Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
3 days ago

Forbidden always attract the curious mind
It's like playing with fire

Once started, it can't be stopped

Something forbidden always seem to be good
Jan 11

Are you not afraid of the mountains they have built and the oceans they are crashing against us?

I would traverse through those mountains and sail across those waves because I love you, it is as simple as that. I know you would do the same for me and we'd meet halfway because you love me too, it is as simple as that. But it is not that easy.

Maybe we should keep our maps, bring down the sails and say goodbye to the mountains, oceans and us. Maybe we should lock away our love deep within us and save it for another life.

Perhaps; in another universe, in another lifetime, in different circumstances, we would not even have to cross mountains and oceans just to find each other again.

Jan 6

Being in love with your best friend's partner is like revelling in the destruction of a tsunami.
You watch the waves roll and weave their way through the closing sky and yet you stand boldly on the beach front -
Arms open and eyes closed
The feeling of cracking wide inside you,
but you're a masochist, and the pain is your drug,
the only antidote to the touch of
The forbidden fruit.

Being in love with your best friend's partner is like tearing open all your bandaged wounds, just to let the salt rub them dry
again and again and

#love   #sadness   #forbidden   #sea   #salt   #bestfriend   #wounds  

Forbidden love.
Never meant to be,
But can that be true?
What stars in the sky reject it?
The law of gravity does not address it.
Free for all.
But why doesn't it feel free for me?
I can taste it on my tongue,
But why must I stop?
Why does this feel wrong,
When it is so right.
Euphoric connection,
Not a sexual relationship,
Just an intellectual one.
Years should not make a difference,
It's a sign of wisdom beyond my years,
Of which I want to embrace
Six years.
Lover of my mind.
Corrupt the rules.

Lady of Ravenhill
Lady of Ravenhill
Dec 27, 2016

She dreamt she was waiting
Behind the gates forever
yearning for a heathen’s salvation
Fated to stare into the blue gray void
That was always there,
Haunting her happiness

Yet designed never to be filled,
always empty
She is destined to be thin,
brittle and hungry
Thirsty for a sip of something
she can never taste

The sight of which beyond the bars
tempts her belief in hope
A pain disguised in handsome smiles
and new black suits
Singing her beautiful words
and blinking breathless looks

But it's her sinners curse
to watch behind her iron bars
Her tiny red tears appear
in straight beaded lines
Releasing empty hopes
from her untouched heart

She will let her sorrows dry and scab,
leaving nearly no marks
But sealing her in again,
locking the iron gates

@LadyofRavenhill 12/27/16
Dec 25, 2016

It feels so wrong to say this,
But I think I've liked you, since the first time we talked.

My friends would think I'm crazy if they knew that.
I don't know what to say..

You're cute,  but you're turning me brainless.
The worst part?

I kind of like it.

And I'm afraid to tell you that too.

I think I've fallen for someone I should get away from . I'm a mess
#angel   #frustration   #cute   #forbidden   #demon   #devil   #mess   #worst   #taste   #brainless  
Dec 21, 2016

It starts with a silent heartbeat in my ear
Seconds become hours in the cold December air
And I fall to my knees once again
As I bow down to the dark cloud hidden in my mind, a fire in my chest
I can hear my own breath in a crescendo
I can hear the snow turn to rain as heat rises
My cheeks red, my eyes grey
And I indulge in my darkest fantasies
Forbidden forests, minds lost
They cannot see us
Let us finally free ourselves with chains
Made for love lost. Forbidden. Hidden
Faster now, be still my heart
Darkness is good, my lord
Darkness is so good

#passion   #lust   #dreams   #dark   #mind   #forbidden   #fetish   #tabu  
Y Rada
Y Rada
Dec 15, 2016

That Night…

That certain night I came to him with reverence
And I was like a goddess and he the worshipper
I accepted his offerings of passion not because
He was the sole pilgrim to my pantheon of love
But since I heard his supplications to cherish me.

My tears mingled with his just like our ardor in a cup
And we will drink it for many days and nights later
My soul and his were in cased in a time capsule
That both of us could easily open in the far future
To fill the lonely winter nights to balance our sanity.

Then I started to wish that summer would never cease
But the leaves started to fall hard just like my dreams
As I looked at him packing his things the next morn
He said farewell and went to war and to his people
But at least I was…

A goddess that night and my enemy was my devotee.

I was sorting and re-reading some of my contest pieces (short story) and a couple of sentences in "He was mine during Summer" caught my attention.

Although I didn't win (I just dabble at short stories just like my poems haha), I found it intriguing to make some of the sentences used in that story into a poem.
#love   #war   #passion   #hope   #lust   #forbidden   #enemylovers  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 3, 2016

Crumpled up paper
Strewn across the bedroom floor
Someday you will know

#love   #haiku   #forbidden   #letters  

I built myself a stonewall
As sturdy as could be
‘Twas raised to keep love from my heart
You can’t belong to me

Securely safe with barbed-wire
And traps set all around
But, last night, seeing you again
All I raised collided down

I was inspired by Shel Silverstein's "Snowball" poem.
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