Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion
16 hours ago

Laying in my bed of roses.
With a bottle of whiskey in my hand.
Staring at a picture of you,
I’m missing you like crazy.

Empty bottle dropped on the floor.
The picture I held so dear,
Now engulfed in flames.
Turning our memories together into meaningless ashes.

Staring out of the window,
Watching the rain pouring down.
At least the rain’s not coming from my eyes anymore.
I’ve stopped treasuring you and started to remember myself.

Smiling from ear to ear,
Trying not to laugh at myself.
I hope I’ve moved on,
Even if it meant living with half a heart.

Years passed before I could say goodbye.
Laying in my bed,
With whiskey once again ending up in my hand.
A smile landed on my lips.

I’m still thinking of you on a lonely night...

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1 day ago

What are the twists
And turns of a string?
How many threads are
Hidden within?
What parts do we see
And what parts do we not?
Is this string the same one
Or have we picked up

How can we depend on
Our eyes and mind that
Alter images to the very
Moment they are seen...

#time   #memories   #present   #string  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

My memories are not special
They are not unique
But they are mine

And though alone
They are all that I have
To reference these more confusing times

And after I’ve lived them once or twice
I store them away within my mind

Not just for me
But also for you

So that one day you can look back and see
All that it once meant to be
Alive within the eyes of Me

Generally speaking. Please know that if you're reading this. Liking this. Sharing this. Or just generally following me here on HP. I'm thankful for your kindness. For your input. For your thumbs up and considerate comments. It does mean a lot to me. Even though I don't say it nearly enough.


Thank you!
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Brian Densham
2 days ago


The storm

The withered mast
The broken sea
The fear

The sudden chill
The vacant sleep
The void

The tides

The memory of tides – denied

Each casual consequence
Each fragile reality
Swept away

Swept - and slept away
‘til all becomes

The Memories

The tide of memories

Beyond the Storm
There is no Storm

The best
You can

Copyright 2003 B.Densham
Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion
2 days ago

Stumbling upon the path I’ve been looking for,
With a quick look behind to see my friends and family.
They waved and started to take a different way.
I smiled and began to walk straight ahead,
Knowing that if I look back again everyone would be gone.

Lights showed up on the side of the road.
Cars driving by, making a highway.
All of this is silence even while noises come and leave
This is it, I thought and began to run.

Running made it all a field of grass.
Horses passing by me with a touch of the wind.
My hair following the breeze from the ocean.
Within the night all over the world.

Falling down in the sand.
Burying me from neck to toe,
Making it harder to get free.
Water began rising,
Crashing against me.

Within a second I hit the ground,
Choking up blood.
With pain to my back,
And light smell to my clothes.
A well known voice behind me.

I think it’s enough,
I’m by the end now.
I looked behind me,
With a dead look in my eyes.
As I saw her sitting in a pit of ashes.

I got up and ran into her arms.
I had been looking all over for her.
I felt happy that I found her.
I cried in her arms,
Finally we emerged as one whole soul.
She had been forgotten for a long time,
And She had finally giving up.
But then I came crashing down from above.
Making her heart almost stop.

I had been falling over the memories we had as one.
I came for her, and that only saved her.
We once were one person,
Until I changed and abandoned her.
But In the end I came,
and I ended the search of myself.

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h rivers
h rivers
3 days ago

                               ­ a photo captured
                                   comes to pass
                                no matter how hard
                                we might try to grasp
                   ­             a moment fades
                                     over time
                                     of our life ...

                                memories spilled
                                    poetry writ
                                the real artifacts
                                timelessly beheld

                                reminders of the things
                                we try to hold on to

                                reminders of the things
                                   we try to forget ...

           ­                    March 26th, 2017

Notes (optional)

just because it didn't last forever
doesn't mean it wasn't worth it ❤
Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis
3 days ago

I want the life I once had,
waking up to the warm smell of coffee in the morning.
With my tired brown eyes gazing up at you from the bedsheets.
And your smile just makes everything in the world seem right again.

I want the midnight feasts, sharing stories,
And me falling asleep on your chest
And just listening to you heart race in my ear.

I can fall asleep now, I'm not so frightened of the dark anymore,
But I sleep on your side of the bed, so I don't end up looking over before I go to sleep expecting to see you there.
So I stop dreaming I'd woken up before you in the morning when in reality you left a long time ago.

I know we can't be together.
I know I can move on, be with someone new.
But I'd rather live my whole life alone than share it with someone who isn't you.

The truth behind the truth is,
I don't want to move out of this bed.
I just want to fall asleep,
and be with you,
even if it's just in my head.

But now I'm awake again.

#love   #sad   #heart   #sleep   #happy   #memories   #dreaming   #you   #missing   #felt  
3 days ago

Filtered sunlight exists beyond another leaf.
Lingering in the musty smell of wormwood
thoughts, regrets, permeate parched veins.
Amid tenuous crackling the mantra persists.

While glassy gaze and fingertips move feverishly
oils pillage to dismantle fiber and ink.
Aimless memories fall apart unglued,
unbound by desperation's white-knuckled grip.

Chapter two is an inkling, a slip of the tongue,
a pasty hand reaching for the curtain's leading edge.
A give, a break, the playful breeze
slipping a tendril beneath the foliage to steal your breath.
An ending without a reader,
sunken eyes or wizened lines,
without a face--never lives.
Living is every page.

quote inspiration : "you can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one."
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h rivers
h rivers
5 days ago

Blackwater river
Spring rainbows rise to the fly
Catch and release life

rivers                                                  ­                          .

a photo captured
comes to pass

my original HP avatar b&w;,  joining HP in 2012;
sun faded photo ― the haiku is the details
of the photo ― there is always a thread
that interconnects everything
i've ever written into the next
chronological writ... the photo now gone
presage of evanescent rivers adieu
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
5 days ago

From the gentle curve of her subtle wrist
To the slenderness of her hand
Placed within
My own already hers in mind
It is there within the frozen moment
Which I am reminded of the absence
The lack of time
To communicate this distant feeling
And the stillness within this state of mind
For a centimeter is not even a half of an inch
But an eternity
Which is no small distance
To be separated from such a mind

From 1:11


Till 1:58
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