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AS- Apr 2022
The thoughts are so loud
But there are no decibels.

They deafen me
Yet you cannot hear them.

Criticism in its tone
Trauma in its vocabulary.

I've relapsed
AS- Apr 2022
Most men are starved of affection
Most men are barred from attention
To a man this is normal
But to a woman it needs a mention
Because they don't understand
This terrible loneliness at hand
That only comes with being a man
An average man.
An average man lives a life of quiet desperation. To all the average men!
AS- Apr 2022
I open my chest
My heart
It Falls onto the page
Still beating
I empart emotion
Into the lifeless canvas
One life for another
The poem now lives
But I do not
AS- Apr 2022
O earth!
Why do you call me back
I want to live
So stop calling me to death

O earth!
I fear your cold embrace!
I want to live
AS- Apr 2022
Perhaps I will throw myself from an ocean
Dashed upon rocks
An **** of blood and bone

What ends shall a man go
To quieten his soul

I try to tame the roaring blaze inside me
But it flows out of my eyes
From fire to water
Tears gush forth like springs
Watering my beard
Like thirsty flowers
Emotions torn. I write. And if you can relate, may He make it easier for you to bear, for this pain can **** a man twice over.
AS- Apr 2022
Where did this vicious nature originate
That sweet shy boy
Embarrassed and inquisitive
Full of smiles and jokes
Always putting others first.

When it gets bad
And there are no drugs present
I turn to the page
Sober and hurting
I was a human
But the pain transforms me
I am an animal now
Pain changes us. It makes us cover up who we really are.
AS- Apr 2022
Entrenched in this loneliness
For it is not solitude
Perhaps when I am alone
I am in bad company
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