I am my Mother's son.
She shines where darkness prevails.
She lights up a room like a comet.
She soothes where illness ails.

I am my Mother's son.
Through troubled days ahead.
The constant love throughout my life.
Where sunshine fears to tread.

I am my Mother's son.
She's the moon and stars, you see.
The warmth and kindness of a saint.
The reason I am me.

Mother's Day 2017 (UK)
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Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
7 days ago

I'm too scared to grow,
I've been told stories
of perished grownups

I could live any longer
as your son, a child
a forgiving heart
as you taught me

I wished you were
an immortal
So I won't be hunted down
by grieving memories

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Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
7 days ago

Beer, you said
Was all you ever had
Affair, you said
Was all you ever needed
Waste, you said
Was all you ever felt
Abuse, you said
Was all you ever wanted
Family, you said
Was such a waste
Reality, you said
Was just an illusion
Daughter, you told
Was such a disappointment
Son, you told
Was nothing that mattered

And yet you beg for us to forgive
These statements you made
The actions and consequences you caused
And this turmoil you've created in our heads

Thank you mother
For showing me that even heros can become villains
For giving me the truth of the world
That everything will change
And it could wreck you whole

You gave me the biggest lesson in life
That no matter the circumstances
You have the right to fight against
The right to take matters into your own hands
To do the best you can for you
Sounds a little selfish,
And trust me it is,
But its the right amount of sin
That makes the world spin

Pain, I say
Is what I have known
Love, I say
Is hard to let got
Family, I say
Is a hard thing to leave
Life, I say
Is never easy

Moving on, I say
Is a fight worth taking

I don't know how to feel about this
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Mar 20

You didn't say "I'm sorry",
you didn't say that to me,
not once,
you didn't apologize for any of your actions,
and I know his actions were worse,

but you had issues too,
and I know, and I love you,
but you never apologized.
not once have you said "I'm sorry"

and I'm sorry but that hurts,
it wasn't all you who aided in my mental demise,
but you never said "I'm sorry for staying with him so long"
you never said "I'm sorry for all the things that I did wrong"
you never said "I'm sorry for all the mess ups that i made"
and I love you,
but there were a lot Mom.

I wish you'd  just say sorry.

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Mom doesn’t like poetry
since it’s not clear like how things should be.
Until you write her one,
and beaming she’ll put it on the fridge with a magnet.
Mom likes things sorted and clean, papers off
the table or in the bin, dishes in the sink or the cupboard.
What is this? Why is this here?
If it’s clutter, it’s just stuff. Don’t save it.
In her room she has 37 years of photos
and sometimes tears up when she thinks of her parents
but she would never admit it.
So, she laughs and means it
when her grandchildren dump the box of toys across the living room
and the dogs slide down the hall past the family photos
and bang open doors after a bouncing ball.
Most of the lines on her face come from laughing, crows’ feet dotting her crinkling eyes.
Her birdcall laugh hangs high above any room
like a day-warbler or a hooting night-owl over the treetops.
So much of her is rocks and earth and order,
but every bit of her speaks of beating wings and blue skies.
Mom’s favorite color is blue, deep like the ocean, bright like the sky.
Don’t tell her blue’s a sad color;
she dressed her baby boy in the ocean and then his sister
when she could fit his hand-me-downs,
and then laughed when the disapproving daycare lady sent her daughter home in pink.
She lives with her husband of 36 years in a light blue house
and relished painting skies on her kitchen and living room walls
after 10 years of white and little time
and laughed again when her children protested at the blue walls, rugs, and curtains.
Time may pass,
and the blue curtains, rugs, and walls may have disappeared
and her children may have had children,
but blue is still her favorite color and her children are still her children,
and she still doesn’t like poetry.

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Mommy left when I was young
But daddy never cared
And I don't know what's worse of the two evils
Because daddy let my skin bloom in violet stains
But mommy...well I guess mommy was mentally deranged
I learned from a young age
That I'm the only one I got
So if you thought
I needed you
I don't because I've fought
For my spot
With everything that I got
And you're not the only one who's lies I bought
But I've learned
Trust is earned
And I'll never give it away again
countless times I've been burned
I'm exhausted
From everything it's costed
I'm done
You've won

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The word feel sweet in my mouth.

Mom! Mom! Mom!

There's no particular reason to say it,
I just do.

The word comforts me.
Relaxes me.
Makes me feel like wrapped in warm blankets on a cold winter.

Mom! Mom! Mom!

Why don't you say it? Just once. Please.


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Laura Gee
Laura Gee
Mar 11

Our mothers were married by 25
They knew how to cook,
They knew how to clean
They knew how to work and raise children
Balancing their two lives with ours

They were ready for the house,
the babies, the 9 to 5 and the American dream

They were problem solvers
Cold when they needed to be
And nurturing when we needed them to be

Our mothers were beautiful
But not too concerned about it
Still bashful in old photographs
Drug store make up
on a special occasion
was all they ever needed to cover up

But we’ve strayed from them
From their power and their wit

We’ve made the world’s most vain
into our queens
Instead of the mothers
who tried to give us their dreams

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Dec 5, 2013

my sister thought my mother
had died on her lap.
she walked to the bathroom
inside that depthless hospital hotel.

the putrid smell of life and death
all through-out this concrete heaven
and hell.

at the age of fifty-four
my mother's bones would
carry no more weight.

her gentle heart
her forgiving mind
her words so strong

but mine,
they are forced out
by constricted wind-pipes
and angry words

i glanced down at the cot, where my mother died
as I made eye contact with my mother's pale-blue eyes
she looked at me with the most helpless,
childish face I've ever seen.
as if to say:
"he isn't here.. where is he...
where could he be?"

she lived thirty more minutes.

he arrived a few hours later, asking:
"how's she doin'?"

never take for granted,
someone's borrowed time.

(C) Shang
#death   #loss   #mom   #memory  

When I think about the past, I think about what a wonderful mother I had.
She died four years ago today and it broke my heart because it was so sad.
My mom has been dead for 1,461 days and 208 weeks.
Before she died, she didn't recognize people and she couldn't even speak.
Time flies, it doesn't seem like it's been four years.
My life would be better if my mother was still here
When a person loses a family member, it's rotten.
My mom is dead but she will never be forgotten.

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.
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