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AS- Mar 28
The primal nature of the ****** desire
Overrules logic and rationality
Infusing man with an urge
That cannot be separated
Like a teabag in hot water
Spilling its contents into the surroundings
Intoxicating the clear thought completely
A mad drunken state has overcome me
I must fulfill the desire
  Mar 28 AS-
RVani Kalyani
Don't force yourself,
Life and rivers are better,
When they go with the flow.
  Mar 28 AS-
What matters most
Is not grand gestures
And fancy gifts,
But moments of intimacy
And connection,
And care.
This speaks to one person in particular - thank you šŸ™šŸ» - but is indicative for many out there Iā€™m sure
AS- Mar 28
Not loneliness but something worse
I'm screaming for attention
I call out into the Abyss
And nothing calls back
AS- Mar 21
I crave touch
I long for the comfort
Of a warm hug
A warm bed

I am so alone
Nobody calls
Nobody text
And i don't know why
AS- Oct 2020
Unless we heal old wounds
they will resurface
and cause the same damage we tried to bury
Temporary band aids on the heart and mind
come loose after a while.
AS- Oct 2020
It is quiet in this big house,
The loneliness is magnified
The silence is astoundingly loud
Addiction knocks on the door
It doesn't matter if I don't let him in
He's always had a spare key
Silently he slips in
Hello old companion
"Mr Xanax, how are you today?"
"I am fine", he replies
"And I am going to make you feel fine"
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