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I wait for the breath of freedom
That awaits me after my last breath .

Written by E.M.Rushton May 2022
You reread your old poems
to get to know yourself better.

Sara Fielder © May 2022
Sincere bluff
I'd change my ways but I'm not determined enough
I see your red lips I slow down
I stop in a trance
Yet I don't advance

Life is tough
A few dollars in my pocket, not enough
No fancy toys, my road is pain
I call your name, but you prefer your path
I leave you alone, I know your game

A nightmare
I must stop dreaming with a blank stare
I'll drive straight
The ditch is where I'll end up if
I don't stay awake
It was always a losing game
when two people
could never be honest

-em vidar
nothing to do
but hate myself
for the things i didn't do

can't believe
i ever let myself
temporarily forget you

now that you're gone
i'm helpless
no take backs or start overs

trying to forgive myself
but there will never be
any closure
Sweet Suga won't smile
Emotionless wild sedge stalk
Is Japan sweeter?
Yoshihide Suga will be Japan's next Prime Minister

— The End —