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Athena Nov 2019
She rose in bouts of waking; wearied of this tender aching
Into the night, a riot shaking;
no one could cease the worlds final breaking
And so she bled, and thusly fed
the darkness at her door
She slipped into the mask
and wore it as a second skin once more
Athena Aug 2019
You don't have to fight anymore
Your life has been a chore
but you'll be stronger all the more
Ultimately you've thrown away
essential needs and hospitality
but you will always see
the mask of immortality
You must take in insanity
and show your own vitality
against poverty and property and
the mockery of constancy
Athena Aug 2019
I walked where I knew no direction
In the wood chips of a garden I fell
My eyes and mind had their limitations
I was sure I was in some Earthy Hell
I stood on my wobbling feet
and looked with my wobbling eyes
and found it hidden in an alley
what an unsuspected disguise
I met there a stranger
whose voice I don't remember
though I'm sure we must have talked for a while
I fell to the ground
and I kept going down
there was blood on my knees, but on my face a smile
I closed my eyes to the whispering trees
and awoke in a place made of black
and I saw the sky
a ring of yellow in the dark
and I knew I could never go back
The closer I walked to the ring
the further I went from my body
and the further the ring fled
It was then that I realized I was dead
So I stood still in place, like a statue taking up space
Stone and red and young
like a wilted rose soaking up the last light of the sun
Athena Aug 2019
I'm sure you thought
you were the only one
but amongst so many
we truly are amorphous
Faces differ and voices change
but who are we but repeats of an idealistic social standard?
There are so many standards, in fact
that we can't all possibly be the same one
or more than five
Good riddance to yesterday
when we were considered
Hello, today we are emotional
Hello, today we are confident
Hello, today we wear shorts and skimpy tops
Tomorrow is pajama day
Do you like my new shoes?
Sickening and so similar
to when we once stated that we would never be
Athena Aug 2019
Nothing, No One, Nowhere, Nothing
What is it like
to believe in something?
Say something must be better than nothing
but I am not crying and you are not smiling
and both of us are
You are not perfect and I am not something
I am not one thing and you are not nothing
We are going nowhere on the road as no one
Nothing, No One, Nowhere, Nothing
What is is like
to believe you are something?
Athena Aug 2019
Dolefully at first;
fled to fairest oak
Morose disposition wearied, uninhabitable
The exposition of a dissertation
Where could the lock be found?
Tactless inhibitions;
awake, awake and break the sound
The Kings and Queens and Wanderers
the Pirates and Peasants and Squanderers
Awake, awake
We wear all the same crown
Athena Aug 2019
bathed in orange light
and purple skies
The water is green and gold; hues of effervescence
Sullen volcanic ash rains down upon
gray-blue sand and red-stained glass
Goodbye, mother
Goodbye, brother
Goodbye sister-friend and housecat
I am going to sleep
I am going to sleep
in the garden we grew the year before last
You are all dead, We all are dying
blood roses and torn cartilage;
by any other, unsurpassed
Sleeping now, Sleeping now
Cast into clouds of misty memory
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