The callous of you flail like the moon and you used to set every morn between these arms, now muddled with grease and sweat,
Every time I blink I see bokehs of you, ramming straight ahead at every juncture,
sans collision.
I’ve left notes to forget us and
I’ll rummage through every broken channel in search of my soul.
I feel a taste of my teeth in between the skeleton of leaves, the aftertaste of reminisce and a new found deep.
The skies have woven a path and lead to where the gorge stooped over the balaclava of the Earth.
I felt everything and nothing, a conch kept close to the heart, tidal waves jugular with your half moon eyes crashed against my chest, a chill travelled down my spine reinvigorating my sense of purpose.
I felt alive for the first time.
After you.
I know I’ve strode far towards the shore, the light piercing through every pore, an insatiable waning for ever more,
my lungs throb and my hands strife in the direction of the uprise.
My heart beats on, repeating a song of redemption, playing
“I’ll learn to swim in these lonely waters, at every horizon where I met me,
where the sun swallowed the sea.”
The wind exhaled with me, in unison with the spirit.
I was one with the wilderness,
the wilderness one with me.

Hey guys. I'm sorry for my disappearance for a long while. I was just caught up in the pangs of life :)
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Benji Platski
15 hours ago


We have become angels
Soaring in an Ocean of blue
Like gods we view the world
As a child views a toy

Life, such a universe in itself
Now barely visible
Only but specks in our vision
Worth more than the world

We the few know this sight
The world lit up in the dark of the night
The air is calm at earth's height
The hands of nature carry us on our flight

We soar like the eagle
Dive like a hawk
Our eyes captivated by the wonder
The beauty of the sky
We have become proof
That impossible
Is but a big word
For small men

Alas, to see the water rush over the falls
Mountains turned red and orange
The world frozen, white as the clouds we live in
A serene home in the sky
A mesmerizing view of the earth we walk
All the beauty of the world
All the wonder in which we partake
Does not compare
To the beauty in your eyes

So much more to see
So much more to know
For at the end of the day we will run out of space
To explore the earth which we grace
With Our presence above
We have seen all there is to see
All there is to know
All that exists on earth below

But although I may spend a lifetime searching your soul
I will never reach the end
Of your beautiful sky
And lost in you
Is where I will happily die.

Elissa Deauvall
Elissa Deauvall
3 days ago

She walked the trails
with a grace
only she could master

The sun shined
a little harder
every time she smiled

The birds sang
a little louder
every time she laughed

Her words
had enough power
to move mountains

She got lost in her thoughts,
I could tell because
her eyes lit up a bit more

She saw beauty
in everything
even in me

Adventure called her
and her heart gladly answered

If you want to see pictures from this day, check out my site:
Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
4 days ago

Sun Gate by moonlight
The Ruins below glimmering
Dream light  shines bright  
Ancient magic shimmering

To our souls the dreamscape experience is real
Our Consciousness connected -- together we stand
So much unknown except what I feel
The flutter of my heart, the touch of his hand

We take flight through the mist
As the world below gleams
Adventure beckons and I can't resist
Mountain Man became  the man of my dreams

Lucid Dream of Machu Picchu

Your eyes hold mountains in them.
I could easily trek through every trail, count every stone, and memorize the amount of steps it takes to hike to the tops and back down each hill.

It's safe to say, I would not mind.
I would not mind adventuring you
for the rest of my life.

inspired by those brown eyes
#love   #eyes   #adventure   #mountains   #brown  
Feb 13

If you seek adventure
You search for something
You never want to find
Because if you find adventure
You are no longer seeking it;
If you are lost,
You must stop searching
To be found.

#adventure   #lost   #find   #finding   #searching   #losing   #seeking   #seeker  

I wish I could go.
I wish
I could start my car
In winter, with
Frosty windshield
Gloved hands
Fresh coffee in my mother’s favorite mug.

I wish I could drive
Into the daybreak
Misty and golden
The navy of night still hung up high.

I wish I could run
All alone
Shed expectations

And be.

#self   #adventure   #alive   #be   #run   #free   #live   #awake   #travel  

Found between tree lines and an open
An old photograph half
Relinquished to nature,
Stubborn in part-a portion refuses
To yield
Barely visible
Plucked with fingertips painted
A specific shade of dirt and wanderlust hiding
Amongst bluestem lean-tos,
Thought to crouch, to
Get down on two knees
Catch a better view
Make lakes for small animals,
Crawl under the poorly thatched roof
Maybe fall asleep for a little while,
Strip bare absorb newfound bliss
Use old focused light as a blanket
Finding comfort in an unfamiliar image-

Is life not simply just
Discovering pieces of ourselves
In foreign situations?

It was a tarnished analog log cabin
Hew marks like calligraphic
Brush strokes visible on the wall,
Window rotted mostly
Slightly off-center
Small glimmer hinted
At a sill brimming
With coffee cans and tin mugs,
There was a mixed group of maple faced
Pioneers standing middlemost,
Smiles falling off the photograph,
Flipped over ever so faint
Was the date “1994”,
Two years before I was born but
Yet it seemed,
As rays of sun in brilliant
Reflection of cedar gold and wildflower periwinkle
Merge and dissolve and bare foot trails
Rise into wilderness,
That we were smiling together

Feb 7

We peel back each foggy layer
To reveal fresh flesh below
There are many layers
Raw skin we've yet to know
And we go deeper

The more we come to know
The less there's left on show
Layer upon layer
Stinging our eyes
So we go deeper

As we peel back each separate layer
Purity is revealed
But instantly contaminated
And presently concealed
Yet we go deeper

Searching for the core
Before it too disappears
Smaller and smaller
Diminishing circles
Still we go deeper

Till there's nowhere left to go
But go we must
In tear drops trails
In faith's trust
We go deeper

© Copyright SE February 2017

I wanted to go home, it felt like it had been ages
Having been on the road for so long.
But we stopped, because they insisted.
Two nameless faces within this dream.
"Let's get out, stretch our legs."
Begrudgingly I complied, approaching a bridge.
Down below a shimmering river of blue,
Ran silently along the banks we traversed.

This is the point where one thing, turns into another.
As I sifted through the steps and boulders beneath,
The world which was living around me, began to change.
Walls of high water rose, as I descended farther down.
And the two, who so boldly encouraged this adventure,
Left me alone to this vast maze of sunken wonder.

Exploring this labyrinth, brought me to a city
Fallen to the depths, hidden through dreams and fate
Along the perimeter as if bombarded stood a broken wall
It too, could not withstand the pressure of misfortune
Finding myself, at the bastion of this watery grave
I knocked on the swollen door, to find myself drowning
All the walls began to fall, as the river started to overtake me.
In a flash, gasping for air, I washed up on the quiet banks
With the Sunken City, ever existing in the memories of a dream.

#adventure   #dreams   #water   #drowning   #city   #random   #sunken  
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