10 minutes ago

Flow into my body like a gentle mist
let my goosebumps pretend that I resists
Pelt me kisses that I will miss
drown me wildly for I insists
Devour me entirely with your circular winds
take me to the seas of uncharted dreams
Even if catastrophic it may seems
i'll stay with you till the sunlight beams.

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Ben Buckley
9 hours ago

she has a nose piercing
and those green eyes.
i'll never forget how they shake uncontrollably
the sound of her voice has
my stomach lifted by the tornado in my head
and all i can do is
stutter and blush.
like those green eyes

i'm really in love with a girl who has green eyes that shake and imthey fascinate me to no end.
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14 hours ago

I see constellations within your eyes that keep me warm, and dream of being wrapped within your galaxy, inside your arms. I want to be your moon at its highest high, that calls to you like the rough waves tide. You are the reasons stars exist, a fairytale feeling I cannot resist. A pathetic poetic way to spill my heart, like an open vein, that only gushes metaphors and thoughts...and bitter sweet nothings only your ears can hear, your mouth can taste, your heart only can feel. A Demigod forced to live within fallen grace, with a sinner who could never perfect her place. I know inside, what I wish for your eyes to seek, will truly never be. 
That may just be the death of me.

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Arcassin B
Arcassin B
16 hours ago

By Arcassin Burnham

I couldpour the passion into this conversation,
We could talk awhile and have more further relations,
It's okay to be a little shy due to persuasion,
Don't be lost from the fallen dreams,
Please don't put the blame all on me,
For making you head over heels for me,
There's nothing volatile in our chemistry,
I was wrong enough to lead you on in the making,
I'm always nervous that's why I'm shaking,
Composure fail,
The love prevails,
A little off,
Your skin is pale.

1 day ago

Dont worry about going back
I''ll send my angel to watch your back
But if you'll grant me to send you back
I'll be delighted to carry you on my back

I used to be an integer
Now I'm a fraction of what I used to be
My problems multiplied exponentially
To sum it up, I'm looking for value
A good addition, someone to love me
Who won't divide us from the other
It's my theory of relativity
So let's have a slice of pi
A walk down lover’s lane
We'd be perfect numbers
Without need to explain
Why we fit together
Oh so equally
The perfect equation
I hope you're into me

You make my day every day  
That's sure easy to say
The world may be complicated
But with you it's easy to navigate
We're rock steady, on an even keel
Our magnificent love affair
Real, so very real

You made my life by becoming my wife
Dragons now are easy to slay
And when we play nook and cranny
Let the orchestra play

Love and balance are two words that define
What it is we've got, what love has wrought
How we are defined
A constant star we are
A ringing clarion bell
A bastion of coolness
What the hell, I'll say it
Purely conceived
I look out for you
You look out for me

1 day ago

On your lips I taste paradise
                      that a swarm of butterflies desires.

#love   #kiss   #romance  
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
1 day ago

Came with her
Sweet and honeyed lips
She then gazed, winked and her
Charming eyes began to pull
My heart into tiny

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #eyes   #romance   #lips   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #loving  

I reached for you in the night,
but you weren't there,
just the memory of the shape of you,
and the imaginary tickle of your hair.

Your touch imprinted on me,
the warmth of your hands
a comfort to my aching skin,
I wanted you there to touch me from within.

I stretched for you to hold me,
and pull, pull in tight,
but instead I grabbed my pillow,
but the feel, it's not right.

I smelt you,
it drifted over my dreams,
I felt your hands,
slipping off my seams.

I thought you were near,
here in my bed,
but when I woke you weren't there,
and darling, the tears, how they shed.

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