Laku Noc
Laku Noc
1 day ago

and the boy drew a line
with his stubby hands,
feeling the roughness
of the pavement.

and it is his stubbornness,
when his name is called,
he doesn't look back
pretending not to hear.

with dirt on his hands
he watches the sparks slither
into smoke through his mouth
to taste something ominously sweet.

24 March 2017

It's something from my childhood. we used to play with watusi, a kind of firework shaped like matchsticks. Here's a description from wikipedia: "The ingredients in the firework are highly toxic, and ingestion can lead to painful death.[3] In particular, children are killed by watusi fireworks after sucking on them or mistaking them for sweets."
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Terry Collett
Terry Collett
1 day ago

Lizbeth put her hands
over my eyes
from behind
in the corridor.

Guess who?
she said.

Bridgitte Bardot
I said.

No it's me
she said
taking away
her hands
and turning me

It was her
red haired
not blonde
and those
piercing eyes.

Miss me?
she said.

Yeah very much
I said
although I hadn't
in either sense.

I was worried
in case Jane
came along
and thought
I was seeing Lizbeth
behind her back.

What are you doing
this weekend?
She said.

Don't know
I said
help out
on the farm maybe.

And when you are
not on the farm?

Don't know
maybe see Jane
I said.

O the virgin Jane
of course
don't you get bored
seeing her
and her nature study
and birdsong
and what have you
Lizbeth said.

No I like birdsong
and what have you
I replied.

You will get bored
with her and when
you do maybe
we could spend
some time together
and you know
get down to it
she said.

Got to go
I said.

Ok Benny
but maybe
I will cycle
over Saturday
and see you
she said
and walked off
along the corridor
just as the bell rang
for after recess lessons.

I walked on
and hoped
she wouldn't
turn up Saturday
and spoil things
but have to see
I mused
and see what
fate brings.

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Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
2 days ago

You raised them
You should keep them
And pay all their bills;
What you raised spills
Over into the common weal
And fears become real
As they are ignorant
Greedy and mean
Worst we’ve ever seen
And no hope of salvation
From your creation.

Are you afraid of your kid?
Is that what you did;
Let him or her do whatever
And you never told them
What is wisdom or whim?
Let them do what they please
As long as they don’t sneeze
In church or belch loudly
Then you can go on proudly
Bragging about your good child
Until they run totally wild
And get themselves arrested.
Then your lies are bested
And your laziness outed.
No wonder you pouted.

When things go wrong
You want someone to come along
And take care of things
And pay the fines that brings
Because they are sweet, down deep.
Then you go back to sleep
Because life should be easy for you
And the things your kids do
Are not your fault, so back out to buy
More magazines about movie stars
And slobber over newer cars
And bitch about the schools
Not teaching them the rules
And how to pursue them
Then you go out and sue them
For teaching what you do
And not what kids should do.

Terry Collett
Terry Collett
3 days ago

Benny's old man said
for you to use and enjoy
but be careful.

So Benny
and his sister Naomi
went down
the concrete stairs
of the flats
and into the Square
with the small box
of fireworks.

Benny lit them
and others nearby
watched and were thrilled.

After it was over
the other kids clapped.

Then Hem
Lydia's brother
threw a banger
at Naomi
she screamed
and Benny chased Hem
but Hem ran fast.

He ran through
the Square
the slope
to Rockingham Street.

Benny was on his tail
filled with anger
that Hem had thrown
the firework at his sister.

Hem panicked
when he saw Benny
was on his tail
ran across the road
without looking
but nothing was coming.

Benny ran after him
cornered him
against the wall
of the big factory
pinned him there
punched him
with fury.

Hem pleaded
just for a bit of fun
but Benny whacked him
until his anger had seeped.

He walked away
leaving the boy
on the ground
holding his stomach.

The evening was
creeping in
the sky darkening.

Benny walked back
up the slope
looking behind
at the big
moaning dope.

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imagine a big dragon
Are you doing it?


what color is it?

"b-blue and yellow"

Blue and yellow. Cute! Isss it big as godzilla?

"no, it's smaller
likee the size of a horse"

Dats a smol dragon
I like him.

"its not smallllllllllll
a smol dragon would be like, a neck dragon
hes big, just not hugeeeeeee"

Ohhhh okay. He's a big dragon, but not huge.
His teeth are like little point pearls
do you see how shiny they are?
and pink

"why are his teeth pink"

They are pearls.

"but pearls are white"

then his toofers are white.

good hygeine"

One of those pearls in his dragon maw
his little baby toofeers
thats you


because than you can fly with him everywhere.
Just imagine looking down through his mouth at the cityyy
as he flyyyys
and sitting all nestled in his lip
Blue and yellow leather
He could sing you storiessss and brushes his toofers so his breath would be warm but not stinky

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhh­hhhhh :3"

"My small tenant" He says to you.
as you crawl out of his gum and walk out onto his tongue.

What is your dragon houses name?

"his name is roxy"

He's making a very silly face, sticking his tongue out and crossing his eyes to talk to you
he sounds silly too
talking with his tongue out
"Welcome Home. "

"i loveeeeee"

Roxy the Blue and yellow Horse sized Dragon House.
"Ready to slide?"
he asks you


he swallows you
it's very slippery and fun!
like a water slide
And is warm, but not smelly becaus he brushes his teeth
you fly over muscles and liquids and tongue and land on a biiiig trampoline
You can hear Roxy from all around you, quite loud "Having fun, my tennant?"
You are the small size, or a dragons tooth.

"good :3"

"uh oh!" He cries
you see fire from his back
it's zooming towards you!

"nooooooooooo run awaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy"

You run up towards his tongue and trip into the sticky icky
The fire is warm and tingles oup your back
then is over
and you standup, the back of your clothes all burnt off and your front all sticky icky
"I'm sorry, tennant"
"I sneezed"

"its oki roxy."

Roxy fashions their tongue like a staircase for you to come back outside

"daddy? Im sleepy... Can we finish the story tomorrow night?"

me too Babygurl. ^^
Yes we can


Good night

"ninighht daddy. sleeeepppppp well.
i love you"

I love you too baby girl ^^
Sweet dreams.

You curl up in roxys empty tooth spot, he covers you in his blanket tongue. it is warm. but not stinky. and you drift soft to sleep
"Good night, Tenant"
"I love you"

"i love you ttooo roxy."

Usurp from quite possibly, the most Adoreable FB Chat
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Mar 12

i think back to the times when things were simple
i was merely a child but i remember it like it was yesterday
because we spent a portion of our childhood in the same place,
i constantly wonder if we ever coincidentally ran into one another
it seems highly unlikely since the city is a big place
but after all, there's always a chance
maybe we shared the same experiences as kids:
those hood ice cream cups i'd eat with a tiny wooden spoon
those dunkin' donut breakfasts my dad would bring home
those ten-minute drives to the beach on weekends
and those radio broadcasts blaring sports updates 24/7
maybe you encountered similar things when you were here
perhaps you came across other things that i failed to mention
but as of now, i just think it's beautiful how we exist at the same time

boston: the only home i will ever know; and him: he is something special .
#love   #home   #nostalgia   #wonder   #kids   #childhood   #simple   #city   #nostalgic   #boston  
Mar 2

When I was eighteen I swore to be single
Free to play and always mingle.
And later after all my friends had settled to married life
The poor beasts chained to their wives;
I went home and dreamed in my head
Of the beautiful girl who would soon share my bed.

Each night, I swear it seemed
A different girl would come visit me.
They were all gorgeous, glorious and kind
But none of them would get very much of my time.
Because you see I was not interested in settling down
And buying a home on a plot of ground.

Until one night in a drunken mood
I accidentally started my brood.
She was not my typical fare,
But I took her home and treated her square.
We danced and played late into the night
Then she left, gone from my sight.

I admit, I thought of her from time to time
Which troubled me deeply, because I was in my prime
So another prize, I set out to find.
I needed a distraction to get her off my mind.
But she was sealed in my brain, different than the rest
And I saw her one day warming an egg in her nest.

Cautiously I approached her and bid her good morning.
She sheepishly smiled and said “glad to see you, darling.”
I wondered aloud at the roundness beneath her apron
And learned that I was indeed the unfortunate patron.
I must admit that I thought to bid her adieu,
But instead hurried to the Courthouse where we said: “I do.”

I bought a home for my new bride.
Close to town and a train to ride.
A little cottage with two bedrooms
One for us and one for you know whom.
It was a lovely place, painted a shade too bright,
And at times just a touch too tight.

Then one night in a raging storm
A lovely baby girl to us was born.
Her head was a little warped and wrinkled,
But her eyes were bright and I swore they twinkled.
A more beautiful story could never be told
Than the birth of a child, bare and bold.

As the seasons changed and our fortunes grew
So too did the size of our bustling crew.
After ten years of marriage to my blissful mate
The size of our home had risen to eight.
Our tiny white cottage, long forgotten,
For we had bought a farm only slightly downtrodden.

And there we lived peacefully for years
Wiping noses and drying tears.
Schooling and coaching our children along;
Dreading the day when they would all be gone.
Until one night my bride stirred me awake
And another baby, that night we would make.

#marriage   #kids   #children   #oops  

Oh, Abernathy
How long has it been
Since we left school
And went our separate ways?

Oh, Abernathy
I still think of you
And I wonder how you are
To this day

All the things we used to make
All the rules we tried to break
And they say that kids will still be kids

But, oh, Abernathy
The teachers are doing fine
They were smiling
When I visited them one day

And, oh, Abernathy
I hope you're doing well
Wherever you are
Whatever may come your way

Oh, the memories I hold dear
They have all but disappeared
It's both a blessing and a curse

Oh, Abernathy
My Lawrence, Abernathy
I wonder what you're doing
To this day

There's no need to be upset
Please don't sweat this stuff or fret
I only want to let you know

Abernathy, you're still on my mind
I remember your golden hair and your pearly eyes
Our friendship will never fade away, I swear

Oh, Abernathy
Dear Lawrence, Abernathy
I just pray to God
That you are still okay

Oh, Abernathy
I always think of you
And I wonder how you are
To this day

For my primary school crush, Abbie, at Shepherd's Down School...

Heavily inspired by "Angie" by The Rolling Stones.

Sorry I missed Valentine's Day for this.

In our little game,
            It’s never the same.

            Because with every try,
            Came a new lie.
            In our imaginary world,
            We gave our word.
            The same,
            Goes for the game,
            That played with our minds,
            Twas Forgotten, left Behind.

            Though we survived,
            Our imaginary world,
            Withered and died,
            Without our word.

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I remember the day I became a boy
From the small little kid I was
That transformation changed my life
For the better or worse
Who knows

It happened on the playground
While playing freeze tag
He grabbed my hand to run
But just a little too tight
And my heart went BADUMP

Jerked my hand back, froze on the spot
And he stopped running too
"What's wrong" he asked "are you ok?"
I wasn't feeling sick and I could count 1-10
But my heart was all confused

From then on I could never go back
To being some random kid
From now on I was a boy
With feelings, emotions and love
Soon to be a man.

When you have your first crush
#love   #gay   #kids   #samelove   #firstcrush  
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