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Its crazy to think that after all this time you have yet to get sick of me.
- LM | Everything I Didn't Say #39
"It was the second I let go for a mere minute that I felt free and I felt like myself again. Now I realize where I have been all these months, trapped inside this unrealistic reality of us."
-LM- Everything I Didn't Say #38
"I used to write poetry,
poetry about you,
but now not even poetry can express what I feel,
because your words hit me like a warm wind on a cold autumn morning,
and your smile can brighten the darkest of days,
and your laugh.. oh your laugh is so contagious its all I hear in my dreams.
but what makes it hard to write, is the possibility that this is all in my head.
After months of talking everyday there are still moments when I begin to wonder if this is worth my time at all.
Because your interest in me sometimes decreases at the times when I need you the most.
and your life all of the sudden gets too hectic to reply to a simple question.
But just as fast as the feelings begin to fade, they return along with you.
Which makes this all even more confusing.
So yes,
I used to write poetry,
poetry about you,
But now not even poetry can express what I feel."
-LM-Everything I Didn't Say #37
"Starting to think I wasted my time on you."
-LM- Everything I Didn't Say #36
"Every time we talk my heart skips a beat.
Because you are that beat.
You are whats keeping me alive."
-LM- Everything I Didn't Say #35
"If I give you all my faith and trust will it be a waste or will you keep them safe?"
-LM- Everything I Didn't Say #34
"One day I met a boy,
who instantly took my breath away.
Just a glimpse of his smile made me dizzy,
and talking to him left my mind in chaos.
For on this one day everything changed.
My life now felt happier like it had more meaning,
and I had a reason to wake up in the morning.
It is several months later now and still those green eyes lure me in.
Although there have been rough patches,
and the times where we both just disappeared into ourselves,
we still make our way back to each other,
and in those moments,
where we are completely intertwined,
it is sweet sweet bliss."
-LM- Everything I Didn't Say #33
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