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D Cole Jan 2021
Words are forged from the fire of the soul,

Brought to life by streams of emotions

bursting from the heart

In harmony they dance, telling the

different pieces of art painted by the

When you write, different words
Seem ,in one accord, to come together
As though attempting to
fulfill a puzzle of mystery
And when you're done
These words tell tales from
Hidden places with in us,
Saying not a word.
D Cole Jan 2021
Beauty they, is
Symmetrical perfection,
Flawless as the deep blue sea
Radiant as the sun's grin

Beauty _I say  is,
The flower blooming in serenity
With its delicate beautiful petals
****** to the eyes of the world
It's aesthetic appeal misunderstood by the majority
          Beauty I  say,
Is all what makes you different from them,
    All what makes you an emerald and them the background colour,
Beauty I say, is all the different pieces glued together to make you.

Beauty   they   say,
Is seduction to the eye,
Is the calm ambiance
   Is the mesmerising sunset
  that all eyes fumble to adore.    

Beauty I say,
Is the vibrant spirit you owe,
                   Is the tiring  maze that makes you a piece of art.
Is that wild storm that makes my eyes attracted to your presence.
I know your beautiful
Hello Daisies Oct 2018
Isn't it unusual
To read of love and joy
And cry tears of hurt and sorrow?

Isnt it unsual
For a happy feeling
To truly hurt and feel like it's borrowed?

Oh isn't it just a tad unsual
No matter how hard you try
To never fall in love with another?

I find it too normal
Until i see others
So close together when I'm never with a lover
Hi i start a new job tomorrow but i have so much anxiety over it so my thoughts are else where. I sometimes forget that falling in love or having crushes is normal to most. For me it isn't. Whenever i feel for someone else i am rejected and/or mocked as though i did something wrong. I never really feel like i fit in. I find it hard to watch happy romance movies they just make me feel sad. That's probably fine

— The End —