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Athena Dec 2020
Tomorrow is an abstract concept
Stagnant and tepid and hopeful
We wait, awake beneath our blankets
in pitch darkness
as the hour turns
and it is still Today
This work may not be used in any form without my written consent. Use of this work without my written consent will result in legal action being taken.
Athena Dec 2020
Sweetly, slowly
Held gently within the grasp of life;
Plucked swiftly, quickly
as a crisp fall leaf torn from a wind-battered tree
and left to fall sweetly and slowly
Silently, sorrowfully
does the leaf spread its veins
and crumble as it is trampled
and shiver as summers end
greets winter with silent and sorrowful tears
that lay drying as ice on the cheeks of feverish children
Carefully, cautiously
do we approach the warmth once more
the leaves of yesterdays summers forgotten
and the memory of chaste winter kisses
left to flee from blushing lips
as we grow carefully and cautiously to
chase evening flowers
and put from our minds all thoughts
of orange and faded leaves
This work may not be used in any form without my written consent. Legal action will be taken if this work is used in any form without my written consent.
Athena Oct 2020
Terrors haunt my every sleeping hour
dreams of screaming soundlessly;
heartbeat quickening
hands unseen rendering me motionless
limbs attached but immobile and awkward
eyes blurry, unfocused
but still, I see the shadow in the corners of my vision
creeping closer with every heavy-lidded blink
I hear another set of breaths
and then I am staring into the eyes of something less than alive
but more than dead
because the dead do not whisper my name so sensually in my ear
and the dead do not caress my face
and smile horrific smiles down at me as I shriek
and no one hears
Copywrited. This work may not be shared by any person who does not have my written consent.
Athena Sep 2020
I stand in the hallway
just past sorrows door
I look over my shoulder disbelievingly
in awe of my own escape
that came upon me suddenly
One moment I was a ball of tears and single-minded self-pity
and in but a blink I am here now
something less than whole
but more than the empty vessel I once was
Now, forward
This work may not be reproduced without my written consent.
Athena Aug 2020
I walk in places closer to the edge than the center
and I see beyond into places no one has ever told me of
Do you lie awake at night and see behind your eyes
the glimpses of dreams you have not yet had?
I lie awake and see nightmares alongside new beginnings
and tears in the seams of my past
I have not held flesh in the same regard as I have held
the intangible
but I have seen the stars even as they have turned away from my glare
and I have seen fortune in the graves of lesser men
with hollow eyes and empty heads
I go beyond the edge
to seek, and to find; or to die.
This is my own creative property. None may use these words without my written permission and proper credit given. Permission can be gained by messaging me on this account.
Athena Jun 2020
Your paper smiles
drawn on with red and black and pink
do not lift your eyes or bare your teeth
Colorful; insecure, hidden
Where are your claws?
those that you flash to the sky and the dirt
dig into the earth
and uncover nothing
Where are your wings?
those wings without feathers, that do not touch the clouds
blackened as they graze the ground
and are useless but for show
Where is your voice?
those cries you silence, those screams you shush
broken and brittle and naked, exposed and bleeding
All original works on this page not shared or pasted from another (with sources noted) belong solely to me. Using them in any way shape or form without my written and verbal consent is a copyright violation and will result in legal action being taken.
Athena Jun 2020
Throbbing veins
A fever brings unrest to my body
and desperation to my lungs
I cannot breathe; my great fear
And when I speak, my panic is mistaken for anger
And so I am away; now she takes my place
My emotions ebb, becoming her dispassion
and I am she
My lungs expand
But these are not my lungs
and this is not my name
I have no physical body of my own; only this, my sister-self
and a thriving consciousness
an infection in its own right
and a chill stillness within me
that marks me as less than human
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