Sep 24

I was molested
at the age of seven
at the moment, I did not know what to do.
I was afraid
in pain
and always hoping that one day
you would find out.
Today is that one day
you have found out
by me
and now you are my true
guardian angel

My mommy
Kevin McCarty
Kevin McCarty
Nov 28, 2011

To those who honor me by calling me son
I cannot think of anything to be done
To return all the love you have given me
Or all the food I have had for free

I thank God everyday for you
I know He will show you though
Any trials or bridges you may have to cross
for remember, He is the boss

The light you have given me by calling me son
Is the greatest thing you could have ever done

Aug 9

And my mom asked
Quen es Los ramones
And I laughed
The Ramones

she should be celebrated everyday

Not just mothers day.

MJ Smith
MJ Smith
Feb 25, 2013

I dream of the day I can see you smile with no pain hidden inside
I can't wait till I pull up to your 8 bed room mansion
If I could only have the chance to give back the same amount of love Back to you

We use to stay up late laughing about the struggles we've been through
I'm praying my wife has atleast one of your skills


They say that little boys are made of shells and snails and puppy dog tails.
They say that little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.
Moms are made of thunder. As her voice booms to say,"Stay out of the cookie jar!!"
Moms are stronger than superman. When you want that peanut butter jar open.
    But most of all moms are soft and full of tears.
When you hand her flowers and say," I LOVE YOU MOM!!"

New modern moms.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Jun 2, 2013

New modern moms.
Hold no chance to competing against the old school moms.
With less they did their best.
With more they control the house.

With few.
Many modern moms complains.
As if the old school moms didn't do the same.

It's just that they had moral support.
From their very own mothers.
Who didn't want their grand children's to be complete trouble.?

Ask many of the old school kids?
Who wasn't afraid of their grand parents?
Rules back then was a lot different.

Parents was your guidance.
While today many wants to be their friends.
Instead of being their parents.

And many times you didn't have an option to visit church.
It was a written rule of the requirements.
To pay God your dues.
And skipping school wasn't in the mix.
If you quit.
It was really to help your parents.
Who might have been struggling?
And again, they might not have let you.

Yes, modern moms don't have the patience.
Least, like the old school moms had in our youth.
Now, there are a few that reminds you of yours.

Just by noticing the things they do.
I guess in away.
I'm saluting them too.

The new moms of the modern days.
Who simply won't let the child have their way?

Tribute to stay at home moms
louis rams
louis rams
Oct 28, 2011

Tribute to stay at home moms
                  ( from a writing by melvina germain)  10/28/11

To the stay at home moms (sahm) I must say
I honor you in every way.
I made my wife stop working when she got pregnant
Forty six years ago, and real love is what my daughter got to know.

She is there every step of the way and
my heart thanks her every day.
up in the morning at the crack of dawn
To change diapers , bathe the baby, change the clothes
And with the baby is where she belongs.

She is a woman with many hats, and for her
There is no turning back.
A mother, housekeeper , cook, and wife
Accepting all these struggles and strife.
You may not hear her complain
But when things go wrong, she is the first to blame.

We all may have a lot of food on our plates
And forget  what they are going thru , but
Do you honestly think you could do her job too?
we may be the bread winners and struggle at work
But we did not have to go through the pains of giving birth.

Do any of you men think that you could hold
A child in your stomach for nine months
Of morning sickness, weird cravings, sleepless nights
And with your partner you would fight.

They could only sleep on their backs or on their sides
Would you like to give that a try?
They look at you in your sleep and thank GOD
For all that you do, but they need compensation too.
There is another hat that they may wear, when
They have to become the C.P.A. and balance
The check book so you don’t overdraft
And turn around and get on her ass.
So many hats and so little time, and when you ask
Them they say they are doing fine.

So to all the (sahm’s) out there with you this poem I share
You deserve not just a flower, a outside dinner
Or a movie, but the biggest THANK YOU
From our hearts, because in our lives
You are the greatest part.

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