Mark Robins
Mark Robins
2 hours ago

Above me there are great stars
That shine so wondrous
But cannot tell me why
I am so loveless
Then for a moment
While I ponder in despair
The heavens seems to realise
And one moves slowly through the air

Slow at first but then quicker
The star moves with ease
Across acres of farmland
And stretches of seas
And its beauty in this night
Gives me a subtle pleasure
Unheard of in such times
Of hatred and of terror

Then it vanishes
And order is resumed
My world is bleak again
Or so I assumed…

Yet as life takes hold
And I remain so alone
And words of friends bite
Too close to the bone
I find comfort somehow
In the way it flew
New feelings emerge
And I laugh anew

So upon days when all is gone
I think of that star in all its grace
And without thought
My heart begins to race
For the moment has passed
But is not thrown and tossed
And memories remind me
That all is not lost

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1 day ago


I've told you 'bout the GENESIS
Of our universe
What the folks of Scientology
Promote and dispurse
Check out my last poem
If you're interested, of course
But the "thetans" (rhymes with satan)
Agreed upon this CURSE!

We existed, just like gods
Upon a higher plane
Our origin, it seems,
Is as yet unexplained
Folks, is this for REAL???
Or is this knowledge FEIGNED.

We "Agreed" to live a bunch of lives
In space and here below.
We've lived inROBOT BODIES!
Yeah! R2D2 don't you know!
Bodies made of silicon
Bodies made of H2O!
Just GO with the FLOW!
Yep... Tom Cruise BELIEVES THIS!
He's HOOKED through the NOSE!

We now have these "meat bodies"
They're EXPENDABLE. And so
They have no real value.
They just come & go.
And this carbon form's JUST MEAT.

And this ends the third segment
Of our basic course.
Scientology 101. WE are the driving force
Their beliefs completely shut out GOD

Yep. It is a FARCE!

Catherine E Jarvis
(C) 2/24/2017

I've decided to really do an expose'
on this cult. They believe our bodies
to be WORTHLESS. And this goes for
1 day ago

it is far too difficult to fathom exactly how substantial the universe is. our observable universe consists of galaxies and other matter that we can figuratively speaking, observe in present day.

the word observable could quite possibly infer that we, as humans could embrace or have the privilege to witness contingence with these universes, which most literally, is in fact not possible.                                                  

but i my darling am so very privileged.
for not only can I observe this universe, but i also can embrace you,
this universe.

you, my love are my universe.
the milky way in your toes, stars in your eyes.
planets on your shoulders, and comets in your thighs.

i am oblivious to the fact that while you are mine, more than that,
you belong inside the intellect of the Lord, and i must appreciate you,
because like all things, you too, one day will disappear.
from the sky, from God's intellect, but moreover from my life.

#love   #romance   #space   #girls  
Vanessa Evans
Vanessa Evans
2 days ago

i am lying in the center of the universe, far as the eye can see
every planet, star, constellation all lying in the center of me

my breath ,moon dust, swirling in the oxygen i consume
,even filled with all of existence i will still make room

my heart overfills and spills the light of all the stars
yet, his space compares to that between the earth and mars

i never believed in heaven, but maybe a  celestial place
till a star fell from the sky and i looked upon his face

him and i, are nothing special, nor above the rest
but somehow the universe lies between his and my chest

we are lying in the center of the universe, far as the eye can see
every planet, star, constellation all lying at the center of him and me

thanks for all the love guys
#love   #stars   #space   #him   #universe  
Grace Spellman
Grace Spellman
4 days ago

Your love is my disease
So sick, got me falling to my knees
I'm begging baby please don't leave
But you can't hear me
Too busy falling like a meteor
Creating all these internal craters
Baby I was the sun
I used to shine so bright
You cut me down
And now I'm just a small star
In your universe which is so infinite

a small star to you
#heartbreak   #feelings   #boy   #stars   #space   #star   #astronomy   #feels  
5 days ago

sometimes when i get bored,
i revert to my childlike nature
and press my fists to my eyes
until i begin to see mini galaxies.

but sometimes, i look at you,
and i see the biggest galaxies
that stretch beyond everywhere
i've been, and everywhere i will be;
suddenly, you are everything to me.

i need someone to pinch me
so i can be sure this is real,
so i don't have to be afraid of
waking up (the way i'm afraid of living/

i could talk to you for
hours on end and not get bored,
not revert backwards.
because i don't need to close my eyes
and press my fists to them
in order to see those stars and
planets and everything else anymore.

not when i have you.

i think i'm falling, i'm falling for you.
#love   #relationships   #teen   #space   #cute   #galaxies  
Logan Gabriel
Logan Gabriel
5 days ago

Did you know?
I have vines growing around my ribs now.
A tree growing in my guts where I used to hold galaxies.
Churning stardust catching between teeth,
Painting my lips.
Seeping out of my skin and into the sink.

I am a book of metaphors and paradox.
I am nothing at all.
I speak you fair with a liars tongue,
All made of silver and moondust.
Easy words.

I am celestial,
And though your starstuff still makes me sick in the mornings,
Picking your shine from my teeth
All your refuse still inside me wretched into the sink.
Though my limbs are scarred with an effort to see my own galaxies
I am through obsessing over celestial souls.

Too many boys and girls with stars in their eyes
Or Saturn's rings around their fingers
Have caught me with lunar promises and magic fallen from careless lips
Like meteor showers.
I'm rid of my stars.

Now I've been planting flowers in my ribs
The vines mingle with a web of forget-me-nots and bleeding hearts
Lavender buds sprouting from old scars
I pass the 3 am itch off as them growing
Learn to ignore it.

6 days ago

I'll take my share of gravity
And nothing else
Heaven knows I need some space
But see, there's no gravity there, is there?

3 days ago

You'll never know
the pain and sorrow
I feel from loving you
Much more than the chance
of getting near you
as I float outside planet Earth
Though I'll kept wandering
I'll continue to jump
across space and time
I've yet to accept my fate
that you are a star
far from my grasp
and I'm merely a girl
admiring you,
the one who continues
to shine bright
Keep on shining love
as I stay here on earth
Let me just wish for you
as we're galaxies apart

how many words does it take to let my love reach you?
#love   #stars   #space   #galaxy   #far   #adore   #njb   #helloji  
Conor Letham
Conor Letham
6 days ago

got a pink bulb
suckered in mouth—
spit it out. dribble
gobstopper sun,
pause motion to
explosive creation
cake the surface
rubber dumb, POP!

sharp tap like a
snare bubble
vacuum record
in recycling bin
you had it made
try again a same
chum the chew
begin renew
anew anew review

Had the urge to write about a rubber stopper popper you chew for fun.
#poem   #poetry   #sun   #space   #food   #gum   #bubble   #conor   #letham  
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