She's pretty
In that yellow dress
She wears the one
Just like mine
The flowers designed
Makes her eyes shine
So I sat behind
Because I know
And the people know
And he knows
That she wears that dress
Better than I ever did.

It's not always fair in life and I learned that the hard way

happy New Years to
the girls like me,
who forgive and forget as if
yesterday didn't hurt
and tie knots over wounds
like they lace up shoes

happy New Years to
all the boys who still cry
at night, over
their fathers who don't love them
and things they were never
taught to say

and happy New Years to
everyone in between, to those
who can't tell black from
good from bad, and still don't
how to dress at night

tomorrow might be better.

I wrote this at 3 am but let's hope 2017 is a good one
#good   #hurt   #bad   #boys   #girls   #dress   #shoes   #newyears  
Dec 30, 2016

We sit only 3 feet apart
Yet you refuse to look at me
Compliments no where
Despite the dress I'm in
The dress you bought

You called me pretty
Then laughed hysterically
At my surprised face
Of course   -.-
Again I'm only a joke to you

I cannot wait until the food gets here
Hopefully I won't throw it at you
Although that would be fun
But the faster I eat the better
So I can leave this darkly lit restaurant
Away from your stupid grinning face
Out of this beautifully formal dress
And into my elmo footie pajamas

I hate dating.

-Currently on a date, the guy wont even look at me. We've been sitting here 10 minutes doing nothing. Tip: Dont allow your parents to decide your dating life :/
#fake   #ugh   #dress   #boring   #date   #ruin   #ihatethis  

My sweetheart wants to wear me like her dress
But on every weekend you change it i do guess
I know,  you do know which button is to press
For good players love is a game but like chess

I have a keen eye on you knowing fully well
I consider in your heart I definitely do dwell
For lunatic lovers for me do remain under spell
I am in love and in real love I do love to excel

Please do wear me as many times as you  desire
Make me stable and do throw some water on fire
Sell me as many times as you think and as aspire
If you change your attire I may in love do expire

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#me   #dress   #wear   #as  
Dec 2, 2016

is the dress too small
or am i too big?

is the dress too busy
or am i too plain?

is the dress too fitted
or am i too shapeless?

is the dress too fancy
or am i too cheap?

is the dress too pretty
or am i too not?

ah, shopping. fun, until you have to go up a size.
#big   #small   #clothes   #selfesteem   #dress   #shopping   #fitted   #sizes  
the lost girl
the lost girl
Dec 1, 2016

My mom won't be happy
When she sees my white dress bloody
Nothing was more beautiful than
his tears dropping down from his eyes
When he heared
I was about to die
Nothing was more beautiful than
The drops of the blood on the ground
Me bleeding in his hands
He screaming at my face
Breathe ! Now !
Even more beautiful than
the rainbow out of the window
Laughing like
it was kidding all my people around
it was too beautiful to happen
I open my eyes
A knife in my hand
Wearing my favorite white dress
A song prowling in my mouth
I came back to where I started
My mom won't be happy
When she sees my white dress blooded

this is the first poem that i wrote and shared.. 24 weeks ago ... hope you'll like it
#white   #favorite   #dress   #bloody  
Nick Moser
Nick Moser
Nov 11, 2016

People can say anything about you.
Wage wars with you.
Degrade you.

But when the shoe's on the other foot,

They decide they don't like the wardrobe.

Look and try you best
#words   #war   #hurt   #me   #down   #dress   #shoe   #wardrobe   #degrade   #appropriately  
Aula Tullius Sulla
Aula Tullius Sulla
Oct 22, 2016

Her little black dress,
falling neatly to the floor,
always wants something more

#black   #woman   #little   #dress   #fashion   #intrigue   #lbd  

May I kiss you on your  lovely cheeks
Fountain of beauty my tongue seeks
Juice of life from grapes just speaks
Let me take from you all beauty streaks

When my hand touch your silky dress
Your hidden treasure oozes to impress
Do not ask me what you just all possess
I am your prince you are my princess

Let me take you in my real warm arms
Forget about all world useless  norms
Let me allow to play with your charms
Let my love alluring beauty swarms

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#dress   #your   #silky  
annie l hayes
annie l hayes
Sep 28, 2016

It is in Septembers, Octobers, and Novembers
That Autumn dresses up,
Adorned in warm, golden tones of color,
And waltzes with her prince, The Fall Wind.
But when the clock strikes twelve,
Winter comes along with her December and January Winds,
Snatching up Autumn’s bright apparel
And clothing her in nothing but somber tatters.
Autumn keeps quiet, until the first rays
Of Spring’s long awaited sunshine
Touches the depths of Winter’s dark dungeon.
Autumn is showered with Spring’s rain,
And is coaxed into fashioning a new dress
With the same warm, golden tones of color,
But, this time, in a different pattern.
It is Summer’s sunshine, now, that assists Autumn,
With an occasional July thunderstorm to help form the new dress.
August passes by to give his opinion, and Autumn is finally ready.
For it is in Septembers, Octobers, and Novembers
That Autumn dresses up,
Adorned in warm, golden tones of color,
to waltz with her prince, The Fall Wind.

#sun   #fall   #sunshine   #autumn   #wind   #november   #dress   #september   #august   #october  
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