Sorry I have not been in a while I'm doing a collection series/contest for spring break writing a poem every day for seven days about the things I see or natures wonders if anyone wants to join me tell me in the next day!
And I will be looking for those poems that just stand out!

Thanks for everything guys *hug*
Charlie Wonder
Charlie Wonder
16 hours ago

It's spring again
The once forgotten jewels of nature are
spewing their life forces at me
At an harmless attempt to dance with ribbons brighter than a sunset on Venus it's self

No I can't argue the majestic mystery behind this beauty
But I won't forget what was sacrificed

Beauty and pain protect each other
Every rose has a thorn for its victim
Lured by the seduction

Ignorance is bliss
Love is pure
No speculation necessary

When I first saw them I saw my love
Her skin was soft and delicate balanced with the same color
How could God create her in harmony with nature
I thought as
My heart was pounding

I was lead there after following a golden stream
light from the Sun was just kissing the waters
Then I saw them
A blanket of red and pink scattered in the woods
Butterflies greeted me as I entered
It was a golden path of sunflowers
with walls made of honeycombs 

We would dance before I presented her the gift
A noble gesture and finally she asked

Why are you bleeding
The truth escape me at the moment
I didn't know but I leaned for a kiss

Every rose has a tale.
I hope you guys enjoyed.
Oscar Wilde included me on this one
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Spike Harper
Spike Harper
18 hours ago

It isn't often that the sun refuses to rise.
Lately it seems to need encouragement.
Rising just a little later each day.
And when it is the sole reason that the passing of time is so named.
Everything caters to meet the new requirements.
Disregarding lunar activity.
Heliocentric minds have never felt so embellished.
A chaotic routine indeed.
Favoring those who won the right to stay apexed.
Only when so many fight to stay at the top.
Do all those in the middle lose center.
Compressing the foundation into neat distortions of the past.
Like laughing at irony meant to sting.
Or playing a stringless instrument​ to a deaf audience.
Captivating all the more.
For beauty lies in the only I that matters.

Carol Sommers
Carol Sommers
20 hours ago

Five round, grey stones sit
Silently in the garden
Darkening with rain

#haiku   #nature  
George Krokos
22 hours ago

Whatever goes up, in this world, must also come down
unless it defies nature's law of gravity which is renown.
For anything to rise to a certain height and then have to come down again
depends on the force that initially propels it and how high it attains to then.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#gravity   #life   #world   #up   #nature   #down   #force   #height   #propel  
Walter W Hoelbling
Walter W Hoelbling
22 hours ago

in our daily haste to not miss
sales, appointments, buses, flights,
we tend to overlook the world
that gives us all these options

the awe-inspiring heights of our mountains
frightening majest y of our seas
powerful forests breathing life
the elegance of animals
a pleasant view of cultivated land
even the buzzing habitat of cities

we may be only a small part of seven human billions
yet it behooves us well to be aware
     and celebrate
the fragile beauty of our world

Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 day ago

Walking with my dog,
sunbeams are smiling through trees;
pure love on the leash.

I guess haiku poems are my favourite thing now ;)
Alan S Bailey
Alan S Bailey
1 day ago

I make a promise to myself
To avoid the past and think of tomorrow,
In the dusk the world is a bitter reddish hue,
Under this happy sky with people dying in war,
It's just what we need to make certain that
We will "make it through," with "endless" life,
But there is really no other way I'm told.
You who deface nature for yourselves alone,
Trash the earth we were given that keeps us alive,
Even then you eat off of plates of gold.
We are your fools who sit in the library,
Reading some important history about
"Non-essential" needs of love and
The glory of the way of tribes past.
Whatever I am saying-even this moment
I'm being laughed at far and wide.
I'm wrong! I'm stupid. Go ahead, say it.
We're going the right direction, leave no stone
Un-turned, let no animal in the woods hide!
You will still show me "perfection" in destruction
And death once I let you get inside my head,
If we are the future, it's already dead...

rolling nimbus sky
heavy black rainbow clouds swell
burdening winds load

words in the wind

Rites of spring haiku: # 1
Ma Cherie
Ma Cherie
2 days ago

Death may come,
to some sweet souls
we know this -
much too quickly
there in a flash,
- in a heightened dash-
perhaps not even sickly,

Oh how that fate-
so mercurial,
it doesn't tell us -
so often why,
as we gaze in daze,
upon our solemn dead,,
an throw our hands up to the sky,
we ask of our dear stars above,
just why'd they have to go an die?

As we are really sad for only just ourselves,
we're just not ready to be done,
so stuck there in our bad goodbye,
still looking for the shining sun,
parting is such sweet sorrow
when it's with the only "one",

To leave the lovely Earth,
a blinking eye,
before to grasp a changing thought,
to look up in a changing sky,
for the answers dearly sought,
or even only wonder why,
it wiped away a life so fast,
and suddenly-
it seems for naught,

Her people they not with her now,
as she lay so broken and forlorn,
until the strangers come to call,
her death-
it was perhaps just a chance to warn,

To expire in a cul-de-sac,
as they circle 'round her now to grieve,
watching as they march as one,
to see the only way -believe,
believe me,
they come to only bid farewell,
not to punish or a bone to cleave,
as the body fails,
gone away - a binding heave,

As a rolling tube of rubber brings
about the ugly severed end,
and a hard black inflated reality,
it comes around the final bend,
barreling down on a tiny female life,
no hand to hold-
not one to lend,
but the birds they came,
with a message we should send,

Harbingers come in the quietus here,
they come to dance in sacred feather,
an some say rare and very strange,
and predictors of the coming weather,

I think that might be true, I do,
but what do circling wild birds
really tell?
circumnavigating the dead of Earth,
while in the sadness do not dwell,
and still I'm sure they are afraid of those tires,
but those fears they only quell,

They circle round to pay respect,
an she an enemy in their eye,
still they only ferry her,
an wish her home
a last goodbye,

A ritual of death and life,
performed before the alter,
a spirit sighs -a soul she dies,
her body could only falter,
death may come,
they fear it - not,
and I believe they still-
believe no hell is hot,

How do these wild wild birds,
understand better than we,
some how?

Ma Cherie© 2017

Not going to add comments I'm going to see what happens if someone can guess what this is about course it's very metaphorical. Still very busy and  unable to be here much very sorry poets thank you so much for all the love muah -Ma Cherie ❤❤❤
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