Alva Cardona
Alva Cardona
2 hours ago


Just like our bodies cast a shadow, or souls cast a light.
It’s too dim for our eyes to see, but it still shines bright,
like a sun the size of a molecule.

The cosmos within us might be small,
but it’s full of star clusters and nebulas,
meteors and asteroids,
dust and debris,
particles, dark matter,
antimatter, and dark holes;

of many bodies within a body,
like the nine planets that inhabit
our solar system;

of entire galaxies orbiting
a single center of mass
in a beautiful and rare dance
that will last an eternity.

The further we get away from that light,
(that spiritual umbilicus)
the more we feel
like we can’t see
that barely observable

the more we feel
to other souls,

the more we feel
by distances
that can only be
in lightyears, or millions
and millions
of parsecs.

the more we feel
the sheer force
of its gravitational pull,
that sense of belonging;

the more we feel
the longing
to go back
to the source,
to that omnipresent
that quietly
that's aware
of itself;

the more we feel
the need to go beyond
our cosmic boundaries;

the more we feel
the need to fill
the immense voids
that clog the universe;

the more we feel
the need to bind together
the galactic sheets
and filaments across
the constellations.

There are infinite galaxies inside us all
that run like rivers without mouths,
and not a single atom or drop in our beings
ever goes to waste in this endless
ocean within,

even if we occupy a limited space,

even if we’re in a state
of constant expansion
or collapse,

even if we’re always on the verge
of a Big Crunch,
a Big Bang,
or a Big Bounce.

We’re not just objects floating adrift
in the vacuum of space, but living
beings in which space floats adrift
in its infinity within.

And we don’t just hoard candles and flashlights
so we can see the darkness
that surrounds our vessels;

we’re creatures that try to be hosts to the divine,
that try to be our own light
so it never goes out.

#world   #space   #darkness   #light   #inner  
Moissa Padin
Moissa Padin
9 hours ago

Light up the sky for me;
because the world down below
is just too unbearable to see.
I wonder why shooting stars
choose to land in here;
if I were them
I would cling to the vast galaxy.

Say that I am right;
And just watch to indulge our eyes.
The world looks so harmless
when everybody shuts their eyelids
and closes their greedy minds.
I wonder what's the reason behind.

Darkness doesn't always mean sullen;
because it is what I anticipate in the morning.
But in order to see through it
I need a little glow-

So light up the sky for me
and let your burdens go.

This was my entry upon signing up in Hello Poetry. Copyright 2014.
Moissa Padin
Moissa Padin
10 hours ago

Your shoes,
I saw them lying neatly
Side by side upon the bridge.
Laces untied; socks in a crumpled bundle inside
As if you had just stepped out of them,
As if you had just left them on somebody else's doorstep.

Gingerly, I picked them up.
In the air I let my questions hang.
At what point in your life
Did these blood-red sneakers turn almost white?
Since when did its crisp signature logo
Turn into an unreadable smudge?

Worn out and faded,
Tattered and almost unrecognizable,
I barely knew the thing I was holding in my hands…

Perhaps you were too busy running
To even notice its deteriorating condition?
Never mind the cracks on the surface,
The thinning soles already caked in mud,
As long as they take you away from the darkness
Which seems to follow you everywhere.

For the last time, these shoes have served you.
Brought you in this unlikely place, on this very bridge.
Where you left them lying neatly side by side
As you took the way out, barefoot.

Hoping someone would step into them,
Feel for answers with their own toes.
And finally understand that
There were no haunting shadows in your pursuit

Because all this time

The darkness has always been inside you.

#suicide   #death   #darkness   #runaway   #run   #shoes   #haunted   #sneakers  

She may have passed on
Never forget what she meant to you
Forever was she your guiding light
And she never let you out of her sight
Very conscientious at what she did
Because, she always wanted the best for you
Your mother was there from the start
And she loved you with all her heart

Lady Bird
Lady Bird
2 days ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  

We are all the light
we believe our hearts
could possess at
any given moment;
we are all the light
we allow to reflect
on our faces,
through our actions,
to the people
who we love,
to those who need it,
to those who are
stuck in the dark;
we are all the light
we allow ourselves
to aspire--for people
around us;
we are all the light
and we will break through
all of the dark.

Originally written: December 29, 2016
#love   #hope   #darkness   #light  
Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
3 days ago

Just for a single moment,
Can you pull away from that glass,
Look me in the eye and tell me,
That this time is the last?

Stay there for a minute,
I have just one thing left to say.
You're significance in my life,
Has meant something to me until today.

Please wait for me, will you?
I have to put on my coat.
You're leaving me behind,
And a lump is forming in my throat.

Resurface from your dark cave,
And come out to meet my eye.
If I no longer mean a thing to you,
Then have the decency to say goodbye!

I know you're hurting in your own way,
But I'm only the enemy in your mind.
I'd sooner be the one to make you happy again,
Instead of being here, left behind.

I'm being honest, despite my sharp words.
Maybe someone needs to tell you the truth:
You're so consumed by yourself that you don't see
This is not all just about you!

Outside your cave is a big, bright world,
And I'm standing here, waiting on you, on my own.
I would attempt to approach your stony structure,
But it doesn't feel much like home.

Could you just open up for a second,
I promise you I mean you no danger.
Or are you afraid of meeting my old eyes,
In case you just see another stranger?

5th January 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
3 days ago

When the breath is heavy like a fog, the hard part is seeing

Feet won’t move, no matter the strength being used

Teeth being cracked by the tension

All of it becoming lost to time

Matter and then ash

Then ash to the winds

#poem   #poetry   #life   #darkness   #ink   #poems   #my   #spilled  
3 days ago

grey skies sing hymnals of the morning arisen
the faint sounds of the crows caw, within the limbs of the pine titan

each drop of the rain elixir, painting across the window pane
washing away the yesterday full of dread and sorrow

if only the skies could open and take me away, from the world of chaos i am chained to

my flesh is tearing away from my bones, and my mind is telling me my heart chambers

can’t keep yearning anymore, and the grey skies are the background static

#poem   #poetry   #life   #nature   #darkness   #poems   #my   #somber  
3 days ago

if that anger was all consuming
that bitterness truly all decaying
then i must be quite the delayed
supernova, a mistake for a mistak

#poem   #poetry   #depression   #life   #darkness   #poems   #my  
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