on my wobbling feet
and looked with my wobbling eyes
and found it hidden in an alley
what an unsuspected disguise
I met there a stranger
whose voice I don't remember
though I'm sure we must have talked for a while
I fell to the ground
and I kept going down
there was blood on my knees, but on my face a smile
I closed my eyes to the whispering trees
and awoke in a place made of black
and I saw the sky
a ring of yellow in the dark
and I knew I could never go back
The closer I walked to the ring
the further I went from my body
and the further the ring fled
It was then that I realized I was dead
So I stood still in place, like a statue taking up space
Stone and red and young
like a wilted rose soaking up the last light of the sun
136 · Oct 2021
Athena Oct 2021
I was asked,
not for the first time,
to describe myself.
Everyone is asked this question
at least once
in their life.
I wonder
if everyone struggles,
like I do,
to define yourself
in a brief and acceptable way
We are all asked
what are our interests?
What food do we like?
What places have we seen?
But how do you even begin to tell someone
that your favorite place is not
at least, not in the traditional sense.
My favorite place
is a bridge by a river
where at least once every so often
they find someone dead.
I like it because
the river makes a sound
in between a sigh and a bubble;
like the whooshing of wind
without the commitment to the sky.
It is not a beautiful bridge.
It is old, and concrete, and covered in moss
and graffiti of unsavory sayings.
But underneath the bridge,
there are large stones and pillars
where you can sit and watch the water
and wonder.
How do you tell someone all of that?
Of course, you don't.
You tell them
'I don't know, what about you?'
and go your separate ways,
knowing you've both been
136 · Jan 2019
Athena Jan 2019
I walk through the halls
and I pretend to feel
My face is blank
and makeup
hides my poor
self esteem
with the shimmer of lies
Law demands that I remain here
but my inner laws
are constantly broken
when I walk the line
of Scoptophobia
I adjust my step and my hair and my backpack
I still feel out of place
I know that I cannot possibly be broken
I know that I cannot possibly be so
annoying, weird, ugly
I know that maybe I am average
and that maybe they see me as nothing more than
just another girl
But the fear lurking in every gaze
will never let me
see the
134 · May 2022
Where There Was Nothing.
Athena May 2022
There were not birds
or flies
or trees
or dirt
No people, nor comfort
or fear
or hurt
No love, no tears, no breaks or spills
no light
or dark
or homecooked meals
No hunger, or need
Desire, or ***
When the stars went out, I assure you:
There was Nothing Left.
131 · Jun 2019
Athena Jun 2019
I dare you I dare you
I kiss the frost
from iced shut lips
It's summer
a relief
I love how cold our love is
131 · Jan 2018
Athena Jan 2018
You dug your claws into my skin
Your teeth glinted with blood
and I couldn't help the fear that crept from my belly
in a shockwave
and strung its way into my heart
You lean over my shivering, bleeding body, and you smile
isn't it a beautiful sight, the broken pieces of someone else?
And like the fear, I can't help but feel weak
beneath your hulking figure
your wide smile
your laugh
even your eyes
You are the perfect predator
and everything about you draws me in
and spits me out
You rip through my skin like a woodchipper
I scream at the top of my lungs
until the pain is drowned out by my cries
agony is often described as unbearably painful
I think it is just a little more than that
and it would sum up perfectly fine
if you only described it as torture
if you only described it as something in multitude
for agony as one is agony as for many
and it is always different
and this, this is different
My agony, piercing through me in sharp pinpoints, numbing me at the edges
that is my agony
and you are the criminal
inflicting it upon me
131 · Jan 2018
The Change
Athena Jan 2018
They all say that you've changed
I know for sure that you haven't
As you always do, you complain
about the smallest things
You choose to argue with her
instead of admitting that you might
actually be wrong
You stare at me from the corner of your eyes
knowing that what you do is wrong,
and that I see it
but you continue to do it anyways
Because you are old,
and you are set in your ways
that is no excuse
being older than me
does not give you the right
to think that I am always wrong
just as being younger than you
does not give me the privelage
to always be correct
You pray to your God,
this God I don't believe in
and you tell me I will burn in Hell,
a place I am also unsure of
I am not entirely disbelieving
only to the point
that I would not dare hope
that someone I have never met
will save me at a words beckoning
You still taunt me, wishing I was the obedient
little girl
that you first met
The girl who was scared of everything, unsure
and now that I am confident,
you cast a disdainful eye upon me
For I no longer accept you treating me as a little girl
I am almost eighteen
almost an adult
and while it is normal for adults to wish
a child to remain a child
It is unnatural to simply refuse to accept that I grow
and that I have grown
I'm proud of who I am today
because before, I was afraid, self-conscious,
and now I am more confident, and the fear has been pushed away
I never thought I could, or would, hate you, when I was younger
Now, hating you is all I know
How could I not hate you, for squashing my ideas
Telling me that women with voices are women best unseen
Telling me that as I am now, confident in my belief
that all are equal,
no man would ever marry me?
Telling me, that I would never succeed, if I didn't know how
to cook and clean
But I don't want to cook, or to clean
I don't desire to be a slave for man to use up at their hearts desire
I want to exist as an independent being
with a job
I want to be a nurse, a doctor
Help people willingly, instead of against my heart
Why is it so hard to believe
that I, a girl, a women,
am also a person?
With hopes, and aspirations, dreams?
So, no
I don't think you've changed at all
You have yet to prove it
I doubt that you ever will
for while you are demeaning
You are also a coward
130 · Jan 2022
Oil The Chains.
Athena Jan 2022
There exists in my mind the image of
a playground near my childhood home.
This playground is *****.
The swing sets are rusted
(they shriek when they are put to use).
There are shards of glass in my feet
that have never come out
or healed over.
These broken pieces came from
but when I try to remember where
the swing sets begin to shriek
(so loud that I can't think).
I am afraid I will never know myself.
129 · Dec 2021
Athena Dec 2021
Life did not always feel this way;
like death with expanding lungs
The girl could remember brighter things
as sunlight on burned skin
and laughter
and contentment, if not happiness
Such things that roosted in the loft
of hair and skin and bone -
like quiet
and hatred
and sadness;
winged creatures that refused to fly
and left footprints
like scars on her brain
She lived; her skin itched with it
This girl made of paper
with a heart made of water
who faced a truth that was subjective -
and on this night as light as sun
she held the stars in her palms
and wished for dark
She asked herself why words,
like glass
needed to be concise and clear
when feelings are never such
and faces never so stark
Could the ink of her thoughts
be destroyed by the water of her love
that spoke in tongues
and waged one-sided war with her face?
Where was the self she sought to keep,
the riches she was taught to reap?
The garden meant to be her life;
instead grew up a barren sky
She asked these questions no one heard
to the shadow of a bird
who took flight at once
and sang her grief to the trees,
taking credit for her spoken pain.
This work may not be shared or otherwise used/repurposed without my written consent.
124 · Jun 2019
The Puppet War
Athena Jun 2019
Hopping about the stage
with strings sticking out of my edges;
invisible, feeling, tangible, thin
No one believes that a puppet has a heart within
Wood glue may hold me together
and my smile is painted on
But you laugh nonetheless, peeking under my dress
while I dance to my puppet song
When the curtains close at the end of the show
and I'm locked in my box with bars
I cut the strings off
and at you all I scoff
because you can take my footsteps
but you can't take away the scars
Each opening act a little piece of me falls out
stuffing and splinters and my painted dolly pout
Everyone stops, no one believes
you take my barred box
but me, you leave
I may no longer have a face
I may no longer have a place
I may be fabric and glue
but I am free from your choking embrace
124 · Feb 2018
With Malice
Athena Feb 2018
The bitter tasting nightmare floods through my memory
Creeping up the stairs to the attic
You, faceless, close the door behind me as the lock clicks in place
And I, frightened, hear a noise behind the walls of coats
and dusty picture frames
I reach out, I lay a hand upon the wall, and I glimpse
the stairs, twisting and turning
A hand, blackened and purpled and shadowed with horror,
clamps it's icy fingers around my wrists
and I pull, hard, a child with the weakest limbs
I feel my lips pulling together, and though no thread bound them,
I find that I am speechless
I try to call for you, faceless ******,
you do not come
The creature drags me towards the wall, even as the nails of my other hand bleed, scraping against the splintered floorboards
Thirst for my blood drives this place
Hunger for my fears moves me closer to the inevitable
and I glimpse eyes behind the mirrors
before I finally speak the words that were stuck for so long
122 · Oct 2021
Athena Oct 2021
a word engraved in every stretch mark
Like butterflies, our youth
who feast on sugar water
as though life
is a number on the scale
And isn't that what we taught them?
To be small.
And we don't say 'person',
we say 'big' and 'heavy'
we put sneers into the word 'fat'
and make it a creature to be afraid of
And when our loved ones crumble
like glass, or chalk
we are suddenly full of the love we refuse to give
we are compassionate to their struggle
because they're small.
"It's not healthy"
But neither is judging someone's worth
by the size of their waist
or the shape of their face
or the food on their plate
is not a reason to hate.
This work may not be shared or used without my written consent.
119 · Nov 2021
A Child's Vengeance
Athena Nov 2021
You never want to listen to how I feel;
You only want to give me reasons
why I should not.
Someday, I will stop trying to tell you
and Someday, you will look up
and wonder at my silence
but I will be gone.
118 · Jan 2019
Athena Jan 2019
Did it hurt
when you fell from
your tower
pretty lady
How long have you been captive
in your royal
You are as blind as the prince was
when your wicked
scratched out his eyes
117 · Feb 2019
Athena Feb 2019
blinded me
and it was as though
every light in the world
went out
117 · Jan 2018
Hell's Teeth
Athena Jan 2018
Hell's teeth, biting and nipping at my ankles in a teasing,
sensual way
They tickle the sensitive skin around my neck,
leaving bruises in the shape of bite marks
Oh, God, how they make me squirm

Hell's tongue, swirling passionately with my own,
a sweet taste just on the edge of bliss
It darts forward, like a predator,
before moving back and to the side, in a soft, heated dance
Oh, God, how it makes me groan

Hell's hands, holding me up before I have a chance
to melt under their pleasure-bringing caresses
Touching me and rearranging me in ways too sinfully delicious
to say aloud
Oh, God, how they make me scream

Hell's eyes, drawing me in
and drowning me in a heated pool of desire
Roaming up and down my body as though I was the most
beautiful, sensual thing on Earth, above, and below
Oh, God, how they make me feel
114 · May 2018
Athena May 2018
You're a warm person
It's not just your body, either
Your very presence heats up a room
Your mind is well spoken and you mean what you say
Some of them are angry, but mostly we're smiling
because your very presence is a blessing
and we're wicked to the core
113 · Mar 2021
"Not All Men"
Athena Mar 2021
I try to be a positive person
I acknowledge my strengths, which are also my flaws
I am passionate, devoted, and I strive for self-growth
These are all great things
except for the times when they aren't;
the times when I see news articles about little girls
who were ***** and impregnated
and killed themselves rather than deliver the baby
that their ****** put inside them
I am passionate about this subject
I am devoted to working for a change
so that the next girl has the rights over
her own body;
so that the next girl has the right to choose her own life
over a life ruled by violation
and I strive for the self-growth to be patient
but I am angry
I am angry for that girl, yes
and also for myself
I, as a woman, do not have the rights to make decisions
for my own body
I cannot walk into the doctor's office and schedule
a procedure to stop me from
ever having children
without my husband's consent
without having already birthed children prior
and I am also not allowed to have an abortion in
nine states, even at the risk of my own life
and that's just in the United States
I am angry because it is legal
for doctors to stitch me up extra tight after giving birth
to please my husband
at the risk of my health and safety
and they don't even have to ask me about it
I am angry because I as a woman am treated
like I am a weaker, lesser person
for the simple crime of being born with a slit
instead of a *****
And I am angry because there are still those
who would deny the existence of unequal treatment
between the sexes
simply because they have never experienced it
I am angry because women before me
have fought for rights to their bodies
that women today are still having to fight
tooth and claw to keep
and men have the audacity to say that feminism
is an overreaction
"Not all men"
but enough that women are still oppressed
even in a society where it has been
scientifically proven
that we are capable of making equality and equity
a reality
and yet deny its necessity
Do not share this or copy and past it anywhere without my written consent and without crediting me. Doing so is plagiarism, which is punishable by law.
110 · Aug 2019
Athena Aug 2019
bathed in orange light
and purple skies
The water is green and gold; hues of effervescence
Sullen volcanic ash rains down upon
gray-blue sand and red-stained glass
Goodbye, mother
Goodbye, brother
Goodbye sister-friend and housecat
I am going to sleep
I am going to sleep
in the garden we grew the year before last
You are all dead, We all are dying
blood roses and torn cartilage;
by any other, unsurpassed
Sleeping now, Sleeping now
Cast into clouds of misty memory
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