Your moms sweet sweet rocking body makes me sing
Your Mom
Jun 2, 2014

Your moms sweet sweet rocking body makes me sing im sexy and i know it

Swathi eruvaram
Swathi eruvaram
May 22, 2015

Love being loved by a mom
Love giving love as a mom
Love being a mom
Happy mothers day

Sorry could not post this on Mother's Day. Wishing every momma and every momma-to-be happy Mother's Day.
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Eve Segade
Eve Segade
Feb 3, 2015

Sorry mom.  Sorry mom.
I know you don't even
understand why I hate
myself so much.

You think I'm an angel,
but the truth is that I'm

22-1, 2015.
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I feel my mom so
much alive in me that there's
not even room for me.

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Apr 21, 2014

you are,
you were,
and you'll always be
a monster.

maybe it's wrong,
but i hate my mom.
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Jul 2, 2014

i'm disappointed enough on myself
and the last thing i need is your disappointment on me

Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Aug 27, 2014

A mother's plea to her mother
hits the heart like no other.

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Slender Man
Slender Man
Apr 6, 2015

I can't put this into words,
These are feeling I can never remove.
This is for the women that I view more perfect than any other.
Just to hear her say "I'm happy"
I would gladly walk through the pits of hell.
Nothing has come near or even close
Encompassing my soul, I couldn't breath without her.
Happy Birthday Mom. You're loved more than any other.

My Moms birthday is on the 23rd but I just felt an overwhelming desire to write about her today

Dear Mom,
You are awake when everyone are sleeping.
You are working when everyone are having a break.
And yet you are standing there with the brightest smile
Without the slightest hint of tiredness
I look up to you,
I adore you,
I love you.
Dear Mom,
Can i be like you?
So strong in body and will,
So caring for the others,
So dependable to your family
Dear Mom,
Once again i tell you,
I love you.

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