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Hunter Aldrich May 2018
Cries fill the air of the small town around me, echoing like screeching of bats in a dark cave

The fire crackles off in the distance, it’s flames engulfing the bodies that once walked this town in a joyful manner

The sounds of laughing children now replaced with the screaming of the dead

All I see are the deceased that litter the street, the preachers that say the heavenly prayers to lift them to the paradise above

In this home of mine that keeps me secure from the sickness that plagues the world I see my friend
He wears the face of a bird and a black cloak around his frail body he tells me,

‘Do not be afraid of the roses that have taken their color and veiled it over your skin, for they decorate your pale complexion. Do not fear the darkness around your fingertips, for they have touched only souls of those you’ve tried to help. The rotting of your flesh is only the evil washing away so you may see the Lord when your sickness dies. Do not fear the man in black, his skin white and so thin a slice from a feather could open the flesh and release the crimson wine from under the pale sheet of white. He is here to take you away from this world and into the next, where the sky is blue all day. Sickness does not plague the world and you may run around freely, hear the stories of your ancestors and see your past. For not only does that man with the pale skin wear the color of the darkness but the light wings of Heaven.’

The weeping of my mother when the man tells her of my health can be heard from the thin walls, and as I lay my head down to rest I look up at the crumbling ceiling and see the light I was promised.

Red and orange flicker across my body as I stand and watch, the man with the pale skin and dark clothing standing next to me, holding my hand with his cold yet soothing ones.

Looking at my burning body, the smell of rotting and charcoaled flesh buried deep with the sent of purple Poesies that I once held in my pockets as a child to bring home to mother.

One final tear falls before I am taking away from the sight, I am told no more sadness and no more worry will come my way,

My feet leave the ground and I am carried to the home I was promised to

I am home and away from the sickness that had taken my last breath

I am home where I walk among the dead and away from living
Hunter Aldrich Feb 2018
Do people really care

They may love me
They may protect me
They may feed me
They may cloth me


Do they know me
Do they understand me
Do they want me
Do they want to help me

So I ask again

Do people really care
Hunter Aldrich Feb 2018
Not wanted
Not needed
Hunter Aldrich Feb 2018
Today, like every other day
I'm feeling like a lost girl

I feel lost
I feel broken
I feel alone
I feel hopeless

I want to feel found
I want to feel whole
I want to feel love
I want to feel hope

But I can't because of one thing

I'm a lost girl
Hunter Aldrich Feb 2018
They broke me
They hurt me
They used me

Nobody built me back up
Nobody fixed my brokenness
Nobody helped me

Does anyone see my broken heart

I guess I understand, nobody can see what's not there
Hunter Aldrich Feb 2018
Don't go for that rope

It won't give you hope

Don't go for that blade

It won't be the same

Don't go for that bottle

It won't change anything, not even a little

Don't do anything that you might regret

Just ask for help

I'll be there to catch you, no sweat
Hunter Aldrich Feb 2018
You say I'm pretty
I say what a pity

You say I'm smart
I say, did you eat something ****

You say I'm kind
I say are you out of your mind

They say I'm weird
I say that's quite clear

They say I'm ugly
I say I'm not a dummy

I say I'm ugly, dumb, weird and rude
You say I'm pretty, smart, unique and renewed

We see different things some good and crude, but we can agree on something that everyone strives for

I'm a survivor
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