Arcassin B
Arcassin B
6 hours ago

By Arcassin Burnham

Please tell me what you think,
from the boat we sink, We don't even gotta
float love,

We could get drunk on a mountain if we
want too,

Praying to the lord that has too much on his
theres no reason to look above,

contemplating , he just wants me to worry
about you,

your touch,
our bed,
Like what we gon' do?

The things,
we drank,
make us,
Where we gon' fly to?

Please tell me what you think,
from the boat we sink, *We don't even gotta
float love,

We could get drunk on a mountain if we
want too.

#love   #words   #life   #alcohol   #romance   #new   #think   #drink   #mountain   #likeness  
Kristin Elizabeth
Kristin Elizabeth
13 hours ago

in the end
we will both lose
the universe hands us love
and we try to dismiss the feeling
pick and choose another distraction
to use and abuse
you want someone cold
someone who can calm you down
who is not like you or me
I am too much of a fire
to be the one you desire
shake you up
make you crazy
your bullshit love
makes me lazy
yet here I stand
wanting to be in your company
because you looked inside
understood the rollercoaster ride
of my emotional, chaotic side
I want you because you know
what it feels like
to be like me
but in the end
it is only going to kill me

love is a losing game
#love   #poetry   #broken   #lust   #relationship   #romance   #him  
Charleigh Huston
Charleigh Huston
15 hours ago

There upon the ballroom floor;
Lights shone down -
On the couple of the evening grand -
With a choir singing their Love,
And eyes illuminated in beauty,
With stormy hearts ablaze;
That night may forever restore.

When you visit your prom this year or your next slow dance, I hope you find love within your partner's eyes. <3
#love   #dance   #romance   #ballroom   #evening   #prom  
16 hours ago

If I over use you
It's because I've gotten used to your feeling in my veins
Like a bolt of lightning blown through my body
Charred scars run the length of my arms
Reminding me to up my dosage next time
Hit me with your best shot they said 
And babe that's gotta be you
My eyes see everything in startling new color
As if the hues of reality aren't supposed to be monotone
And I never had a clue
If I inhale enough of your scent
Maybe I won't remember long enough to forgot
I pray that when I come back 
The imprint of your pillow will still be tattooed on my cheek 
The intricate creases that belonged to wrongfully stitched wounds
Mark their territory upon me
And I wish you would do the same
I watch myself light up the end of us 
Terrified that sobriety generates a pain I cannot mistake for beauty
Because I'm selfish 
I cling to the image of your light being injected into my body
I know you are tired
Yet I thrive on your weary head rested in my lap
I must be sick
because wellness doesn’t leave you surrounded in somebody else’s tears
Grasping at the ends of puddles
Watching water slip between your fingers
If drowning was easy
I’m sure you would have plugged your nose and dove in
desperate to detach from my bruised knuckles
wrapped like smoke around your head
Slithering into your lungs until the edges are burned black
Because maybe in the end I wanted you to look like me
Tried, lonely, lost
yet if you are another me, I must let you go
I cannot steal your sun light if there is nothing but night
once I set you free you can smile
but I doubt you’ll be able to muster the strength
because users don’t care who they hurt
especially themselves
so, if I over use you
it’s because I’ve gotten used to your feeling in my veins 
and I need a new high

20 hours ago

our once upon a time was
lost on hopeful memories,
dancing in the midst of
the things you wanted to forget.

i want to see you undo it.

my dream-stained heart is in
love with you
my heart races with your
head on my shoulders,
replacing the weight
of the world.

i want to see you undo it.

high voltage in your artsy
like a sweet lullaby.
are you okay?

i want to see you but your not mine.

inspired by the 1975, beautiful boys, and uncertainty
#love   #passion   #teen   #romance   #crush   #boys   #uncertainty  
Mitch Prax
Mitch Prax
23 hours ago

It’s only been two days
But it’s true, I miss you
I tell myself it’s just a faze
To stop myself from feeling blue
but spring has never felt colder
My bed's never felt so empty
Now, all I can do is wait for summer
To bask in your warmth and all your beauty

Maddie Berry
Maddie Berry
1 day ago

He would never get to see the stars in her eyes,
or know what kept her heart beating.

And for that,
he hated himself.

#love   #sad   #heart   #hate   #romance   #stars   #night  

I saved a Momento
Of your love.
I never got to know you too well,
But I wanted to get to know you

#love   #romance   #memory  

Boardwalk beach goers
Strolled in ball caps
And in wide-brimmed hats
And in flip flops
And in cover-ups casually tied over low-slung bikinis
Lining the railing of the weathered pier
Eyes half closed, hands folded, heads atilt
Shoulders squared to a fading sun
A familiar form among the silhouettes
Twenty years hence
A cascade of raven hair
A billowing summer dress
My single breath
Then across rutted planks
To finally slake the thirst for another and
Be free of the malfeased heart
The lilt of perfume
Light, breathless, familiar
Transported back through time
To burn white hot again
Only to blanch at the precipice
Before the gray water

#love   #regret   #loss   #romance   #memory   #connection  
2 days ago

Do you remember
how helplessly snowflakes melt
when we're together?

#love   #haiku   #romance  
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