Limitations of the human heart,
So fickle and feisty and miserable.
Like a coin with two-faces apart,
I flip it like a switch as I gamble.

Losing my warmth like I've died,
I kept on walking barefoot in the Arctic.
I've lost my senses and forgot how to walk,
I fell down and drowned in the cold.

Feelings of contentment, "I tried."
Feelings of madness, "It's chaotic!"
Feelings of hopelessness, "Aftershock..."
Feelings of warmth, "No!", I called.

I wanted to give up all hope,
Inhumane to every emotion,
All I wanted was to cope,
But love was a miserable affliction.

As I tread this path of harsh winds,
Guided by what seems to be light,
I fell down into the ice-cold ocean,
And as I drowned, it was warm afterall...

Should I swim up and keep walking? Or drown and be satisfied with my own dying warmth?
Sebastian VL
3 days ago

I feel like I am on a retrace
Slowly being replaced
By a small little low face
In a big world where he got no place
It's like crusin down a freeway
But still losin on the big race
Try being a disgrace
To yourself like its all plié
Still walking on a slow pace
More lone than NASA in space

Where nothing really matters
And my mind is in some scatters
Get all your sadness in a platter
Eat it up while you're getting flatter
Lyrics everywhere like I just had a splatter
Spittin on a mic they call me grand master
Yet my emotions are unorganized some would call it natter
Like if they were in a ball and my mind was a batter
Throw it by chance land low then make it a clatter
May land and fuck you up but it don't matter
Well it landed on me so now my body shatters

May be so sad with all my lows
But now I'm some kid that nobody knows.
1:04 am and I am expectin a lil show
Or am I too late? did I miss my flow?
Did anyone bring the drinks for the party I was about to throw?

To forget about our lives hittin up like drive by's
Got everybody leavin they say bye bye
Used to be that kid that would just cry all night
But got used to it now I act alright.
Getting used to every punch like it was cake right?
Take a lil piece and say it was easy right?
Where life is not a game but I got played by life
Fucked up so hard lost myself out on sight.
Don't be me and do alright.
Maybe you won't be like me being blue all night.
I hope everyone that left is doing alright.
I hope this dont last any longer cold like a frost bite
Hope I can get it back. My might for the fight
I hope I can get it back, my little shining light.

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#sad   #confused   #lost   #rap   #rhyme  
JMA Alamilla
4 days ago

Why can't you see what I see?
How can I explain what I don't even understand?
I am doing all I can to show you,
But you keep missing the clues.
Over and over again.
You're my drug.
I am dying.

I am trying.
I am not giving up.
Not again. Not this time.
But you are not letting me be me.
I don't even know who I am anymore.
How can I explain what I don't understand?
Why can't you see what I see?

Kaytlyn Harris
5 days ago

everything is cold and soaking
i feel sickness creeping up my back
where your hands were
as if im standing outside my house in the midst of a cold springtime storm
left a cold in me
i need to warm up
the thing is im not sure how

#confused   #spring   #cold   #sickness  

My compilation of confusion
I don’t know anything anymore,
I’ve lost myself in a life filled with faces,
unknown traces
I’m all around the place….
My heart is hidden, my soul is crushed and my eyes are closed,
My mind is confused of all these unknown feelings and wanting’s…
Who am I? What do I do? Who are you? Do I love you?
I don’t even know if I like you… let alone myself.

I’m lost in a place filled with time,
Just too little of it
I only see the obstacles and not the opportunities…
I feel like a failure, how can I achieve anything?
You can achieve, but I can’t
Too afraid to try, too afraid to fly, too afraid to live,
At the same time afraid to die,
What does this mean?

Nothing makes sense,
We people just walk around here doing what society tells us to do,
I don’t feel happiness, I only feel emptiness and anger
Where is the justice? Little kids are starving and dying,
While we starve to be beautiful
Looks are everything, brains mean nothing
You dress to impress, not to be warm

Sometimes I wish everything could change,
I don’t know to what,
But to something else,
Something better.
Why make things so complicated…
Don’t we have the resources to help?
The resources to change the ways of the world,
What society finds important,
And how people interact?
I just give up, like I always do,
Give up on everything and myself,
But most of all…
I just give up on mankind.

You can ask me why,
and I'll start to cry
You can ask me when,
But I still won't tell you then

You can try to give me a hug,
But I'll take a step back
You can try to comfort me,
But I'll only feel discomfort

I'm broken and bruised,
brutally used,
and permanently uncured.

#sad   #pain   #confused   #alone   #hurt   #hopeless   #used  
Mar 16

what are we doing?
texting back and forth as if nothing has happened
we act like we are in love yet we are in love with others

talking to you is toxic
I find myself slipping back into your spell
I can't help but fall for you again

how many days will this go on
until we realize how lethal this is

I'm not sure about the last 2 lines or even the middle part.. anything I should add or change?
I don't know this kinda just came to me and is a little relatable
#love   #sad   #confused   #depressed   #scared   #not   #what   #lovers   #toxic   #others  
Mar 16

your eyes are wicked lies
i lost a piece of me
    shed for you,
am i dead to you?

#love   #hate   #confused   #sadness   #question   #arcadia  
Mar 15

things have been different lately
and here i am hoping
for things to go back the way they were
all i've been doing is wait for you
and wonder what you're up to

i try to understand you
with your excuses and all
you say i'm over thinkning
but i think it's just too much

you were never like that
and things seem to be going downhill
sometimes i think this will pass
but i also think this wouldn't last

im tired of feeling lonely
even with your presence
conversations seem so dead
which upsets me the most

i dont know if this is still right
but i still love you wholeheartedly
our spark that once was there
is now slowly fading away

maybe i am overthinking, but who knows if i am right?
#love   #broken   #sad   #lonely   #confused   #upset  
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