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Nov 2018
An Artist is Different to All

An Artist Creates

An Artist Puts Our Thoughts

Thoughts and Feelings that we were sure

Couldn’t be put into shape

Couldn’t be expressed , or understood

An Artist should bring those to life

And an artist has to get those thoughts from somewhere

an artist does not pull up and out

excrustiatingly difficult and complex emotions

Out Of Nowhere

because an artist

Not All

But an artist pulls those feelings

o ut of th ei r so ul

an artist

may stay s ick i n  th e he a d

to keep that art coming

an artist

t ak es them s e l v e s apa r t

and throws themselves onto paper

canvas, a staff, a chord ,

and throws themselves up

as words

To an Artist, Blood may very well be Ink.
Written by
IDontHaveAPenName  California
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