Back in high school
I made up a questionnaire
for every one of our friends
I asked them to fill it out
and told them I would compile a list
of all our favorite things to share
But really I just wanted
to know more about you
I could not ask you directly
I loved you too much already
To risk you telling me no.

@LadyofRavenhill 1/11/17
Just a memory of our younger years with my high school sweetheart whom I am still with today fifteen years later.

Let me tell you about how I run
There are a couple of ways but none of them are fun.

There's a "move the fuck out of my way" kind of run
Shot at by some man with a gun
Running over old ladies and children
To get the hell out and save my own skin
Kind of run...

And there's the "cliche blonde running through my head all day"
Where I don't get exercise, but she seems to sweat away
The pounds of brains until I'm dumbfoundedly dumb
And I find myself passed out on the couch with a bottle of rum
And a headache that makes me want to blow my brains out
Cause I can't get some Aspirin and a good woman to blow me out
Kind of run...

And there's the angsty little man that runs from home
Fighting his abusive dad and his best friend "hormone"
When he gets a kick in the nuts named reality
and a left hook to the face named puberty
by Mike Tyson riding a bison
Who leans over and whispers "you lost the fight son"
Kind of run...

Then there are the times when I run my fingers over the typewriter
Making more mistakes than a single stared wasted waiter
Running my imagination that nobody wants to hear on a page
A piece of shit that nobody will ever notice on stage
Lost in cut out hearts and origami cranes
and on washed out newspapers on old broken trains
kind of run...

However, there is a time when I actually get off my ass to run
But It hurts cause I'm a beached walrus with my ass in the sun
Flopping on land and trying to swim through concrete
Unable to see that I have 2 feet
cause there are 2 feet of fat that is constricting my view
Of who I am and what I'm really able to do
Kind of run...

And this is the part of the poem when I run away to Spain
Clearly, I can’t run that far so I guess I’ll take a plane
And I’ll bring the beautiful blonde with me in a first class spa
And I’ll walk into Spain saying “Su casa es mi Casa
But it will never be the other way around
Cause if I see you on my property you’ll be six feet underground
Kind of run...

a silly poem I wrote in high school I thought I would share
#highschool   #running   #fat   #angsty   #tyson   #bison  
Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak
Dec 23, 2016

There's only so long
You can hide behind social
And which clothes you wore,
And who was smartest.
You end up
In one of many places
When high school finally ends.

Maybe you were smart,
And wore pastel cardigans,
And you ended up in a pristine
Accross the country,
That you hate.

Maybe you're working
Full time,
In a little farm store,
Where the men there
Treat you like meat.

Maybe you're part time
In a preserved piece
Of old America,
With guns hanging
Far above your head,
And beer signs
Tattooing the side of the building.

You'll be stuck in one
Of many places,
But wherever you are,
You'll have no idea where
You're going,
Because no one
Is telling
What to do

Vanessa Evans
Vanessa Evans
Oct 20, 2016

Oh how scary it is, to know so little
to feel like a rabbit running in circles
when every one is telling you to run in squares

Oh how scary it is, to be so out there
with no one to hold your shaking hand
and to have nothing to be proud of

Oh how scary it is, to fake a smile
and tell everyone how excited you are
but you feel like an overturned turtle

Oh how scary it is, to be next in line
gripping tightly at dollars and dimes
but not yet knowing what you want

Oh how scary it is
to not be ready

You guys, I'm so unprepared. I have no idea what I am doing. I feel like everyone has their life put together and that I am just a  mess. I have no idea about college. My parents are helping either (with applying or tuition) I'm trying tho
Sylus Fox
Sylus Fox
Sep 21, 2016

Head down
Hair up
Don’t say a word.
Walk past
Quickly now
They might see you.
Duck into class
Sink in your seat
Don’t risk it
They might see you.
Long sleeves
Mostly black
Blend into the crowd
So they won’t see you.
If they do
They’ll judge you
Every move
Every breathe
They’re judging you.
Your name is called
Just walk past
Before they notice
That you’re
not the same.
Leave behind
Any thoughts of fitting in
this is you
And if you aren’t
Completely silent
They might notice you.

#highschool   #anxiety   #scared   #lost   #people   #mental   #help   #issues   #helpme   #fittingin  
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Sep 18, 2016

The elephant in the room
was a kid in the high school cafeteria
with an acoustic guitar.

Meandering forlornly through the aisles
hoping that someone would listen to him
stumble through the opening chords to "Crazy Train."

He was just trying to fit in, same as I,
but God did I hate him for it.

I see them all
the ghosts from my past
Smiling taking selfies with the "squad"
who kisses their arse
They have everything handed to them
Everything laid out for them
Their futures paid for them
Those narcissistic freaks that took me for granted.
So maybe I am a creep as radiohead describes
Maybe I'm a nerd and live a different kind of life
But one thing is for certain until the day I die
I'm better off without you bitches
You're living a tedious lie.

You never cared for me anyway, no wonder I was bullied so much. My "friends" were behind it all.
#friends   #lies   #hate   #highschool   #bitch   #thoughts   #rhyme   #help   #learning   #bullying  
Jess Hays
Jess Hays
Sep 11, 2016

I'm at the end of my rope
They keep tugging, supplying me with false hope
And this dream inside of me
How am I to ever make it that far?
I thought destiny was holding my hand
But I think it lost track a long while ago
I'm running only on hope and prayers
But I'm not even religious
I think I'm losing my stubborn stare
I feel as if I'm running in circles
Never going anywhere

#highschool   #dreams   #hard   #tired   #college  
Sep 1, 2016

He makes your heart race and your skin redden from the way he makes you feel.
He makes you smile when all you want to do is cry.
You want him.
But, so do I.
I want him too.
Probably as much as you do.
He makes my heart race and my skin redden.
He makes me smile when I wish I was never born.
But you have more friends,
better friends.
You have a bigger personality.
You're more noticeable.
"I saw him first." You always tells me.
I feel awful.
I know I should forget about him, but I can't.
You told me you wouldn't date for a while because you just had a breakup.
You always have somebody who wants to date you.
I never do.
So why are you doing this to me?
Let me feel.
I don't want to forget him.
He makes me feel.
The way he rolls up his button up shirts.
The way he teases others.
The way he sat there and listened when you rant.
You want him.
But so do I.

this is a real life experience. if anyone has any advice, please help me
#love   #suicide   #depression   #highschool   #friend   #crush   #crushes   #school   #high   #share  
Aug 26, 2016

I miss high school.
Not the overdramatic girl yelling at the top of her lungs.
Not the so-called friends that left me stranded.
Not the hours of homework on something I still don’t understand.
I miss people.
I miss moments.
I miss routine.
I miss him.

- kmh

#sad   #lonely   #highschool   #alone   #drama   #lost   #you   #miss   #missing   #imissyou  
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