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Rebecca Lynn Sep 2019
You might be right,
but you could also be so wrong too.
It don't matter what you say,
don't matter what you do.
It will always come back to haunt you.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
It's been a long road,
I've been walking-
Don't know what's gonna happen,
these past days,
I haven't been sleeping.

Don't stop-
Don't go-
Don't really wanna know.

Lord, I'm crying out for you,
to come to my rescue-
and save me
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
They never tell you when the rain comes-
They can tell you to prepare for it,
but when it hits, the rain just pours.
And you never know when
the storm is gonna hit
UNFINISHED, just doing a much of mind dumping.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
I've grown up reading and watching Cinderella,
but I never thought that I would actually be her.

Growing up to always cleaning the house
from every piece of dirt and grass blade,
to every spotless floor and cut lawn.

My brothers didn't do their chores,
and my parents are completely alive
commanding and demanding that I do everything.

It's hard sometimes,
being the oldest sibling -
being the one with the most responsibilities.

But if I haven't told you yet,
my name is Cinderella

- signed with all my cleaning supplies
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
I know I am not crazy nor delusional,
but you think I am -
even when I fell in love with you.

Thought you would call yourself lucky,
but instead you called me crazy.
I guess because we fell in love way too fast,
and the feeling in my heart still last.

Even when you said those words,
reminds me that I am such a lucky girl -
to have such a wonderful man like you
and to be wrapped up in your arms -
makes me feel so safe and secure.

I'm so glad that you're mine,
and I know that you're lucky
that I'm yours.
Rebecca Lynn Oct 2018
Three simple words is all this young soul needed to hear,
"I love you, my dear."

Simple faith is what this young soul needed,
"Have faith, you can do it."

It's as simple as a hug and a kiss you the cheek,
just a simple reminder that you're with me.
Rebecca Lynn Jun 2018
You know how to make me laugh,
and make me smile -
it's been a year since you've seen me last,
yeah, it's been a while.

But no man has ever made me feel,
the way I feel about you
the way I do.

I'm so glad my hearts always racing
when I'm catching your gaze and
my heart has never felt like this
all full of bliss,
baby come and give me a kiss.

I never felt quite like this before,
and I'm so glad that you found me
and so much more.
I wrote this as a song, it's not the whole piece only pieces put together. This is an original piece, sounds good with music.
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