Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
2 hours ago

There's something about the way he holds the
door open, something about his strange, straying
eyes, which scare me. Maybe it's the charm within
them, the blonde boy acknowledging my existence
without ever hearing the heartbeat which
goes with my name. Maybe it's the lost boy
who left her behind and is now paying
me the same regard, looking at me with
a kindness all too familiar and
an eagerness so unwillingly accepted.

~~ For the anonymous boy who looks my way. ~~
#fear   #heart   #eyes   #happy   #boy   #smile   #kind   #charm   #look   #chivalry  
Liza Ann Marie
Liza Ann Marie
4 hours ago

I cannot even
Begin to tell you how much
I've missed our friendship.

February 19, 2017.
I recently contacted a friend I haven't spoken to in a long time, and we ended up talking until 2am last night. I've missed him and his friendship so much, and I honestly hope I don't lose him again.
10 hours ago

Off-hook payphones, Droning electronic, almost alien sounds.
Hanging in dark phone booths.
During nights in city streets.
Payphones slowly decaying out of use.
Cell phone calls ending in a woman's electronic voice.
Raspilly repeating, "Sorry, Your call can not be completed as dialed."
Full voicemail boxes.
Desperate text messages from lost and Ex-lovers.
Filling every cellular device almost to bursting.
The calls droning on and almost ringing throughout time.

#love   #sad   #happy   #dark   #reality   #cold   #phone   #city   #urban   #cell  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
21 hours ago

There is something that needs
to be dedicated to the beauty
pictured within: the effervescent and wild
youth dancing in the rain
of your heart. Alone and free,
buy yourself a single flower.
Watch it bloom in its impermanence
and keep it until
there is no colour left
because you never want it
to stop singing with its clean beauty.
Appreciate its life and decay
and allow yourself to be happy
because of the beautiful colourless flower
you sought out to be alive with.

~~ Buy yourself a flower and be the kind of happy you deserve to be. ~~
#love   #life   #heart   #death   #happy   #beauty   #flower   #strong   #colour   #confident  
1 day ago

some times i feel
like i got trumped on the deal
like democracy, politically
is mocking me, that's how i feel
fake news in times of need
empty promises don't feed
the needy getting left behind
pride getting pushed to the side
empathy and cold hard cash don't coincide
instead of big steps forward
we are falling behind, in a time,
where we, have no time for wasting time
generations of generations getting left behind
after generations of generations, its like genocide
our values dont match our history
told from either side
we should have learned something
instead we just let it ride
playing games with our future
using the hands of time
chasing our heads with tails
its only a matter of times
before we catch up with reality
and it blows our minds

#poem   #poetry   #poet   #sad   #life   #happy   #people   #hard   #work  
Tolani Agoro
Tolani Agoro
1 day ago

I think I like to be sad
That's very hard to explain
I know I like to be happy
And I think I'm insane
Yemi I love you and I'm sorry this patch is rough
I'm sorry being alive right now seems a little tough
Maybe this is one of them stories you see online
Of broken girl meets broken guy and they love each other for a while
I never put names in poems and I think that's kinda weird
But I'm happy you have honour of being the first love I've shared (with the world)
I can't wait to see you today
And hold you and kiss you and well be with you all day
I hope somehow I fill your face with glee
I hope somehow you're really happy with being with me

Bleep bloop blehhh
#love   #sad   #boyfriend   #happy   #stuff  
Adam Mott
Adam Mott
2 days ago

World of worlds, under great impression
Which word of choice would lend the greatest voice?
Could life give such a gift
Or, perhaps, merely bestow further myth?
Under everything that has and will come
In silence of our hearts
Will time mend all such parts
Or simply induce the next to enter
Unto a valley of evolving platitudes

#poem   #sad   #depression   #life   #pain   #happy   #dreams   #smile   #you   #me  
1 day ago

The smoke fills the air,
Smoke of crude,
of tobacco and drugs,
gasoline and factory steam,
The veins of the city filled with gasses,
Its flesh metal and concrete,
And its muscles the humans.
One day the city,
Will demolish itself.

#love   #broken   #happy   #reality   #wrong   #magic   #veins   #city   #ever   #urban  
Toy Rabbit
Toy Rabbit
2 days ago

When life comes down
and your smile seems to fade
just remember
I will always be there
to keep you safe from the world
to hold you in my arms
to snuggle with you till you stop crying
To let you know You are not alone
No one is
Cause I will always be here
as long as you believe in me
no one is alone
not even me
and I am just your toy rabbit

~By Toy Rabbit

#love   #friends   #sad   #happy   #cute   #family   #toy   #bunny   #comfert  
2 days ago

Broken wings, oh broken wings
Sadness inside a heart,
has no dreams

Nightmares seem like an endless lullaby
Drifting thought try to make themselves clear
The exit to the light
is blocked by darkness
Blame enjoys the shame it brings
Hope fades as the sun sets quietly

Broken wings, oh broken wings
Sadness inside a heart
has no dreams

Can they really be mended?
Do you really have a chance in this world?

Wounds reopen
Fear freezes over the world
Slashed with the sword of hate?
Why should I bother to wait?
My perception of time-
fails me.
Silent tears fall
No will to interact

Broken wings, oh broken wings
Sadness inside a heart
has no dreams

Can they really be mended?
Do you really have a chance in this world?

Everything is wrong.
In fact, it's all gone.
The injured little butterfly
tries to take flight
but it can't because
of its broken wings...

Sadness inside a heart has no dreams (2X)

This is a song I wrote 7/23/15. I even composed a tune to it.
#poetry   #broken   #sad   #life   #death   #happy   #song   #wings  
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