5 hours ago

In gravest, gravels of untouched soil,
Spearhead of purple, beyond the pale,
One statue of siege upon a windy foil,
What mires meek airs in all you survey?

Like a frost of summers, you are lord,
To hold that seed in your spiny face,
Depressions of land your promontory,
All up with arms, iron clad as a mace,

Beneath you, the grown motley fields
Are desolate, all flowers bled, blender,
Spiders and birds know you unyielding
The lost aleatory scent of no surrender.

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10 hours ago

Red and white roses
Wild and loud, spangle, sparkle
Filling— empty lot

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15 hours ago

At this time now I can say that lively spring has arrived and the cold harsh winter has given up its last breath of life
Now I can see the trees branches looking like claws decorated with leaves
Now I can see grasses glistening with dew which earlier looked like kept in fridge with frosting few
Now I can hear the chirping of birds again which seemed to go abroad and let me vain
Now I am able to see my grasslands again which were transformed into desert without any grain
Now the playground which turned into a haunted site
Is now again occupied by children making it a miracle of life
Now I can feel the wind filled with laughter and joy blowing again
Which once left my side...
Now I can say lively spring has arrived
Lively spring has arrived

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15 hours ago

life looks like a painting from up here
the clouds beneath my feet
beauty at its finest is what nature creates
everything is constructed perfectly
like a building everything is in place
away from all the hurt and pain
my heart flutters away
into the sea of clouds and rain
no matter how emotionally drained
humanity can be
nature will always be nice to me , truthful to me
a perfectly drawn masterpiece
a view from outside my window
we are so tiny and minimal
to the life we encounter
everything is different from up here
everything is pretty from my window
the earth as one no matter how separated
the air is clear rather than polluted
everything seems evenly distributed
pressure is weighing down on me
i can feel the force pulling me
but the air that pushes me
is the one that keeps me going
its only thing taking me away , allowing me to move on .
Water and land look like a spread thin sheet of paper
how we as humans belong to something greater
the world we live in so peaceful
yet our minds so pain driven and self centred

#nature   #art   #beauty   #emotions  
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
21 hours ago

I hope there's a music playing
To dance along, in this farm yard
I wish everyday was peaceful, wavy
Like the breeze is the choreographer
The lengthy plants dance along
And confess, we will heal your pain
Just look at us, how happy we are
This evening will cherish my mind
By these dancers in the field, so green

I must feel the vastness inside me
Coz everything I worry, has vanished
I feel no more remorse, wasting time-
Here, I could fling into this lovely view
She gets the goosebumps everytime
The wind fondles on her belly, so soft
Must admit the show was enchanting

Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
1 day ago

More than just drops of water
The life giver, the energy re filler
The rain, I stopped running away
And gazed, on drops that fall on leaves
A closer look, and thoughts lit up
It's a refreshment, a zillion angels
Descending, giving life to the dry souls
Defending drought from wiping out joy

The soil absorbed the gift
Awakened her offsprings
The trees, herbs and flowers
Replenished their needs
Now, the payback to their care takers
To let them be thankful to God
For what they haven't destroyed
For they have become humans

The nature will unleash, the beauty
The food, the medicines, to relax
And to inhale life, the oxygen
Then after, the silly droplets
That fooled around on huge petals
Soon, to drop on her fulfilled heart

The rain is a miraculous refreshment
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2 days ago

Walk through my soul forest
and sense
Anciently evergreen and wise
Fresh dampness deep with life

Rocket through my mind galaxy
and know
Burning nebulas of inspiration
Infinite dustings of thought constellations

Fall into my heart ocean
and taste
Tides brackish with emotional brine
Love foaming on shells and shorelines

Breathing life into my body
Blooming peace into my life
Take a moment to see me
And these natural forces of mine

#nature   #me  
2 days ago

There is thunder in my heart

#life   #nature   #emotional  
2 days ago

What do you think happens to an animal
Caged their whole life
When they are let go?

Don't believe they find comfort
Knowing they are free.
.. They are scared.

An entire life calmly dictated
Hemmed in and tethered.
.... That's all they know.

As pleasant it would be..
To just run..
Forage for fruits on their own.

All they know is how to behave.
All they know... Is how to beg.

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