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karma is dead Jul 2015
I met a girl that had eyes so wide,
they were a place for demons to hide.
They filled her with lies, self doubt, and different hair dyes,

trying to defend her heart, with a corrupt shield, thinking,
that maybe she could yield,
some form of defence.

But instead it swallowed her whole.

With no place to go and no place to feel herself,
she surrendered at the edge of a blade

until that last drop fell, and she smiled.
Suicide completely ends the chances of things ever getting better there's a way out, contact me if you need someone to talk to
karma is dead Apr 2015
I remember the first time I saw you, the world stopped spinning that smile shone brighter then the earths sun it made me believe I could achieve true happiness I kept you locked away in my heart, right from the start this where you have stayed I even through away the key because I promised you I would never forget that little laugh you made and I prayed and I prayed and did everything I could to you believe I could hold you safe forever
karma is dead Apr 2015
Would you rather be born great
Or be born into darkness and come out the other side knowing you were strong enough to fight your demons?

I was born and raised into neither instead I began to listen to the sorrows of my own demons and learn from there mistakes sometimes I confide in the darkness and listen carefully because when all is silent that's when you hear the words you minds trying to express
karma is dead Mar 2015
A simple vision

A simple smile

A simple greeting

A simple kiss

A simple wish

A simple dream

A simple thought of you and me

A simple memory of when you died

A simple memory of how much I cried

A simple pain that escalates

A simple reason why I shall never let a day go by, without making you proud of me where ever you may be
karma is dead Feb 2015
i understand that maybe your not okay
And all you want is the doctors and the pain to go away
I'll stand by your side
holding your hand, I'll even be there when you try hide to escape the fear of feeling dead inside
But please forgive me when I spend
Too long away it's just every tear
That falls from your cheek
makes My heart feel weak behind closed doors
My inner being steps out of this shell
I've renamed hell, and sits alone stitching itself back together
And when it's done I put on my disguise and smile for you one more time
karma is dead Feb 2015
You know sometimes I think about if I'll ever find someone that loves how weird I am and respects me like you do, then I think about the fact your with someone and how that takes up sometime and I can't spend time with you as much as I want to, and if I found someone I'll have to give some of my attention to someone else then all I can think about is how I'd rather spend the rest of my life alone if it means I can give you all of my attention and care, and I'd happily be that guy that stands at the back of the room of your wedding drinking whiskey straight and the only reason I'm there is because I'd never miss seeing the happiest moment of your life and then I start to think about how you will never. Ever. understand how much I love you because I'd rather die alone then ever entertain the thought of losing you
Not so much a poem just needed somewher to express it
karma is dead Feb 2015
Lost and alone in this empty house
Trying to scream but the noise just
Won't come out I'm lying on the ground with the bitter
Taste of tears in my mouth the silence
Slowly destroying my soul
Only trying to reach out and find something new
But my hope is fading
And in death I think about trading
What I have left for one last vision of what I had just to make me smile
Just so I can think of you for a little while
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