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Mar 2020 · 136
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Alarm sounds,  I wake ⏰
Ready to take on the day! ✊
... five more minutes please....😴
Strangely enough, now that I have nowhere to be during the day... I've been waking up snap! With my alarm good and awake... figures... X'D
So far I'm enjoying being temporarily jobless as much as I can but this is a big problem for a lot of people so I hope everyone will look out for your neighbors if you got them...
Mar 2020 · 264
🌱new growth🌱
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Mist of eager green
Tiny understory leaves
Signal life's return.
I always love the stage of growth where all the trees are still black and leafless but the tiny undergrowth shrubs have just started putting out their first leaves and the green hangs like a fine mist around the base of the trees in the forest.  💕🌱🌱🌱💕
Mar 2020 · 265
tender tinder
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Kindling a purr...
Stroking the cat's back softly
Contentment ignites.
Anyone who's ever touched a happy cat knows how incredibly calming the sound and feel of a rumbling purr can be... cat jumps in your lap you scratch in just the right place for long enough to get one started and there you have it!... instant relaxation for the small price of playing bed and masseuse to another creature... X'D

*w* heehee... I'm pretty proud of my wordplay in the title... X'DDDD
Mar 2020 · 225
Fool's spring
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
The March wind is here.
Sun sparkles on the river,
Trees wave barren limbs.
Written 03 / 06 / 20
Wrote this at work just looking out the window at the sun shining off of the river... and I've always loved the March wind ever since I was a child and I read a poem about it and wrote my own... ooh, I should look for that one...
Mar 2020 · 213
Gaia's lament
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Our beautiful world
Voices her wrath through thunder
Clouded eyes rain tears.
I think I started this one around June last year but I finally finished it today...
It's fun to personify the world but the truth is in it's great mysterious vastness it really feels no emotions... not How We Do ...nor is it a single entity really ...from the way I look at is an impossibly complex woven web full of all the life that it contains and supports.. or like a harp where each strand sings its own song whether it's heard or not whether it's appreciated or not independently all notes come together into a song... it's up to us, the ones who can feel and think, to make sure that our threads are not irreparably Tangled with the ones around us or the notes of the song are not discordant to the rest... then maybe our unseen weaver / conductor will smile and sigh in contentment...
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Possible titles:
storm colors
Concrete chameleon


I watched the sidewalk
Go from light to spotted grey
Sudden rain shower.

A different version:

Watching the sidewalk
grey spots growing together
Stone chameleon.
I like the idea of this one it's been rattling around in my head for a while and I've written it down in various forms can't quite settle on the finished version though maybe I should ask for some input ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really like the comparison of the changing colors to the chameleon but chameleons have no place on a rainy sidewalk so it's kind of a weird connection and it also reminds me of painting so yeah rain painted chameleon sidewalk mess hahaha...
Mar 2020 · 478
don't panic!
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Everyone is panicking
I just want to Live.
Our situation is serious,  but panicking causes far more harm than good... be informed,  use good sense, take care with what you do and the decisions you make,  and realize that this has always been the case and will still be important even after people calm down.... and all it took was a sub-microscopic un-organism to open our collective eyes...

This simple, inelegant Haiku came to mind the other day when I was at work... I work in a restaurant and that's one of the most iffy spots to be right now... the last line has less to do with worrying about death and more to do with missing the normalcy of life that changed so quickly... I have faith that things will go back more or less to how they were ...eventually ...and I hope that everyone will do their part to make sure we come through this safely and perhaps stronger and more knowledgeable.
Feb 2020 · 388
on a cloud
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Clouds are like pillows in the sky.
Oh! how I wish that I could fly.
To touch the soft white,
To lay there till night,
When the moon gazes down with its silvery eye.
Another old one from my childhood... I have no idea when I wrote this... I wish I had developed the habit of writing the date on things earlier... X'D
Feb 2020 · 247
Dirty Hands
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
An artist's hands are never clean.
A smudge of black, a splash of green...
Worn and scarred, they present
to life and hard work, a testament.
Calloused & bent, yet skilled in their craft,
from holding a pen or a brush by the shaft.
Stained with paint or ink or charcoal,
an Artist's hands are the tools of his soul.
Or her soul... X'D... or whatever... this was an olllld poem that I wrote in high school.. it's in an old journal dated 03-27-01... but it was much older than that... I think it was inspired by an art teacher that I had... I can't remember... might have been straight from my imagination... X'D
Feb 2020 · 516
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Stepping out into the world...
How will I express myself?
Am I really strong enough?
No turning back now,  just walk on.
My past behind,  my life ahead.
The pages of destiny, yet to be read.

Courage! Courage!
Now be brave.
Will I fail?  Will I succeed?
Will I follow? Will I lead?
All this and more I ask myself
As I prepare to leave my shelf.

I will not cry!  I will not cry!
There is no try, just do or die.
I'll give my all with no complaints,
With no regrets and no restraints.
Now must I spread my wings and fly...
🕊This is a poem that I wrote in high school for senior night... unfortunately I don't remember what actually happened,  but I think I remember that my poem was chosen,  but they wanted me to change some things about the last bit (I don't think they liked the "do or die" bit X'D)... and they wanted me to read it... I thiiink I declined... because I didn't want to change it and I am pretty sure that I was WAAAAY TO SHY to read a poem that I wrote in front of my whole graduating class... it was enough of an honor for me that they would have picked it... even with conditions...😅... but... I might have read it and blocked the memory... but... I don't think I did... it has been basically 20 years since then.. so my memory is pretty fuzzy...hahaha... after being "re-shelved" a couple of times... the thrill of leaping loses its edge... but I still remember the uncertainty of that first time... now I am pretty happy to rest the ol' wings and perch for a while...🐦👍
This was written in 2001
Feb 2020 · 390
wind waltz
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Some may think it odd

                    to see me outside

     dancing around

              with the wind as my guide....
This is a small bit of a poem that I wrote a long time ago... I need to find the rest of it... I just remember this line... I thought it was cute... I actually used to do that hahaha and still may occasionally now if the mood strikes me hahaha... XP  woah! a poem from me that's not a haiku!  hahaha X'D
Feb 2020 · 240
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Shining soap bubbles
dreams swell with swirling colors
popping at day break.
Came up with this one today actually 02 / 25 / 20 because I know I had a very long dream last night but as soon as I woke up ****** it was gone! can't remember a bit of it... oh well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Feb 2020 · 176
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Pale petals whisper
Spring's cool timid fingertips
Brush by tenderly.
I love cherry blossoms,  there are 2 big cherry trees right next to the restaurant where I work... every spring they tickle everyone with petals... the only trouble is the fallen ones get tracked everywhere and we have to sweep them up hahaha are there really hard to sweep up because they just curl and roll...
Feb 2020 · 180
spider season
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Strands of drifting silk
Glisten in the gentle breeze
Intangible wisps.
Inspired by that time of season when the baby spiders are ballooning using strands of gossamer silk to get from place to place.
Feb 2020 · 126
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Courage is the art
of being the only one
who knows what you fear.
Feb 2020 · 268
berceuse de la lune
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Silver notes ringing
The Rising Moon is singing
A sweet lullaby...

Wind Whispers through trees
Secrets on the midnight breeze
Swirling around me...

The sun softly glows
Kissing my cheeks as I doze
Waking me gently...
This was written for my 2019 dream journal I can almost hear it as a song it would make a good lullaby ...I don't always title my poems when I write them... especially these dream journal ones and I have a slight aversion? to titling them using an exact word from the poem... it happens sometimes but I like to avoid it when Consulting Google for another word for lullaby I ran across the French word for it and amused myself by inadvertently coming up with the title all together in French without realizing it was actually in French X'D I had to check in Google Translate and sure enough it was in fact French... hahaha I wonder how many languages I know tiny bits of and don't realize it... X'D
Feb 2020 · 296
cat nap
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Your puttering purr
flutters against my fingers
sharing in comfort.
I love my kitties. <3
written June 10th 2019
Feb 2020 · 271
Sky treasure
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Sun peeking through clouds
white pearl buried in the sand
revealed by a wave
Written February 5th 2019
Feb 2020 · 159
cold snap
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Winter Winds stinging
bringing hot tears to my eyes
pleasantly painful?
Written November 9th 2018 inspired by the cold wind blowing through the wind tunnel alley that I used to have to walk through to get to work. The building that formed one side of the alley isn't there anymore oh well...
Feb 2020 · 123
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
It's hard stepping past
everything you think you know
but that's how we grow.
I must have written this when I was part-time teaching hahaha...
Written March 28th 2018
Feb 2020 · 420
Everyday Glory
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Treetops glowing gold
in the moment of sunrise
fading to mundane.
I accidentally / inadvertently saw the sunrise one morning I was spacing out looking at the orange glow and then it crested The Horizon and shone in my eyes hahaha I thought this is incredibly beautiful and it happens almost every single day but few are around to see it at the very moment it happens.
Feb 2020 · 240
Ocean Dreams
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Surf laps at the shore
gentle hand smoothing the sheets
time to drift away...
This was from my 2017 dream journal I was listening to a song called weightless by Marconi Union.
Feb 2020 · 205
Lost in a Dream
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
In dreams we are lost
deep in labyrinthine mazes
walls built in our mind...

Surprises hidden
mysteries abound within
waiting to be found...

We may not finish
but we can always escape
through daybreak's doorway.
Another dream Haiku this was for my 2016 dream journal written January 6th 2016
Feb 2020 · 184
something is missing
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Burning at my mind
driven to frenzied action
by the need to find.

Harrowing the ground
exhausting every option
until it is found.

Healing an old wound
soaring heights of elation
finally unbound.
This was inspired by the time I lost this tiny book of poems that I wrote all of these poems in and it triggered one of those oh my gosh I have to turn my house upside down obsessively until I find it moments... I searched for about an hour finally found it thank goodness I hate that feeling of being stuck looking for something it plays into my stubbornness but it is inconvenient... although it is a great feeling when I finally find whatever I lost
Feb 2020 · 474
Goldfish Bowl
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Circle round once more...
Perhaps it is different now...
infinite glass wall...
Inspired by of course a goldfish swimming around circles and it's bowl...I had several goldfish in bowls for a little while until I determined that it was too tedious to clean each individual bowl and bought a large tank to keep them in ...they were so happy to be transferred into the tank that they swam around together for quite a while after being reintroduced to each other.

This can also be read figuratively as sort of the futility of rote dull work... I don't know pretty much everyone's felt trapped in an invisible shell that they feel like they're running circles around in occasionally...

Either that or futility meets optimism hahaha

Feb 2020 · 238
black hole bed
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Pulling and holding
my bed is like a black hole,
I cannot Escape.
Everyone has felt this feeling most likely that one where you just can't get out of your bed as if it had trapped you in a black hole far too comfortable in bed and far too cold outside to drag yourself out this was written April 19th 2013
Feb 2020 · 216
Rainy Road
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Wet pavement shining
tail-lights like rockets flaring
cars fly down the road.
Written on March 30th 2013 this was inspired by the way the light reflects off the wet pavement looking like a rocket flare going straight down beneath the car
Feb 2020 · 209
a vampire's plea
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Please end my nightmare!
I can no longer endure
this unwanted curse.

Free my weary soul
from its prison of moonlight
strike and save us both.

Be strong love I pray
when morning comes hold me close
till I turn to ash.
This was inspired by a Nightwish song called slaying the dreamer.
Feb 2020 · 252
Head in the clouds
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Veiled by Spring's grey mist
bare mountaintops shyly hide
unsure when to bloom...
Nature poem based on the Cloudy mountaintops I saw one morning... written (3/28/ 13)
Feb 2020 · 173
Silken dreams
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Dreams flow, come and go...
vague shadows,  like silk slipping
swiftly through my grasp...
More dream poems
Feb 2020 · 176
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Dreaming deep I rest
wrapped in my bed's warm embrace
beneath night's dark veil.
Another dream haiku
Feb 2020 · 106
The dream's gift
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
During days domain
we are bound by what we see
merely with our eyes.

locked and wound with chains
are the doors of time and space
their keys hide in dreams...

In sleep we are free
to see the world in new light
with boundless power...

Eternal moment.
A lifetime in an hour
never to forget...

Unlocked and Unbound
we fly through Realms wild and strange Freed by the dream's gift.
This is from one of my dream journals...
Feb 2020 · 145
my lonely nightmare
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Sinking slowly down
Into the silent darkness
How far will I fall?

Fear, like an old friend,
catches me in cold embrace
freezing me in place.

Familiar unknown
memories like faded scars
half-remembered pain.

Shining silver streak,
fine claws trace down the tear's path
trailing bright rubies.

I will not recall,
you who starves in solitude,
after I'm awake.

Patiently you'll prowl,
at the edge of every dream,
waiting to break through...

or for me to fall,
down into your arms again
once more in your thrall.
This is another opening poem for a dream journal ...this one is the 2020 Edition... I realized I had never written a dream poem about a nightmare... I always focus on good dreams because that's what I have mostly.. I don't often have nightmares so I figured if there was one waiting for me it would get awfully lonesome and prowl about like a feral Beast that image was so spooky and irresistible... as was the Edward Scissorhands-like moment where the nightmare, in curious wonder, traces the tear trail down the cheek of the terrified Dreamer only to leave a bleeding **** behind because it's very nature is to frighten and cause pain... it has no fingers to touch with or words to speak...
I am generally a very positive person so it was strange and interesting trying to write something creepy and dark it was a fun challenge and I think it turned out pretty well. >w<
Mar 2018 · 324
Thunder & Rainbows
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
t            m            r
e             y            a  
a                           i     
r            m            n
s           ­  i             b
              n            o
f             d            w
l             i             f
l             s             r
i                           o
n            f             w
g            u            n
l             l             c
i                           a
k            o            n
e            f             't

r            s             l
a            t             a
i             o            s
n            r             t

This was an experiment with vertical type. .. X'D we'll see if it worked. .. haiku...

...conclusion. ..waaaay more trouble than it is worth. .. X'D hahaha
Mar 2018 · 279
night's enigma
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Dreams flying like time
Through the skies of our mind's eye
Mysteries within...
2nd dream journal haiku
Mar 2018 · 264
Keeping dry
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Rummage..., creeeek..., Thump!, Click!
Mushrooms spring up suddenly
After the rain starts.
Visualizing a bunch of pedestrians opening umbrellas on a rainy day.
The part about mushrooms is true too >w<
Mar 2018 · 665
7:15 a.m.
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Cold wet nose bumps mine
Kitten paws prance on my chest
Purring alarm clock...
I love my kitty,  he is a good alarm clock.
Mar 2018 · 193
Puddle world
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Small clouds passing by
In reflection of the sky
Heaven surrounds me.
I was actually watching clouds pass by in the reflection of my car windshield while waiting on a dr. Appointment. .. but I have done the same thing with puddles
Mar 2018 · 311
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Burgeoning branch tips
Ready and waiting to spring
Silent green fireworks.
I always love this time of year. ..when the leaves are just starting to come out.
Feb 2018 · 283
Emily Mitchell Feb 2018
Words I love... jovial clear inconspicuous Bamboozled Incognito opalescent pearly radiant Airy green sprig mushroom Sprite twig nose toes land Sunset deep Vision laughter flame tongue heart hunger cold mold tail rail Grail hand ring sing orange Tangy Sweet scent delicate mysterious deep inside a rose dark hidden within the Mind lights of many colors the layers of an onion peeling away revealing the Pearl inside the oyster...


The scent of an orange Tangy Sweet energetic enthusiastic Lively vibrant bright wet sparkling jittery hummingbirds...


Acorn Leaf twig mushroom dark deep loamy Earth dig in moist brown worms and moles Growing Seeds tiny things beginnings...


Butterflies.. Jewels peacock colors drifting on the breath of the Breeze beautiful gifts tiny angels flitting from flower to bright flower...

Collection of Stream-of-consciousness poetry snippets written on a note card when I was a kid... used as a bookmark for an unknown amount of time...and found recently on a dusty shelf.... it made me smile to read them... ^__^
Jan 2018 · 202
Sea of Dreams
Emily Mitchell Jan 2018
Like the lapping tide
sleep effaces all trace of
the previous day.

It washes the shells
of our dreams upon the shore
of our waking mind...

We muse upon them,
what they meant to us within,
Fades as dawn grows strong.
Actually inspired by the fact that I had fallen asleep wearing makeup and it was all gone by morning. . X'D hahaha. .. this was the poem for my first dream journal back in 2010 .. I  think.
Jan 2018 · 274
The fires of autumn
Emily Mitchell Jan 2018
Autumn's torches lit
Red-gold licks the mountainside
Burning without warmth...

Sparks crackle and pop
Whisked away, they dance and play,
With the winter wind.

Embers fall and fade.
Bare blackened bones left bereft
Claw the cold slate sky.
The inspiration for this is the coloring of the trees in the fall, watching the bright leaves blow, and soon fall and turn brown leaving behind the dark branches scraping at the gray winter sky... like leftover charcoal on the hearth stones.
Jan 2018 · 140
Emily Mitchell Jan 2018
Mourn the early bud,
teased by the fickle weather
and killed on a whim.
Inspired by the camillia flowers which always fall for the first few falsely warm days of spring. ..
Jan 2018 · 247
Emily Mitchell Jan 2018
Breaking the surface
Clutching intangible thoughts
Slippery seaweed. . .

Bobbing up for breath
Swirling down through dark colors
Which world is my own?

New yet familiar
The shoreline my spreading wings
Shifting transition. . .
I keep a dream journal every year and I write a poem,  usually a haiku or a series of haiku, to go at the beginning of each journal. .. usually inspired by sleep,  dreaming or waking. ..this one is about the challenging time between dreaming and waking. ...

— The End —