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D Cole Apr 2021
Tame me with the gaze of your eyes
       Shield me from the cold world with the
warmth of your smile.
vonny Apr 2020
he is the boy with the tousled hair

and the calculating gleam in his eyes

letting people in for him is quite rare

he is not perfect but he really tries

she is the girl with the soft subtle smile

with a pencil often behind her ear

she trusted too easily for a while

her heart is only displayed for those dear

together, a puzzle, they fit quite well

for her, his exterior melts away

he helps to get the girl out of her shell 

it's lovely, even if it's kind of cliché

cold and warm and their hands are intertwined 

they are not the same, they are their own kind
this is a sonnet about what my relationship with this boy was like. we fit each other nicely.
How much I love you! Melita, my power.
The petal of my rose,my dawning sun,
that rises my joy,the morning glory flower.
I need of you the feeding with your bun.

O Melita,why'd you sent me away.
You sent me out and banged your door at me.
You never care about me for a day.
You hid your heart where eyes of mine can't see.

What wrong had I committed to get reject'd.
It could because I'm not a weathy guy.
Or cause I'm not the man your heart select'd.
Perhaps you want to say to all men-bye.

I shall keep calm and wait for my true love.
It could be you or any other dove.


— The End —