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Ev en                             n Ev er tr ul y iS
                 si l enc e

                                                            ­                      Silent.
For those of you that can't read this, here is the poem:

Even silence never truly is

In the End, It will all fit together.
Najwa Kareem Jun 4
Anticipation rising
as our holiday nears

My gosh, Eid ul Fitr
is already here

In the early morning
on your way to groom and a bath

I know it's so because
I too clean up to be on the same path

Squeaky clean
the skin on our faces shine

A gigantic goal accomplished
oh we're feeling really fine

Who needs Christmas when we've got Eid
a festivity that includes all Muslims even those in need

Decorative clothes we wear while extending our hearts to each other and offering a good cheer
it isn't hard to tell our love of our religion is near

From the same community we come, it's known we throw a fun-filled Eid party
"Because this is my holiday" and our festive spirits aught to be really hearty

Allah hu Akbar, the accessory and ornament of our special day
along with a duo and nearly two billion others, you'll hear me loudly say

When little girls, Atefeh's and my enthusiasm about Eid blossoming as we sang a Eid song perhaps trying to compete
"From sunrise to sunset, no food did we eat. All praises are due to Allah, our fast is now complete."

Mehdi whose thoughts of his beloved in the distance too busy with his boys climbing trees and ducking low
a long time friend of two families to witness a wedding and a start of a Eid tradition that brings the community together, what a show

So here's to Mehdi and Atefeh, Eid enthusiasts among a few
showing you gratitude and appreciation, for we've heard it said "It takes one to know two."

by: Najwa Kareem
Eid Mubarak!!! Eid Saeed!!!
Paul Hardwick Jul 2018
Time has told me
I get old
We get old
The mind is not what your told
You forget
all the things you try
to remember you forget
on that
the other day
a lot before this day
we held each other
do you remember that day
I wish you hold me now

your warmth against me
and how that played with my mind
I was not all you wanted
me to be
But LOved you
you seem
Then I to know that your life played me.

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[email protected] comment on a postcard please
Paul Hardwick Nov 2018
the good life you had for years
when it turns upside down
Don't let it.      Get you down
think of those that are the same as you
hold them dear today
hug's and kisses
I've been through April showers
winds that blow so cold
standing in the road
directing traffic to the places to go
and turn there mind's upside down
in doing so.

[email protected] ***.
Love me the [email protected]
Annika J Jun 30
I hunger for fame
As most do
I want to share my voice
And make the world a better place
But how can I share a genuine thought
If fame is born of
  Clickbait and  emotional charge
  "debates" used to sland e r
ha tef ul  words thrown a ro u nd to
      g rab people's ey es and h e a r t s
   as gu lli ble as they a re
        used to t e a r    a p a  r   t
                  a  n   d         t   a k   e     the  r  u  b  b  l  e
             to bui  ld a  name
           and a legacy
YYC Jul 15
<!doctype html>
<title>I'm So Confused</title>

<h1>Oh don't mind me, just a conflicted person here!</h1>
<p>there's so many of you that occupy my hear</p>
        <li>soccer boy
        <li>tuba dude
        <li>genius boy
        <li>reddit puppy provider

<p><b>I'm so<i>conflicted</i></b><br>
and I have no clue as to what to do with all of them.</p>

i don't know why i made this into an html formatted document but okay.

— The End —