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May 26 · 90
Blue petals red sky
You know...

it's not that I don't care

I want to hug you close, I do...

So close, for the warmth of your skin  to

melt my soul

I want to lose my self in your eyes

everytime our eyes meet

... to know you beyond the surface like a

dark secret

I want to know when your soul is hurting

so that I cover its bruises with kisses.

But I hold back,

because vulnerability is a dream...

and I don't want to fall asleep

unless you're by my side.

Whispers of my pride

remind me that you're not mine

...that you're a ghost
out of reach
May 22 · 217
As I heal...
...But the longer the taste of your lips fades

from my mouth

the more found I become to that of blood

from my bleeding heart.
Her eyes are toxic to a pure heart
her selfish claws devour your humanity to specks that tide with the winds.

I guess that is why I'm adorned, a knight...
my shield and sword, pride
and my armour, valerian steel.
A blessing or curse, I can't say
for as one half shelters me from the scotching world
I can't help but feel as though the second is nurturing the fire in my heart to quite...
warmth for one soul, I can feel my humanity slipping away.
It's not something I blow candles for,
but it's the new world order.
Mar 27 · 163
Sonnet 1°
I don't mind if I get lost,
as long as it's in your eyes
I don't mind losing time,
with you in my arms...
Mar 27 · 93
Words of the heart
I've seen you once
but my heart can't let go of the feeling that we're meant to be....
Mar 26 · 388
Slave to world.
Mortal  to my  thoughts,
broken by the eyes of the world,
the warmth in my heart hides from her cold breath.

treading softly, so that I don't awaken her judgemental tongue
I've lost step to what makes me happy,
Just to keep her quiet.
The world will always judge you, let your eyes focus on you and not her.
Mar 26 · 1.3k
The feeling of your absence doesn't bother me,
I guess because I never lost you.
I want to move on,
but fragments of ecstasy pierce my heart,
reminding me that you're no longer mine.

When you cross my mind,
my heart skips a beat,
I just wish it also skipped the feeling, that you're weren't enough for me,
Maybe I'd still have you in my arms.

Aug 2021 · 1.6k
With her face on my lap...
If you look into my heart, you'll cry
the brilliance that keeps it whole hides when you get too close.
Each piece with a different tale, my heart is an erratic choir
echoing the blues dining with love.

Yet with you, echoes of ecstasy emanate from my heart,
forging a beat, from my litter
As though love knew it'd wrong me,
with you as her gift to me.
Jun 2021 · 504
Saint's journal
I am a worrier ,one of light
playing with stone and might
   in life's cradle,
in a jungle of emotions with only but my pride to cuddle.
I strike with my halo,
to darkness saying hello.

    Have never give'n to the   'bliss' he bestows on seekers,
but the feeling is no longer as good.
My heart whispers the secret garden to my my mind,
and I wonder what's like to given to the temptation.
Mortal  to our own thoughts and broken by the eyes of the world,  tread softly because oh, the earth is delicate and quite selfish with its secrets
Apr 2021 · 1.1k
With you
Tame me with the gaze of your eyes
       Shield me from the cold world with the
warmth of your smile.
Jan 2021 · 672
Through my eyes.
When I was young
the lens to my eyes was stained in rainbows
the world was colourful and
life, a rainbow pie.

As I grow up,the stains wash off
and I realise,my lens was never colourful
for every time I awake, the hue is further from my sight
For every time I want a rainbow pie,
life reminds me I'm not yet there.
Live ,young and alive...don't let life happen to happens for you
Jan 2021 · 653
How it goes.
         I was in that moment,
When the small space around me

Nurtured the esteem in me,

       Breeding under the shade,

Waiting to knock down

The gates of my insecurities,

Feeding on hope ,it grew

an astonishing being it became,

the eyes that made her notice me

The fragrance that lead her

Into my hands.
Once introvert__now extrovert___
Who to blame!
Cutting through hard walls
As a knife through butter
That new feeling
Leads you to places, see faces,
See smiles
Before you know it
It's no longer YOU
It's You because of her.
Jan 2021 · 217
Hey dream keeper,
Life is a limbo of crippled dreams
waiting for the fire in them to be ignited
But in solitude they shall remain,
their wings will grow big
but will never kiss the sky,
For the dream keeper knows not
what they can do
Follow your dreams
Jan 2021 · 611
Tales of words
Words are forged from the fire of the soul,

Brought to life by streams of emotions

bursting from the heart

In harmony they dance, telling the

different pieces of art painted by the

When you write, different words
Seem ,in one accord, to come together
As though attempting to
fulfill a puzzle of mystery
And when you're done
These words tell tales from
Hidden places with in us,
Saying not a word.
Jan 2021 · 508
Beauty they, is
Symmetrical perfection,
Flawless as the deep blue sea
Radiant as the sun's grin

Beauty _I say  is,
The flower blooming in serenity
With its delicate beautiful petals
****** to the eyes of the world
It's aesthetic appeal misunderstood by the majority
          Beauty I  say,
Is all what makes you different from them,
    All what makes you an emerald and them the background colour,
Beauty I say, is all the different pieces glued together to make you.

Beauty   they   say,
Is seduction to the eye,
Is the calm ambiance
   Is the mesmerising sunset
  that all eyes fumble to adore.    

Beauty I say,
Is the vibrant spirit you owe,
                   Is the tiring  maze that makes you a piece of art.
Is that wild storm that makes my eyes attracted to your presence.
I know your beautiful
Dec 2020 · 294
My wind
My heart dances with the wind...
My mind is bruised by its caress...
that pain I want,never to cease
My skin dried out by its presence... be continued
Young love
Oct 2020 · 124
Train your dreams how to fly,
    On their wings __you'll reach horizons
         For they have no limits,besides the one who wields them.
Sep 2020 · 837
Our paths have crossed not once,
But I cannot say I don't know you
When my eyes burn to get lost in your world
   all the nerves beneath my skin crave for your touch_for the fragile cherrylips_.
   My muscles lust for the excitement when my skin kneads your delicate skin  
  I cannot say I don't you know you, when
          my hands ache to explore every inch of your diamond body.
Sep 2020 · 430
YoU and Me
Accompany my eyes for the words never spoken
Dab my heart to calm the storm with in.
Quietly whistle the songs that ignite  beneath my skin with chills
As my nose flawlessly lets in the calm seduction of your presence.
As my eyes close to meet you in my dreams.
Sep 2020 · 626
The last of HER kind
The roses that now  sprout in the garden of my heart are lifeless,
the brilliant red that preyed upon the  love we shared is now all but a heatless fire_-with Lovat it's new reflection.

Shadows of despair corrupt the shine in my heart and a mask of heart break suffocates my mind
I can't feel or tell reality,for the colour that painted my life faded away.
When love is the colour in your life... heartbreaks devour all the colorful pieces in your world...leaving you empty
Sep 2020 · 163
Mortal love
In mortal confinement
The love we bore made commitment,
As a contagion,our hearts became more found of each other
But in silence it blossomed,like lilies in the artic with none to adore the aesthetical sense.
Petals on the winds,our love out into the cold world a beautiful aura unexplainable in word
But the love we bore couldn't be,
For fate never  let in ,
to let us be.
But what  we shared was real, for even in the unseen world our souls remained intertwined _ even if fate never let in to let us be we'll always be meant to be_ .

By C•o•L•e

— The End —