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D CoLe Jun 3
I am a worrier ,one of light
playing with stone and might
   in life's cradle,
in a jungle of emotions with only but my pride to cuddle.
I strike with my halo,
to darkness saying hello.

    Have never give'n to the   'bliss' he bestows on seekers,
but the feeling is no longer as good.
My heart whispers the secret garden to my my mind,
and I wonder what's like to given to the temptation.
Mortal  to our own thoughts and broken by the eyes of the world,  tread softly because oh, the earth is delicate and quite selfish with its secrets
D CoLe May 20
If you look into my heart,you will cry
the rainbow rays that escape from
cracks in my heart fade when you get too close.
   the walls of my heart are stained in black and white,holding back the voiceless brilliance buried deep.
I guess I was bruised by by the world
but the scars I have, I adore
to show that I showed up for the fight.


— The End —