Sure, I've ruined it again!
Follow me around like I'm the actual
And only problem. You'll eventually get yours!
So you think I'm the ultimate biggest of fools?

(Well, for once and for all, check yourself!)

Nice people finish last, and there's nothing nice
About going around with personal problems, that I
Have to fit your personal standard, even when they
Are following all of the standard rules!

I don't expect ANYONE to read this. Enough said. I know you don't like when I add any personal feelings to my work, guys! But at least I express my true feelings!
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"You ruined your body, It's covered in scars, are you happy now??"

"You really think I did this to be happy?!"

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Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Jan 12

Glancing again, what happened?
Why did they die?
Have they seen us, the poeple?
For whom they fought bravely
Holding hope, the only weapon
The only inspiration, dragged out

Then go through every aspects
Slavery, prison, torture, death
Or more, living worse than death

You can see how it turned well?
And still ruining the whole respect
Hell, we brought the laws, divided
Race, cast, religion, gender, wealth
Can you think about anything else
Done with it, where they left, we start

#war   #peace   #freedom   #death   #hope   #chance   #violence   #slavery   #ruined   #martyrs  
Melanie Kate
Melanie Kate
Nov 19, 2016

The reality you feel
Is the illusion your insecurities have fed you.
The observations made become your assumptions
That destroy the beauty of the unknown.
The words you choke on
Distort truth to lies.

Then your silence feeds your fears
Until your heart begins to fill with doubt.
The possibilities dissipitate
Sabotaged any friendship, any hope, any adventure, any future.
Convinced by the anxiety that warps your mind,
You close yourself.

There's no way back through the twisted silence and physical separation.


(c) MKD 2016
Sep 29, 2016

Loving you was like playing with fire, enchanting to the eye but dangerous to the touch. Funny how all I'm left with are memories of getting scorched and scars from the burns you gave me,
yet no memories remain of your warmth that encompassed me or the way you lit up my night. You know what they say, fire destroys everything in its path.
- And I guess I was no exception

Divya Padmanabhan
Divya Padmanabhan
Aug 21, 2016

Where is the pianist in me
Where is the overly-enthusiastic musician
Who'd pick up any lyrics
And make it into a song.

Where did I lose my words
Where did I lose my will to write
Where did I lose my courage
To cry my heart out on a piece of paper
And bleed my fingers on a guitar-string.

Where did I lose my random scribbles
Where did I lose my unabashed thoughts
Which I would often lash out on empty canvases.

When did my creative block
Turn me into a mechanical machine
And make me forget that
My right brain works better than the left one.

Where did I lose my faith
In this bloody human race
Where did I lose my friends
My family
And all those who loved me?

Where did I lose my
and when did I lose myself
To anxieties and the blues?

Is this real or a dream?

Where did I lose my courage to live?
Can someone find it for me?

I should stop over-thinking.
Jun 7, 2016

He has ruined me
for other men.
He killed me
with perfection,
fulfilled promises
that did everything for me.
I could never love
after loving him.

#love   #heartbreak   #promises   #life   #tears   #him   #jealousy   #men   #killed   #ruined  
Bailey Martin
Bailey Martin
Jun 2, 2016

Death isn't something that happens.
It's something that has happened.
It has happened, and then it happened, and then it happened again. After I die it will have happened.

good day
#life   #death   #positivity   #ruined  
Robyn Leonard
Robyn Leonard
May 22, 2016

flat green cotton whispers
settle at her Restless Feet
from men who mute their slumbered nights
from poor blundering women back home

She began dancing when her size 2 feet had the grand option of rest
Dancing because no one was watching
as the fingers and hands
of the cracks crawled down the rotten walls
and daddy wasn't coming home to pay them off

her new home tells her to
dance like no one is watching
but endless eyes do so

the sky loses its sunshine and
she's losing her clothes
sooner or later her face is buried in a pillow
her dignity buried deeper
than the sheets and cheap mattress

now the fingers and hands
of cracked men crawl
down the walls of her body
and just like home

she is no more than rubble
under more Privileged Feet

#sad   #lonely   #home   #dance   #memories   #dancing   #dancer   #memory   #childhood   #ruined  
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