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how fitting, i thought,
that it rained the day you left.
a torrential downpour
took away all my breath.
but as quick as it came it left
and the rain ceased to be
and i was left in the dark of my car
just the sound of the road beneath me.

— to say i miss you would be an understatement
ill never forget that night.
we were laying in bed,
eyes closed and half asleep,
teetering on the fence between
the world of wake
and the world of dream.

we’d been quiet for awhile now,
understandable in this hour of the night.
the room was lowly lit
by the dim glow of light
cast off computer screens,
and the air was filled
with white static sound
and your soft rhythmic breathing.

eyes closed,
i could swear you were beside me,
half convinced by the hum
of the speakers softly snoring
that i’d roll over to your body,
even though i knew
you were far away from me,
sleeping alone across the sea.
but it was something i could believe,
nearly there,
slipped into sleep.

and suddenly
you split the silence,
waking yourself up,
you called out my name with urgent pace
and i mumbled a reply
as you pulled me awake.

you spoke again,
and the words spilled from your tongue like nectar
and dripped from your lips like honey,
said with such haste
like you couldn’t get the words into the world fast enough,
as though holding it in any longer
would bring down the world burning.

it was then in that night,
one of many moments yet i’d find,
that i knew i was going to love you forever,
no matter of land or sea,
of sun, stars, or skies between,
could ever change that,
or keep you away from me.

―  “i love you more than anyone or anything i have ever loved or ever will,” 12:37 am, 10.08.17, what you said to me.
I had no idea at the age of 17 where we would be 3 years from now.
Not once did I think I would find someone so young who would love me for 3 years and not leave me.
And I know I'm lucky.
Lucky to not be dropped after high school,
Lucky to not have be left for someone from your university,
Lucky to not have been cheated on on a night out.
Because thats not always the case for people in love.
I'm 20 now, and not only am I lucky enough to find my one person for life,
But I'm lucky enough to call them my best friend.
-Everything I didn't say #100
  Jun 2019 Daydream Believer
Peter B
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
I find it interesting how two complete strangers, who have spent theirs lives separately not knowing of the others existence, can come together.
Maybe its after 16 years, or 23, or 40, or even 70.
But the point of the matter is they come together.
Two stories intertwining.
They probably know nothing of each others life or their struggles but thats the beautiful part.
They get to share it.
So if you're lucky enough to come across someone and they start to tell you their story.
News flash you're now part of it.
-LM | Everything I Never Said #40
I guess at this point in our lives the world looks so much scarier. Especially when you're only a seventeen year old, sitting in high school classrooms, only seeing the world from a tiny photo on our phones.
Then right when you think you're getting a grip on your life they push you out into this whole other part of our universe you never expected you would get to. The grown up part. The getting a job part. The paying taxes part. The finding the perfect person for you part.
Its all thrown at you at once when you're seventeen.
To be honest if you've survived through the 5 years after high school you deserve a ******* trophy.
Because its scary man.
-LM| Midnight Thoughts
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