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Mortal  to my  thoughts,
broken by the eyes of the world,
the warmth in my heart hides from her cold breath.

treading softly, so that I don't awaken her judgemental tongue
I've lost step to what makes me happy,
Just to keep her quiet.
The world will always judge you, let your eyes focus on you and not her.
Liz Carlson Oct 2017
As soon as I walked into the room,
I felt the beat in my heart.
The temperature rising,
the floor shaking.

I felt all the energy in the room,
it was incredible.
The lights burning oh so bright on our faces,
while we looked at each other with such excitement.

We danced 'til we dropped.
We sang 'til we couldn't.
We laughed 'til we cried.
We held on to each other so tight.
We were alive.

— The End —