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May 2016 · 301
Brandon Hamilton May 2016
Sometimes I just wanna give in because of the pain consumed by life it self, draining all the little bit of energy that's left in it. Trying to force myself to understand why? Is there a reason why the way we feel when danger comes near unexpectedly without warning; then we're back to piece together the shatter window that was perfectly place before it was brought down without warning. People may never understand what you are going through nor care by giving sympathy and compassion when needed most that god has taught. A wounded heart takes time to heal, expectually when you're alone. But lord him self is there and all I can do is pray and take one day at a time" .
Jan 2016 · 274
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
You say you care but you don't. You make promise without ever thinking about the affect it will have when you break it; no more will i Seattle for whatever, everybody deserves a second chance but not everyone can earn it. Think before you speak, your actions will have repercussions. Pour a drink of your choosing but once it spills, be prepared to clean a mess you made through your actions of deception.
Liar deceit  actions. deception  honest forgiveness  god  sin
Jan 2016 · 484
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
No one knows when but can feel Chill's near like the grim reaper in your shadow looming waiting for the next moment to strike when least expected but thou should not fear such threat, every soul will be determined and executed within his will, no man nor women is greater then death, it will come, not when you want but what's been written and printed. Live life to the fullest without regret, repent for sins that you have drowned in and maybe you can live on for eternity.
Jan 2016 · 8.8k
Self determination
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
Every goal can be accomplish, with a little self motivation, nothings out of reach, people may steal away hope like an infant hidden away from his mother or an old man's cane assmbled out of reach; never let anybody astray you away from your dream; love one's nor foe's, use the criticism to your adavange and elevate yourself to unachievable possibilities within a broken system.
Jan 2016 · 734
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
Everybody want some kind of romance heart felt type indulgence but don't crave it in the wrong place, no need to rush something that should be mutual between one another. Take your time when you're soul searching, don't let a lustful sensation be interpreted as solid foundation to building a health relationship, no matter how they outer layer deceives you, search their soul first to see if good intentions are implanted; love should be pure without a sense of "what if".
Jan 2016 · 291
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
Every star has a meaning, no reason to guess how many, just imagine hovering over one, examining ever spec, trying to find a flaw but non is received, you wonder to yourself, "How could this be"? Simple god made the universe in his vision, everythings perfect even a little glitch that can surly be fixed. Be patient with any malfunction you may have, because like little stars in space, you can be flawless too.
Jan 2016 · 535
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
Life contains many flaws that's beneath the skin, like a touch to the hand or a cloth to the face. Bullets never had a name, but the target did, why must every action involved hate or deceit? People blindly dismiss right for wrong as if every problem will be solved with a blink of an eye, but the thing is; to really be free, we must let peace roam to the center of the heart in order to be stable again with one another.

— The End —