Ciel De Verre
3 hours ago

Seeping between the cracks of the sky,
I notice clusters of fragmented
clouds melting within the shades
of crimson
and grey,
as the darkened sun
falls towards the night.

#sun   #nature   #night   #clouds  
Mark Robins
Mark Robins
5 hours ago

Above me there are great stars
That shine so wondrous
But cannot tell me why
I am so loveless
Then for a moment
While I ponder in despair
The heavens seems to realise
And one moves slowly through the air

Slow at first but then quicker
The star moves with ease
Across acres of farmland
And stretches of seas
And its beauty in this night
Gives me a subtle pleasure
Unheard of in such times
Of hatred and of terror

Then it vanishes
And order is resumed
My world is bleak again
Or so I assumed…

Yet as life takes hold
And I remain so alone
And words of friends bite
Too close to the bone
I find comfort somehow
In the way it flew
New feelings emerge
And I laugh anew

So upon days when all is gone
I think of that star in all its grace
And without thought
My heart begins to race
For the moment has passed
But is not thrown and tossed
And memories remind me
That all is not lost

#hatred   #alone   #loss   #nature   #beauty   #stars   #space   #memory   #despair   #loneliness  
CK Baker
CK Baker
5 hours ago

There’s a silverback haze
on the shallow face
of the Rockwell Ridge
folded brow
puzzled chin
and dark hollow eyes
keeping watch
on the lilies
and crane flies
and will of the wisp

Rust brown ravens
and fisher kings
are caught
in the reeds of north bend
(chased by the terraced streams)
youth blades ingrain
on the historic
and favored
Banka Memorial

Mustard and pumpkin skies
are clipped
by a call from
the resident loon
the sounds of Buddha Bar
piercing the silence
and shaping the afternoon chord

its time to make way
stream side
seems the anuran are courting

#nature   #beauty   #lake   #stream  
Montana Svoboda
Montana Svoboda
11 hours ago

It was an accident an unintentional
Resignation, a bout of bad
Timing over a late exchange,
Not necessarily taking risks but
An obligation to believe in consequence,
And I spent the entire walk eating
Gravel roads and paint lines
Hoping to digest a sense of purpose and
Faced a fear of being curb stomped blood
Set asunder like a Rorschach image found
Resolution in fading rivers of the body
Dissolving into earth

Bare feet broken branches
Bending over train tracks and an
Echo or ripple caresses velvet promises-
Beyond blue sky the moon glistens
Tender meditations from the surface of
Clandestine bodies of water-
Snuffing out vestiges with weighted cotton
Sleeve archives, impartial injury the damage a smile
Can heal teeth flickering so lively of amethyst and river beds-
Of all places one can get lost

We sipped on coffee
Nursing saliva to wine
Laid back spine pressed
Against floral constellations
Breathing oh, happenstance here
Then there and I could
Be enveloped by all the distances
You’ve never been to

making pinky promises with fair shared
vistas writing a noun and leaving  
nothing more to interpret,
the spectral beating of our evaporating heart
Is all that we can hope to accomplish

#love   #fear   #nature   #blood   #travel   #promise   #roadtrip   #traveling  
Betsy Garris
Betsy Garris
20 hours ago

Bloom where you're planted
All women are told
To thrive.
We are told to wait to be chosen, to be cut, to be picked the moment we blossom,
Only to be an ornimental object,
Some temporary color,
A disposable distraction.
To simply be beautifully brief.
Well I,
I am more.
I am more than a windblown wish
Than petals to be plucked
Than a wilting wildflower.
I am rooted. I am grounded.
And I,
I Bloom.

Never forget
That only the uncut flowers
Get to keep on growing.


It's been a while since I've written, and I don't usually write without rhyme, but this poem means a lot to me. Our society tells women to wait to be chosen, not to simply live.
This one is for all my single ladies.
Bloom- not simply to be picked, but to love the life you live.
#nature   #women   #grow   #bloom   #wildflower  
1 day ago

Our life flows lush tended gardens now,

Lake waters with sun conspire to shine,

Mountains breaking through the clouds,

Lone eagle erasing all that is lost of sky.

#love   #peace   #life   #nature   #lovers   #wisdom  
1 day ago

I sat beside
the waters edge,
and pondered
the life in the riverbeds.
I wondered how
it all began,
the fish,
the tides,
and the small
grains of sand.
It seems to be
a question to me,
just how exactly
it all came to be.
It's complex,
yet simple,
and began
with a ripple,
from the birds,
to the turtles,
to the small
little minnows.
This world is a circle,
a never ending cycle.
What lives always dies,
but secured with a tie,
will return back to live,
only to return back to die.

I wrote this, as I sat by the river, and watched the sunset.
#love   #life   #death   #nature   #circle  
Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
2 days ago

Riding the Sunrise to its zenith
Our destination the Northstar
Gazing at the crescent moon above us
Thinking of friends who are far

Whispered prayers carry on the wind
Telepathic connections magnify emotion
Waiting to ride and make art out of ice
Carving the helix is meditation in motion

Missing my snowboard buddies and the sweet ride on powder on a perfect winter weekend in Utah.....

The callous of you flail like the moon and you used to set every morn between these arms, now muddled with grease and sweat,
Every time I blink I see bokehs of you, ramming straight ahead at every juncture,
sans collision.
I’ve left notes to forget us and
I’ll rummage through every broken channel in search of my soul.
I feel a taste of my teeth in between the skeleton of leaves, the aftertaste of reminisce and a new found deep.
The skies have woven a path and lead to where the gorge stooped over the balaclava of the Earth.
I felt everything and nothing, a conch kept close to the heart, tidal waves jugular with your half moon eyes crashed against my chest, a chill travelled down my spine reinvigorating my sense of purpose.
I felt alive for the first time.
After you.
I know I’ve strode far towards the shore, the light piercing through every pore, an insatiable waning for ever more,
my lungs throb and my hands strife in the direction of the uprise.
My heart beats on, repeating a song of redemption, playing
“I’ll learn to swim in these lonely waters, at every horizon where I met me,
where the sun swallowed the sea.”
The wind exhaled with me, in unison with the spirit.
I was one with the wilderness,
the wilderness one with me.

Hey guys. I'm sorry for my disappearance for a long while. I was just caught up in the pangs of life :)
#love   #life   #loss   #adventure   #nature   #friend   #lover   #breathe   #wanderlust   #wild  

Swirling colors dancing flames
Bring this monochrome world to shame
A rainbows arc crowning the earth
A shimmering sight proving its worth

The songs of whales echo in the deep
And the howls of a wolf grace my sleep
They are music most pure, in a world gone mute
They are so hauntingly absolute

Winters death gives way to spring
And all the flowers it does bring
The summers rays warms us all
Then cools us down with the breeze of fall

Morning grass glistens with dew
Reflecting colors of every hue
There is beauty in life, if you care to see
Just open your eyes and heart to thee

#life   #nature   #beauty   #earth  
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