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Nov 2019 · 106
cant deny it
AS- Nov 2019
rolling hills
warm sunshine caressing skins
summers under the trees
and in them too

well it's winter now
and i can wait till summer
what else is there to do
its not destined for everybody
alone but im constricted
got unlimited supplies im the plug
so i get lifted
Nov 2019 · 113
AS- Nov 2019
I want to be on the sunrise high at the skyline
i want to be comfortable alone in my time
sky time why time
im floating roaming and zoning
fully rowing
my boat down the stream
cbd thc and clonazepam
thoughts quietly racing im silenty pacing
tasteful smoke freestyle on a techniclour kudasai
dont ask my why dont ask me to try
dont ask me' to walk when i can fly
floaty dont want to overdo it or overdosy
just wanna be cosy
we're all void fillers
void killers
lonely poetry
hidden masks on my face i dont divulge or they'll know its me
analyse the dirt and you will find the gems in these lines
the gems i had to go through alot to find
i had to mine
chip away at my old self
and yeah i am not back to my old health
and i got me some more wealth
bandaid on my poor self
money isn't happiness word to marley

nostalgia for things ive never had
it makes me sad
maybe some company by the skyline,
we can be poor we dont need wealth
lets be happy
thats a dream
maybe it doesnt exist
ill give it a hit
or maybe a miss
or maybe a kiss
not stall gear
stalling on the lonely road im on
im in a different space
maybe its trauma maybe its more ah
maybe its coz im a may baby and im way crazy
but i dont believe in the star sign *******
i know theres cosmic energies
i know theres an upper entity
thank you god

have you ever felt things you can describe
cant believe and cant deny
cant trust and cant part with eith-
our souls travel around, i dream when im awake the white tablet spaceship take me away
Nov 2019 · 46
Chillhop escape
AS- Nov 2019
Pure white tablets
mix it with the magical herbal medicine
clouds of rich flavourful satisfying smoke
a mixture of synthetic and natural
a forbidden concoction
offensive to the natural order of things
to our bodies
to our minds
soon to slip away
im going to mars
#drugs #drugproblems #diaryofaboywithproblems
#genius #crazy
Jun 2019 · 67
It's pouring
AS- Jun 2019
There's so much love inside me. A huge well of affection all bundled up inside ready to give to someone.

But there's nobody to give it to.

There's never been anybody to give it to.

It just flows out of my eyes.
Love, affection, lonely
Jun 2019 · 122
Crying is human.
AS- Jun 2019
It's crippling me
Hidden tears line my pillowcase
They trickle into my beard
Like rain watering thirsty flowers
I've been struggling with loneliness
May 2019 · 128
Monsters Inside Us
AS- May 2019
Rather I observed myself like a dark pool,
from a distance,
and whenever I'd get close,
I'd dip a toe in
and hurry away
Because I'm scared to jump in
and witness those dusky demons
devilish and delirious

Inner monsters of self hate and trauma
manifest themselves in the recesses of the psyche
the ocean of the subconscious
currents strong and directing

I can't keep burying them with intoxication forever,
I can't keep distracting them with material things
I have to face them eventually

And when I do

I'll ******* destroy them for what they've done to me
First piece I've wrote in years. Getting back into it. Still a functioning addict but I'm a lot better now. I've got good control and through poetry, patience and God i'll overcome them.

God bless you, wonderful souls
Apr 2018 · 250
AS- Apr 2018
Emotions seep from the waterfall of my mind
elusive and uncatchable
my fingers cannot translate
the feelings my mind conjures
like a magician pulling the rabbit from the hat
like a lover pulling my heart from my chest
How i feel.
Apr 2018 · 183
AS- Apr 2018
that little girl
with innocent eyes
and a sweet smile
tortured and *****
even the devil
must be surprised
at the evil
and tyranny of men
i am saddened to be a part of humanity
or more accurately
the lack of it.
A young kashmiri girl was tortured, ***** and killed. When i heard about this story i started to cry. I had to release this emotion into a short piece.
Mar 2018 · 76
AS- Mar 2018
You say you want it.

But you don't really want it.

You kinda want it.

You don't want it more than you want to party, more than you want to sleep.

You are not obsessive with your achievement.

When you want it so badly that it consumes your existence, when you eat it breathe it and sleep it,

it will come flocking towards you in abundance.
Mar 2018 · 116
Small happinesses
AS- Mar 2018
The sunrise comes after the darkest part of the night,
The small victories appear after the long struggles,

Those small bursts of happiness
make all my struggle worth it,

To my goals I am approaching,
Soon I will have everything I dreamed for.
Don't give up on your goals and dreams.
Mar 2018 · 379
A young man fights
AS- Mar 2018
I am dizzy and I am exhausted
but i do not give up
because for every weakness I feel
I imagine the Gardens
and the ****
calling me
praising me
well done
you fought hard
against yourself
now you deserve us
and it is written that
in the gardens he will have
****** after ******
because of what he used to do in this world
and how hard he used to strive
against the strongest force upon him
desire, ***, paradise, islam,
Mar 2018 · 99
Tame the beast
AS- Mar 2018
I am the king.

I am the controller of you.

I do not listen to you

You listen to me.

I have you in a chokehold

and i grip you severely

until you are weak and obedient

and you will serve me

because i serve Allah.
Mar 2018 · 190
The path to happiness
AS- Mar 2018
The path to happiness is a lonely journey,

a constant struggle,

a battle with himself,

every single minute of the day,

he fights his thoughts,

he goes to war with his desires,

he strives and toiles,

constantly beating down his own soul,

until one day he achieves control over himself,

such discipline that the devil whispers and the man laughs in his face,

you cannot touch me now!

you are weak and I am strong!

I have overcome myself so I can overcome you!

I have overcome the strongest of desires!

Of food and drink and ***,

so who are you?

Pitiful devil.

No control can you obtain over me now.
Never give up
Mar 2018 · 210
The strongest desire
AS- Mar 2018
A young man struggles

against his desires

when they overpower him

and they grip him uncontrollably

and he says NO

he knows this is a test

he knows right from wrong

but the devil whispers

and capitalises on his youthful desires

to make him sin.

What stronger desire is there to overcome?

From restraining his eyes

From restraining whats between his legs.

The man who can conquer himself in the heat

That man is a king.

He does what other men cannot.

He overcomes himself and attains true mastery over his soul.

He attains closeness to the creator.

What an achievement!
In a hypersexualised environment we are victims to our own desires.
Mar 2018 · 97
I do it for you
AS- Mar 2018
I am hungry

I do it for you

I am tired

I do it for you

I struggle and fight my desires

I do it for you

I wear my body down
So my soul can be strong
And I do it only for you

Make me stronger my Lord

So I can do it for you
We struggle and fight with our soul daily, this is the greatest of struggles. To do whats right even when our soul tells us to do wrong.
Mar 2016 · 808
Soul Deep
AS- Mar 2016
I pray to God
He grants me
A beautiful woman.

and by beautiful i don't mean
in the shade of her skin
or the height of her cheekbones
or the voluptuousness of her body
or the colour of her eyes

By beautiful I mean those traits
that are more than skin deep
The ones that are
soul deep.
Mar 2016 · 207
AS- Mar 2016
I hope people who are in love
appreciate what they have
because it’s people who are out of love
like me
who realise
the value of that gift
Mar 2016 · 163
AS- Mar 2016
I wonder what it feels like
to love another human.
I wonder what it feels like
to have butterflies
when you see someone
when you hold someone
i’ve never felt it
but i’ve read about it
but i’ve imagined it
but i’ve dreamed about it
but i’ve longed for it
but i’ve never had it.
i wonder what it would feel like
if someone saw me
and had those butterflies.
and felt nervous
and excited
and happy

I’m slowly worrying
that I may never feel it.
But it would drive me crazy
because i am not normal
and i’m scared ill give
too much of myself to someone
and get lost
in another human
but i wonder what it feels like
to have butterflies
when you see someone
Nov 2015 · 672
AS- Nov 2015
Grey blankets mask the sky
The jaws of winter
bite into my skin
Warm leather seats embrace me
Melancholy rain splashes on the bonnet
kissing and caressing
A river from God himself
Some people
feel the rain
and others
they just get wet
Nov 2014 · 345
AS- Nov 2014
When will my soul be at peace with me
When there’s a void inside as deep as the sea

Tired of transient pleasures and memory
A longing for something not temporary

An aching for happiness that does not seem to tire
How can a soul be free when its enslaved by its desires?

— The End —