4 hours ago

i cut myself today
once, twice, thrice,

and i wonder why
it felt so good

i wonder why
it felt

Jenna Erwin
Jenna Erwin
7 hours ago

When we were little
We told our parents
To keep the light on when we slept

We thought if we kept it on
The Boogie Man would
Never be able to find us
With the lights all on

Now I fall asleep
With a light on
To keep the darkness
From trying to
Drown me....

K Balachandran
K Balachandran
9 hours ago

Pale moon kept
hiding behind
the thicket of clouds,
being constantly
twisted and turned
by renegade winds

Silence fell
may be after
every defeat
or victory perhaps
on the side,
one could only guess

There were booming
of guns, explosions
sounds of vehicles
rushing to all sides
creating panic.
Pain was the language
cried out aloud,
well understood
At all times
smell of death would spread
like a trail of smoke
from an extinguished wick.
It thickened the darkness
by desperately crying out for light.

"Are we winning or losing?"
a voice in the darkness
in agony whined,
not knowing which way
wind blows
or  when all would
mercifully  end;
that question has
already rendered meaningless
by the reign of dark forces.

Was there a whistle
signifying naught?
a whisper spread
all around like a mantra

Then came a long silence
nobody seemed to answer
or know what to tell.

1 day ago

Like a ringing in my ears,
the loneliness consumes,
becomes all I sense.
The darkness corners me,
it takes me with it,
and I am left to fight,
I stop,
giving into the coldness,
but I love it.
Flashes of bright red,
like the flashing lights,
of the police cars,
when they took me,
calling me insane,
like they slapped a label,
on me,
I am labeled dangerous,
They don't know,
they treat me like a box of explosives,
in their infatuation of a safe and freak-free world,
but I really should be marked fragile.
But they would never know.
I smell blood,
and often scent here,
in my cages.
I am like a caged bird,
just waiting to be free.

#lonely   #label   #alone   #fight   #darkness   #cold   #loneliness   #sense   #insane   #cornered  
2 days ago

Be lost in thought
As reading the novel…
Then take a sip his coffee…
Stumble again and again the words…
Then close the book and watch out free…

Suffering memories…
Come into view on
Vapour of the brown mug…
Regrets, unvoiced words
And farewells…

A couple of minutes
Can remind lots of things
What you labor to forget…

Rain cats and and dogs
Out of the window…
Though you just listen
The silent
Except sounds of fireplace…

There is huge of space
On the door
Except the thoughts…
And some vapour
Of the brown mug…

#home   #coffee   #rain   #window   #darkness   #night   #loneliness   #door   #minutes   #mug  
RL Glassman
RL Glassman
2 days ago

And I say unto thee, wearily
I know not when it will end
The realm of darkness, a growing sphere
Where times lies down to spend
     Exalted standers, enter near
In the same mystical space as I
But Lo! The horizon does approacheth
Over-all they do or ever did try
     Loudly I say, how do I perceive it?
The True Greatness that occupies...
A blessed vision, they do not think of
Though it looms before their eyes
     I yell unto thee, fearful
Warning you and beings to surrender
I cannot look down and ignore the darkness
So be it, I shall, forever

Written March 10th 2017

in a dark place, this is what happened.
#fear   #sad   #dying   #sadness   #death   #dark   #darkness   #fears   #fearing   #fearful  
Makayla Shea
Makayla Shea
2 days ago

The darkness knocked at my door
I opened it, just a crack
I stared and my heart did soar
I can not take it back
That glance i gave to those eyes
The way it stared at me
It made me despise
Everything i had come to see
Without wanting too
I opened wide the door
And it showed me something new
I thought it would give me more
It wisperd inside my ear
That i was all alone
It was all i could hear
It told me i couldn't go home
It handed me the knife
And showed me how to bleed
It made me want to take my life
And commit this awful deed
It took from me so much
And gave me nothing back
My shoulders were always hunched
My heart was always black
I began to lose all hope
I couldn't even see
There was no way to cope
With the darkness eating me
But this wont be the end
Because i wont give up the fight
It just another bend
In the war of wrong vs. right
And i may be in pain
And I may fall down
But i wont go insane
I wont alow myself to drown
Beneath all these emotions
Running through my mind
And all these crazy notions
I will try and bind
Because this is my life
And i will fight back
Even though theres stife
I wont be controlled by my heart even when its all black.

Fighting against depression.
Meg Howell
Meg Howell
2 days ago

The sunlight before a thunderstorm. How it seems to break and falter with a grayish darkness in some areas, while others hold a nostalgic, yellow light ray that seems to reflect the warmth of the past, and its' contents. This is where I find you, with your mysterious mind, sometimes contradicting your quick smiles. This is where I'll keep you, in the middle of a paradox. My golden, stormy sunlight.

Jennifer Ale
Jennifer Ale
2 days ago

The wall is a place where dreams can happen
Look to the left. Why?
Screams emptiness at you
To make you regurgitate your thoughts
Into a blank place.

Give me your mind
The wall screams silently
One colour one tone one grey
Wall, another grey wall
Making up my grey home

I am in the corners of your mind
Says the wall
The wall laughs at me for it can be as still
As I ever could be
I long for quiet- I long for space
I long for emptiness no emotion no pace
Forever still like the wall

I envy its maker. Man.
Man made wall.

2 days ago

Hate is a darkness
A feeling, a sound, a phrase, a sight
It's a swirling atrocity
Surfacing from the deep depths of our souls
Breaking through
Poisoning and ravaging and tainting each perception
It blinds and maims
It's has no remorse
It drowns, seeping into every crevice of your being, leaving nothing untouched
Gradually, it consumes your soul
Torn, bruised yet bursting with spite, sin, jealousy, deceit, manipulation, lies
It never ends
Twists, turns and misleads
A game you could never possibly win,
And one you've inevitably already lost
In hate you find a rotten hope for violence and injustice
It'll devour everything and I hope it should not afflict the world thereafter
It plagues ideas and concepts
It is sown amongnst us
Harbouring a tendency to cast a perilous shadow
Laying a trap to the unwary
It befalls even the worthy and the gracious
Those in love with love
Those that love the light and the light of love
But mostly those who love
As with love there always lurks hate
And with hate you extinguish the love


#love   #sin   #hate   #darkness  
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