it echoes loud and clear,
a thunderstorm passing by.
reverberating within my mind,
bringing with it flashes of confusion,
bolts of newfound understanding,
With it I have lost all sense of identity.
This diversity thunderstorm is new territory,
lands desperate for travel & discovery.
Who am I?
What do I feel is correct?
I'm lost wandering through the rain.

#confused   #lost   #lgbtq   #identity  
2 days ago

The path is willowed,
yet it is not a willowed path,
for what it is,
it is surely not.
What we see,
is not what is,
for what is,
we do not see.
Life is all great trickery.

#life   #confused  
2 days ago

I'm 18
Where am I in this life
I was 14
I knew where I was heading
I'm like a tidal wave
The ocean
Nuances of blue and black
Calm before the storm
Raging in different directions
Every single way
I'm able to go in all directions.
The sun sets in behind my horizon
The wind is blowing
Taking me east
Now west
Calm before the storm.

4 days ago

my normal emotions.
what is it like to be content?
to be normal.
to be happy.
i know i deserve it,
i strive to get there.
when will it happen;
when will i see myself clearly?
i want to look in the mirror and smile,
not scowl at my face.
i want to love myself;
i can love everyone else but myself.
i just need to know the key to it,
to being content.
to being happy to be alive.

#confused   #happy   #content   #strive   #lost   #empty   #hopeless   #emotions   #normal   #deserve  
Kalon R
Kalon R
4 days ago

Why do I feel like all my energy is drained
Why do I have to fight so hard to remove your stains

Why is your love causing so much pain

"Why don't you just leave?"
I guess because I'm a white knight...
I can't leave until the caged bird takes flight
And I know that she'll be alright.

And well I guess I'll stay

I broke a heart once
so I guess I'll stay

I can be your shining light that leads the way
as we continue to play
this game
for the sake of love

#love   #confused   #white   #knight  
Kalon R
Kalon R
4 days ago

The one question ive been asking myself

What is love?

Is it the moonlit walks that give romance a name?

Is it that feeling of a fire building deeply inside?

Is it that butterfly that flutters when they call your name?

Is it the tears that flow down your face like a river?

Is it the shield that stops a bullet from piercing your skin?

Is it the choice to wake up everyday and say your feelings haven't changed?

#love   #confused  
Robbie Gunn
Robbie Gunn
4 days ago

Walking across the road
Didn't read the signs
Coast is clear
Unlike my mind
Turn back to see
Cars whizzing past
Time has progressed
I am stressed
Anxiety hits
wish a car did

Exploring darker aspects of myself
Iris Madden
Iris Madden
5 days ago

alone in mind
alone in body
alone in spirit,
lonely soul
and lonely heart.
to sleep you go
and all the words
die on my fingertips,
all the questions
move to take their spots
among things
I'll likely never again
find the courage to ask,
here's to hoping
one day
we'll know.

emme m
emme m
6 days ago

i didn’t sleep last night
i don’t know why
feeling empty inside
but i don’t want to cry
i’m looking at the sky
at the starshine
in the morning, at the sunlight
but i don’t know why

#confused   #sleep   #why   #night   #sky   #last   #know   #sunlight   #dont   #starshine  

isn't everything a metaphor,

just a fragment of our conscious?

isn't what we call the universe,

just our mind's creation?

isn't everything we know,

just electrical impulses and neurones?

isn't our perception of self,

just an impermanent idea?

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