4 days ago


they say you give flowers on a whim.

on a regular day, i would message you
pictures of flowers i’d want
to come from your own hands.

but you stand on a platform.
i sit still on a chair
waiting for your orders.

you are different from a regular tuesday.
your usual pink button downs,
they’re now just a pink shirt.
you look just like us.

stepping out from the door after i called you,
the sun suddenly shone brighter.
it illuminated your distressed jeans,
glaring glasses,
flawed face,
awkward posture.

you do not greet me with a pick-up line;
but i can’t help but smile.

oh, how easy is it to get you to come?
how easy can i have you?


secrets can be made in public.

we’d talk for a few more minutes,
sitting down on the steps.
we refuse to call it school.
we are immoral.

until you complain about the heat
creeping up your skin
the brighter sun feeling you. you hate it.

i’d take the blame if it was for the sun
only to make you stay.

your bag now hangs on your right shoulder.
you look back at me to see if i follow.

i grab your wrist,
breaking every rule there is.
you continue to walk,
not minding what’s pulling you back.

when we get to the emergency stairwell,
your right hand grasps the handrail,
and my hands are still on your left wrist.
i pull harder now.

you put more force to walking up.
my hands slip from your wrist to your hand.
i am taken aback, but
i hold it,
it’s not supposed to be like this.

but if you give flowers like this,
it is what it is.

written for a confessional collection of poems for our literature classes.
7 days ago

Darling, dearest,
Come out of the dark,
And into my heart
The sun has set,
The crowds are gone,
No longer I ought to pretend
That you’re only just a friend

I got off the bus
At Eighteenth and Vine
Everything in the window
I wanted to be mine
Beautiful shirts there,
Suits, shoes and hats.
But I couldn’t buy them
No, I couldn’t do that.

I was the wrong color
For Matlaw’s, He said.
That place was for coloreds
And rich pimps instead
Not a tow-headed white boy
What hasn’t got much sense.
I went there that one time
And, I haven’t been since.

But, oh I wanted that suit,
With cranberry hat and shoes.
Even though I had no place
To ever wear it, I knew.
But, I love that store there
On eighteenth and Vine
Even though I knew nothing
In that store could be mine.

The bus went by there
Every day I passed it by.
To this day, I grieve
And never understood why
A Caucasian market
Like I represented
Might go there inside there
And be soundly resented.

It wasn’t a good thing
It’s just how it was then
Before the civil rights thing
Would finally begin.
Yes, I never knew colors
They way others did.
But, what did I know?
I was just a young kid.

But, oh I wanted that suit,
With cranberry hat and shoes.
Even though I had no place
To ever wear it, I knew.
But, I love that store there
On eighteenth and Vine
Even though I knew nothing
In that store could be mine.

Tell me, if you please,
a lie
Although the truth is forbidden,
Anyone noticing what you and I do secretly.

Just one second is enough,
To love you
And dream with you
All the life.

In my life only you metter,
With a smile you fill my world
of light;
I want to love you
And just love you.

You and I also are looking for the forbidden,
You give her your heart,
But you know very well that I am the only
Who owns your skin.

#love   #secret   #forbidden   #mine  
Mar 3

If I will be fooled why not by you?
If it brings despair why not with you?
If I will be damned why not by you?
If it brings me harm why not with you?

To kiss you is a dream,
To see you smile and gleam.
Maybe lies or whatever it seem,
Maybe we'll just follow this stream.

With your eyes and deadly glare,
I always lose and that's unfair,
For those not only show care,
But I see myself lost in your stare.

Loving you is forbidden,
A rule you have been broken,
Not with me for I do not forsaken,
The law so strong and heavily spoken.

Still I dream of you and sometimes cry.
Still I wish for a never goodbye.
Although very wrong in every eye,
I will still be glad for there was you and I.

I followed rules all my life, now that I found you I'll break all rules. For it is the only way I can be with you.
#love   #sin   #eyes   #pain   #forbidden   #deadly  

i feel her warmth
through wisps of smoke
and rob my lungs
for fear i'll choke

but, god!
i wish to breathe her in.

#love   #sad   #fire   #forbidden   #unrequited   #smoke   #longing  

I haven't written in a while and my pen hand is itching
to get to work and create something forbidden
but without unreserved and raw inspiration
nothing can occur, so it goes without saying
would you mind if I asked you to raise your shirt?

#fun   #forbidden   #pen   #write   #playful  

I'm fixated on the high that I get from you,
You're a bad habit yet I can't even reach you,
Why is forbidden fruit so addictive, so tempting?
This feeling that you give me, it's powerful and unrelenting.

#love   #forbidden  

Chased we were into the dying woods
A mob of armored men on the crimson horizon
In all that I do, it was and is for the love of you

Fugitives are we
For what? A serious crime it must be
To fall in love with him and he to love me
Promised to another man I was
But I'll be damned if I live a life without love

Jealousy of a man has derived
A bounty on your head dead or alive
And double the reward for my return
Every tender loving night with you
Will forever within me burn and burn

Bitter is the understanding
Between we two
You say to me "I'll never stop loving you"
Stopped in our tracks with a fruitless plea
He tells me to go back, that he'll always be with me
For he'd rather watch me from afar with another man
Than me be forever a fugitive in a foreign land

A stubborn gal I've always been
This argument presented, he knows he'll never win
I'd rather run forever or be dead
Than spend a night in another man's bed!

This hopeless romantic devotion
I am overtaken by fervent emotion
As a hail of arrows rains down upon us
I give my love one final embrace
And stare the reaper in the face

Every piercing blow testament of my intense dedication
I knew this love was not without ramification
His beautiful body I shield with my own
These dead woods will forever be my home

I'd rather die than see the one I love suffer, especially if I am the cause.

Like a heart
and a knife...
they can never
love each other.

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