"Space X To Fly Two Paying Customers To The Moon"

It's a trip of a lifetime
he said
It’ll bring us closer together
he said

What I failed to realize was
Even in space he could still find a way
to cheat on me.

“A crater?!… Really John?!”
Men really will stick their dicks in anything.

By Lindsay Johnson
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1 day ago

I waited, I waited, I waited,
and I waited a little bit longer.
Someday, somehow,
somebody had to save me.
They had to, they did,
because I never thought that I could save myself.
And you know what?
I didn't have to.

We wait for the one because anything else would be simply embarassing.
But I didn't get one, oh no.
I got three.
The moon.
The stars.
The sun.

Eventually everything stopped making sense.

There was a wolf knocking on my door, and I was begging him to break it down.
Wolves howl at the moon, that's just their nature.
But he never did.
He spent hours and hours just sitting, just staring.
What big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf.
Big, brown eyes.

The moon saved me from my past.

The stars shone like jewels that night,
the night that I encountered the troll.
Trolls live under bridges, that's just what they're used to.
He asked me his riddle,
I gave him my answers.
All of the wicked games and aggressive glares followed us.
They followed us all the way back under the bridge.

The stars saved me from my future.

For the first time, I saw the sun.
An existence of wanting and waiting was made that little bit easier by it's bright, nourishing light.
The sun made me forget why I had once cowered in fear,
once shaken with anger.

The sun saved me from my life.

I don't remember when things stopped making sense.
Maybe it was the night I tore my chest apart and screamed below the moon.
Maybe it was the night I spoke to the stars and they spoke back.
Maybe it was the morning that the sun made me forget.

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Stefania S
Stefania S
2 days ago

the grass is greening
and voices begin to rise
i wander further
the distance between the tall oaks
and my bare feet
merely a few steps

the front door
not always left ajar
often thrown off its hinges
anger an anvil of weight
a battering ram

the moon rises and night falls
withering cries
cardinals fly west
and venus readies herself
for a second showing

an exchange
invaluable its rate
but just the same
someone's coming
or going

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T      A
3 days ago

The Sun is in a one sided relationship
Protecting us from the Night.
Giving us Heat.

Granting us Light.

(and we ask ourselves why,)
(our hearts long for those we'll never hold.)
(so I say, look to the Sun)
(burning in unrequited gold.)

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Blaise Flowers
Blaise Flowers
4 days ago

you're flaming. little specks of crimson burn like fire in your heart. your physique melts like rum on a fire and sparks of amber make you glow like a candle in the darkness. magenta lines cross your lips and your skin mocks the setting street lamps and the burning sun.

you're a mountain to me. dwarfing cities below you with peaks that stride above the heavens, attempting to graze the planets if even so slightly.

you are worth becoming the enemy of hell. you are worth every friend you've ever lost to file yourself. you are worth it, because i've never met anyone who loves as perfectly and passionately as you.

for my cutie.
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You are the sun,
Calling lowly to the galaxy,
Tragic and celestial,
40 billion light years from the closest star,
And the moon rings like a bell;
Earthquake vibrations across the vacuum of space,
Echoes roll over your skin, just whispers of what once was,
Like a house that has already been burned down,
Alarm still shrieking into the shell
That this is danger,
This is living,
But the moon is too far to hear a warning over
the bell tolls,
An angelus to Sirius and Orion and
And the sun is farther still, drowning in a sea of silent stars,
Baying softly of loneliness and terror to the empty night,
I am the moon,
You, the sun.
In the end, we are all just houses,
Waiting to be burned down.

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4 days ago

Time may be linear
Space may be infinite
Even though we think the limits curve
Universes growing within themselves
Swirling around each other
Space is not an ocean of stars
The oceans are space reflected
In darkness looking down we can see up
But looking up we only see up
Tiny jewels in the infinite
Sending light
In light’s own years
DNA makes mistakes
Splits and combines
Creates new forms
Slight variations
Copying errors
That got us here
Evolution is not directed
Not inspected by the locals
Patterns may be
May form and disappear
But not everything has to have a reason

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Derek Raymond
Derek Raymond
5 days ago

"Visitational Voids"

Your veins hold stardust and we have the beginning and ending of time within ourselves.  I'm not looking for more time or untarnished love. I'd just like for a quiet to come over me as it does when we sink below a broken surface. Matter belonging to my ancestors and of my unborn children, I return to simplicity that's so pure and so dark, raining a timeless, stagnant glory. A temperatureless void in space where infinity contains answers. Where we wed to one another to exist in inevitable, unquestionable cohesiveness. Where fear isn’t scary. Where it comes uncaptured and intangible. Where what's tangible is our cosmos souls. Your human ego and mine, left behind, and the forever living that you and I do, conforms to the human theocracy about Big Bang. Our indivisible held hands expel so much passion, heat, human, lively things that we create new life.  This is the quiet. Take me to space, where it's a hum of stars. We can waste away into rebirth and recycle elemental allocations of consciousness and moral sounds.
-d.r 12.16.15

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JJ Cooke
JJ Cooke
6 days ago

Above, if you'll look,
can be found breathtaking
views to the olden.

A flickering faraway warmth
rests in the vacuum
welcoming souls that peak.

Recall the stage before;
when you cannot remember,
as a child indifferent.

Abandon now, project yourself
to that bright star
and emanate pure contentment.

Carson Hurley
Carson Hurley
6 days ago

In this chair is where I'll be,
It is where I will be when I write the grandest novel.
In this chair is where I'll be,
It is where I will string together the most magnificent predicate,
I will sow my words to make the most wonderful sentences.
In this chair is where I'll be when I watch it all come together,
A Voyer to the construction of a spider web of fiction,
Spun so gracefully.
It is a lot to behold in such a chair,
a chair in which chafes the fringe of my buttocks.
A chair that wails.
It is very old, and its cracks are showing,
for after all it is little more than a dying tree,
mutilated for our comfort, though,
it has become my own discomfort,
In this chair is where I will be,
When I purchase a new Chair,
and the that is where I will be......

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