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Rebecca Lynn Apr 2018
I started having dreams about you -
but apparently you dream about me too.

Starting to feel a little crush
about my past love.

But there is just something about you
that makes me feel the way that I do.
I'm having weird dreams lately about the things that I shouldn't be dreaming about.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Because I could see it,
it’s not as good as it used to be,
like it was before;
but you came around,
and made it all better.

All my grey skies fades away,
all my happiness came with you today.
All my perfectness that I flawed, was all within you.
Because I could see it,
and it was better than it ever was before.
I wrote this on my phone using the predictive text button.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
He called her a princess,
and said the she deserves a crown.
He said that she needs to be royalty.
He said it’s her destiny.

Years later she has his baby,
he’s never home after work anymore,
and this is what she thinks.

I’m calling myself worthless,
and that I need to leave this town.
I need what I never got and that is loyalty.
She said that is what she needs.

You left your perfect future,
why in the world did you do this to her?
She did nothing to you,
yet all you did was use her…

You spoke broken promises,
you never stuck to what you meant.
All she known about you
was how you always left broken promises…
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Haunted, broken, & scared –
is how she felt because of you
& there was nothing you could do
to save her.

His words that he spoke –
cut her like a dagger,
& he didn’t know that
his words were like a knife –
when he tried to save a life.

Haunted, broken, & used –
is how she felt because of you
& she rose back from the dead for you
to come back & haunt you.

December is the coldest month of all –
much, much colder than his heart,
he didn’t know that she would fall –
fall into a million pieces –
losing herself, losing her heart.

Haunted, broken, & lost –
December reminds him
what he forgot.
He forgot how to love,
in the coldest month –
with his cold heart,
he. fell. a-part.

Looking at her grave,
that’s where he laid.
With a tear being shed,
and his dagger in his hand.
Rebecca Lynn Sep 2019
You might be right,
but you could also be so wrong too.
It don't matter what you say,
don't matter what you do.
It will always come back to haunt you.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Faith can move all thing possible,
it's not impossible.
& God is always on your side,
even in your darkest time
He never left you behind.
I wrote this song for my church
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Broken glass, shattered mirror,
a house with a creaky door,
and with creaky floors.

I could hear footsteps down the hall,
but I know that I’m alone.
Next then I know an object would fall,
then I knew I was being haunted in my own home.

I looked in the mirror and it just cracked,
but nothing hit it.
I’m stilling trying to gain my confidence back,
trying to get past —

Broken glass, shattered mirror,
a house with a creaky door,
and with creaky floors.

But this haunting is still there,
as I watched my valuable glass collection fly across the room.
I knew I had to get out of there,
I knew I had to get out of that house soon.

As the stair creak as I leave,
a hangmans noose appeared out of nowhere.
My head was caught in a trap.
I couldn’t escape, I couldn’t breathe.
My body was lifted off the ground as I was running,
with my legs still moving trying to get free,
my spirit left my body, and suddenly I could breathe.

No longer was I haunted by my past.
I was being haunted by freedom.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
Here’s cheers to the ones who never gave up, who never gave in.
You’re the real hero, the real champion.
You are the one who never lets things or people get the best of you,
and I am so proud of you that you’ve become.
I promise you, when you beat that giant.
I will have everyone sing your fight song.

Here’s cheers to the ones who need a little encouragement,
I know that the road will get bumpy, but it won’t stay that way.
You can do anything that you set your mind to,
because I believe in you.

Here’s cheers to anyone who made a new milestone in their life,
because of that new milestone you know that everything is going to be alright.
The future may be a bit scary; but I promise you, you can do anything.
Here’s cheers to you.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
That time he stopped believing that our love was real instead of some fairytale.
That was also the first time he had ever gotten into a fight, and it was in a dark room of all places.
I believed and I had faith;
but it all came burning down in the flames of envy,
jealous of the woman that I was becoming, scared of the change that has happened.

Of all places the dark room is where I kept all of our memories,
pictures of who we were and who we were becoming;
but he had to set that room in flames.
I could never go back in there ever again, my feelings they won’t ever be the same –
before that fight
that night.

Before the slamming screen doors,
broken glass on the floor,
tears streaming down my face,
and standing in the wrong place.

Our memories were ruined by one serious fight,
I grabbed the keys and got out of sight.

When he stopped believing,
I stopped breathing…
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
I wake up every day for 365 days a year thinking about you,
wondering about you and wondering how you are –
but we’ve been together for two years –
That’s a total of 730 days that I constantly think about you,
and some of those days were happy tears.
Some were not,
but we’re still together fighting for what we’ve got.
We’ve got each other and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Every day contains a total number of 24 hours in a given day,
and every hour is 60 minutes that I spend thinking about you.
From when the sun comes up to when the sun goes down,
that’s a total of 3,600 seconds in an hour –
that I will always be there for you when you come back around.

What I want to know is how many seconds in 730 days,
that I spend thinking about you –
and wondering how you are?
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
From being that little ******* the playground with no friends.
To growing up with only a few imaginary friends.
Little did this little girl know,
was that she wasn’t in this world alone.

From trying to play “catch me if you can”
with her imaginary friends.
She soon realized that it
wasn’t such fun after all.
Because her imaginary friends
would soon, very much, slip away.

Little did she know that school time
would just fly on by.
Little did she know
that she would soon pack her bags & hit the road.
Little did she know
that her imaginary friends would, as well, go.

She trusted that they would stay.
Never did she think her imaginary friends would slip away.
Slip away from the past they once knew,
back when all she had was you.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
I know I am not crazy nor delusional,
but you think I am -
even when I fell in love with you.

Thought you would call yourself lucky,
but instead you called me crazy.
I guess because we fell in love way too fast,
and the feeling in my heart still last.

Even when you said those words,
reminds me that I am such a lucky girl -
to have such a wonderful man like you
and to be wrapped up in your arms -
makes me feel so safe and secure.

I'm so glad that you're mine,
and I know that you're lucky
that I'm yours.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
It's been a long road,
I've been walking-
Don't know what's gonna happen,
these past days,
I haven't been sleeping.

Don't stop-
Don't go-
Don't really wanna know.

Lord, I'm crying out for you,
to come to my rescue-
and save me
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
I've grown up reading and watching Cinderella,
but I never thought that I would actually be her.

Growing up to always cleaning the house
from every piece of dirt and grass blade,
to every spotless floor and cut lawn.

My brothers didn't do their chores,
and my parents are completely alive
commanding and demanding that I do everything.

It's hard sometimes,
being the oldest sibling -
being the one with the most responsibilities.

But if I haven't told you yet,
my name is Cinderella

- signed with all my cleaning supplies
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2018
Remember me for when the evening sun goes down,
and I'll remember you,
and all the good times that we had
in this old town.
I'll remember you-
whether it was the good love we had-
or the love that just gone bad.

Remember me for when the evening sun goes down,
and I'll remember you,
and all the places
that we've been around,
I'll remember you-
when I go to our old favorite spot-
I'll remember your beautiful face,
in my old town.

but promise me this,
for when our friendship sinks-
that you'll remember me,
wearing my favorite floral dress,
my curly hair in a mess-
sitting on a blanket in the grass,
with your arms wrapped around my chest.
Just you and I watching the sun set.

Remember me for when the evening sun goes down.
I wrote this  when I was at a writer's workshop over the summer.
Rebecca Lynn May 2018
My heart beats a different rhythm
when you're around,
and it's wrong.

He should be making my heart race,
but it's you,
when I'm catching your gaze.

I love him,
but not like I used to -

I think I'm falling for you.
I wrote this about someone I am falling for
Rebecca Lynn Oct 2018
Three simple words is all this young soul needed to hear,
"I love you, my dear."

Simple faith is what this young soul needed,
"Have faith, you can do it."

It's as simple as a hug and a kiss you the cheek,
just a simple reminder that you're with me.
Rebecca Lynn Jun 2018
You know how to make me laugh,
and make me smile -
it's been a year since you've seen me last,
yeah, it's been a while.

But no man has ever made me feel,
the way I feel about you
the way I do.

I'm so glad my hearts always racing
when I'm catching your gaze and
my heart has never felt like this
all full of bliss,
baby come and give me a kiss.

I never felt quite like this before,
and I'm so glad that you found me
and so much more.
I wrote this as a song, it's not the whole piece only pieces put together. This is an original piece, sounds good with music.
Rebecca Lynn Apr 2019
They never tell you when the rain comes-
They can tell you to prepare for it,
but when it hits, the rain just pours.
And you never know when
the storm is gonna hit
UNFINISHED, just doing a much of mind dumping.

— The End —