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Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
I've grown up reading and watching Cinderella,
but I never thought that I would actually be her.

Growing up to always cleaning the house
from every piece of dirt and grass blade,
to every spotless floor and cut lawn.

My brothers didn't do their chores,
and my parents are completely alive
commanding and demanding that I do everything.

It's hard sometimes,
being the oldest sibling -
being the one with the most responsibilities.

But if I haven't told you yet,
my name is Cinderella

- signed with all my cleaning supplies
cleann98 May 2018
once upon a time
you hurt me badly
so i swore to myself
i'd never let you
be happy anymore

but then
i saw you
in a corner
so i made a promise
i'll do everything
to make you smile again.

and we
It's not always a fairy tale
but a fair tale is all i ask.
apollota Aug 2016
I remember the time we met.
I was a broken tea cup,
a prince without a crown.
You were a cracked bottle,
a princess without a gown.

But, life isn't a fairy tale.

We caught eyes
and continued on,
a broken boy and a cracked girl.

Maybe we would've fallen in love.
Maybe we would've healed.

we have a happy ending.

— The End —